Will Pawar win in Madha by playing the drum on the shoulders of the brigade?

A high level political drama begins in Madha. Instead of ending the rift here, it is increasing day by day. In Madha, BJP fielded Ranjit Singh Naik-Nimbalkar as its candidate. At present BJP has taken the lead here. Sharad Pawar also planned to win Baramati along with Madhya by fielding Mahadev Jankar. But due to Mahadev Jankar’s U-turn, this innings of Pawar also flopped. The politics of anger in Madha is complex. Deprived has also been recorded in this. Now the candidates of BJP and Vanchit have been announced and Pawar is in a dilemma. How will Sharad Pawar break this dilemma? This question is being asked in political circles.

Composition of constituencies

Madha constituency in Solapur district came into existence in 2009. This includes 4 assembly constituencies Madha, Sangola, Karmala and Malshiras of Solapur district and 2 assembly constituencies Maan and Phaltan of Satara. After Supriya Sule stood from Baramati, Sharad Pawar contested from Madha in the first election of Madha constituency. They were victorious. Former Deputy Chief Minister Vijaysingh Mohite Patil was nominated for the second time. He also won. NCP candidate lost in the third election. BJP’s Ranjitsingh Naik Nimbalkar became MP. Madha’s current MP Ranjitsinh Naik Nimbalkar was declared the BJP candidate. But courageous Mohite Patil, Mohite Patil family and Ramraje Nimbalkar, who were waiting for the MP candidature, were worried.

bet on knowing

Sharad Pawar’s party NCP is going to lose Madha Lok Sabha seat in Mavia seat allocation. There was talk that Pawar would leave his share of this seat for Mahadev Jankar. Meetings also took place between Sharad Pawar and Mahadev Jankar. Now, if Jankar had stayed with Madha, Supriya Sule would have benefited from it in Baramati. Sharad Pawar would have got the support of Dhangars in the form of Janakars on both the seats. When it was almost certain that Sharad Pawar would oust Jankar from Madhya Pradesh, Mahadev Jankar went straight to the Mahayuti meeting. Mahayuti announced 1 Lok Sabha seat for him. Apart from this, Jankar also made it clear that he will remain in the Grand Alliance. Therefore, the Grand Alliance reversed Sharad Pawar’s move.

Mohite Patel’s displeasure

Mohite-Patal got angry with Naik Nimbalkar’s candidature. He met Sharad Pawar. Discussion started that Mohite-Patil are the neck of Sharad Pawar group. Sharad Pawar and Mohite Patal have an old relationship. This was a sign of Pawar’s success in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. But Fadnavis was successful in damage control here. Ramraje Nimbalkar’s anger went away in front of Ajit Pawar. He was told to follow Mahayuti Dharma. Senior BJP leaders have repeatedly met members of the Mohite-Patil family in the last two days. There was talk of changing his opinion. Pawar’s two big innings were overturned by Mahayuti and Pawar got confused and now Vanchit has also entered Madha.

Pawar’s new strategy

Mohite-Patil, after knowing that they failed in both the innings. Pawar has planned a new move to field Sambhaji Brigade regional president and Sharad Pawar confidant Praveen Gaikwad in Madha. Although Praveen Gaikwad hails from Pune, he owns a farm and a house in Malshiras taluk. Therefore, his public relations are also good in this assembly constituency. Through Sambhaji Brigade he has done a lot to make the youth entrepreneurial.

Gaikwad’s preparation

Praveen Gaikwad has claimed that if Mohite Patil does not contest elections from Madha then I am ready for elections. After meeting Sharad Pawar, he also expressed his desire to contest Madha Lok Sabha elections. Since Praveen Gaikwad is close to Sharad Pawar, Sharad Pawar can play a new game by nominating him. But one thing which is important here is the scarcity factor. And somewhere Pawar is in more danger than BJP.

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