Where was ‘Little House on the Prairie’ filmed?

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  • little House on the Prairie was a beloved TV show that aired from 1974 to 1982, with an additional spin-off season in 1982.
  • The show was based on the book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, but the TV series differed from the original novels.

  • The show was filmed primarily at The Big Sky Movie Ranch in Simi Valley, California, with interiors shot at Paramount Studios. The original sets were destroyed after the show ended, and a replica was built but later burned in a fire.

As one of the most beloved television shows ever produced, little House on the Prairie It can still be seen on TV today, as the show’s strong syndication record has kept it going for decades. Originally developed by blanche hanalisThe series was formerly titled Gift star michael landon, who directed, wrote, produced, and starred in much of the original series. The original, running from 1974 to 1982 small house there was joy, The focus is on the Ingalls family as they struggle to make a life for themselves in the small town of Walnut Grove, Minnesota,

Armed with a squad of supporting (and a few non-supporting, if you catch our drift) townspeople, small house Flourished on television for eight regular seasonsA spin-off retitled – with an additional ninth season Tiny House: A New Beginning – Aired in 1982. But although much of the series takes place in the real town of Walnut Grove, fans often wonder where the fictional version actually lives. Was small house Shot on-location in Minnesota, or did some tricky Hollywood magic make you believe this?

little House on the Prairie

The life and adventures of the Ingalls family in the nineteenth-century American Midwest.

release date

30 March 1974

the creator

blanche hanalis


Melissa Gilbert, Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Rachel Lindsay Greenbush, Sydney Greenbush, Melissa Sue Anderson



What is ‘Little House on the Prairie’?

It is a well known fact that little House on the Prairie The book series of the same name was based on the real-life laura ingalls wilder, To tell his family history, Wilder wrote about his experiences beginning in his childhood, as described in little house in the big forest, From there, eight other books were written, detailing Laura’s upbringing, to how she later met her husband. almanzo wilder, and starting their own family. Naturally, the television series deviates from Wilder’s original autobiographical novels, but that’s to be expected.

The series primarily revolves around Charles Ingalls (Landon), his wife Caroline (Karen Grassle), and daughters Mary (Melissa Sue Anderson), carry (Lindsay and Sydney Greenbush), and Laura (played by melissa gilbert) Self. As the Ingalls family builds their home near Plum Creek, They learn a lot of life lessons along the way, If you’re a lover of good, old fashioned, wholesome entertainment, small house There’s a show for you. Of course, the themes and characters changed over time (being on the air for almost a decade would have), so when the show ended and the sequel, A New Beginningpremiered, a major change was no surprise.

However, due to changes made between the eighth and what became known as the show’s ninth seasons, small house Suddenly canceled in 1983, Dissatisfied with how the show ended its impressive run, Michael Landon and company (including series regulars and Landon) Highway to Heaven co-star Victor French) spawned three more made-for-TV adventures. These movies, look at yesterday, last farewelland christmas special Bless all the lovely children (whichever happens first last farewellAlthough it aired later) premiered on television within a year and officially concluded small houseA decade-long demonstration began in December 1984.

Where is ‘little house on the prairie’ set?

According to Wilder’s books, the Ingalls family originally lived in Pepin County, Wisconsin (per Little Hhouse in the big woods) before moving to the prairie lands near Independence, Kansas (as described in little House on the Prairie, From there, the Ingalls family eventually moved north to Plum Creek, outside Walnut Grove, Minnesota (on the banks of plum creek, In the fifth book, from the shores of silver lakeThe Ingalls family moved once again to De Smet, South Dakota (then Dakota Territory). Where Charles, aka Pa, builds a house for them, many of these places can still be seen today,

In small house However, in the television series there are only two primary locations where the Ingalls family locates themselves. After moving from Wisconsin to Kansas in the movie-length pilot, Charles, Caroline and the girls officially move into Plum Creek in the first episode, “A Harvest of Friends”. The Ingalls family soon became a pillar within the Walnut Grove community, even though Harriet Olson (katherine mcgregor) often made them feel unwanted. Soon, the town becomes a real home for Charles and his girls, and they live full lives in their little house there.


This ‘Little House’ episode was copied straight from ‘Bonanza’

Michael Landon certainly knew how to reuse his best material.

While other places are visited occasionally, The only other secondary house in which the Ingalls family lives small house Burr Oak, IowaWhere Charles and Caroline go after Season 8 (and stay off-screen during A New Beginning, Naturally, Pa and Ma return last farewellIn which the town of Walnut Grove is completely demolished after the townspeople destroy it to keep the land out of the hands of development tycoon Nathan Lassiter (James Curran, Obviously, small house has something in common with yellowstone after all.

Where was ‘Little House on the Prairie’ filmed?

Screenshot of a portion of the 'Little House on the Prairie' set.

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But although the real-life Walnut Grove is still located in Redwood County, Minnesota, The fictional version was (surprisingly) created with Hollywood magic in Southern California, Specifically, in the hills of Simi Valley, just northeast of Hollywood. Almost all external views are on small house shot at The Big Sky Movie Ranchwhich also had show-like arrogance gunsmoke, twin PeaksAnd Jericho, Although the sets do not stand today, The scenery is as beautiful today as it was then,

In addition to the small town of Walnut Creek, the Ingalls family home at the base of Plum Creek was also filmed at the Big Sky Movie Ranch. In fact, Many television westerns of the time were filmed largely on movie ranches to maintain some form of accuracy. And immerse the audience (and the cast and crew) in the Old West world they were creating. It’s not like you can ride around in Burbank on horseback, and so, naturally, small houseAlthough it was filmed in California, they made a honest effort to make their show as similar to the Midwest as possible.

However there are a few things about the exterior small house As we remember best, interiors were often reserved for more intimate scenes, particularly scenes around the Ingalls family’s dinner table. According to wide open country, All interiors of the show were filmed at Paramount Studios, which is not surprising at all. Of course, it is much easier to control a set than filming on location, especially if you have child actors setting the scene at night. The Paramount lot still stands today.

What happened to the Walnut Grove set?

Lindsay or Sydney Greenbush as Carrie Ingalls, Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls, Karen Grassle as Caroline Ingalls, and Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls in 'Little House on the Prairie'.

Image via NBC

as mentioned before, small house ends chronologically last farewell, a made-for-TV production that aimed to cover everything. In this movie, The Ingalls clan and their neighbors are forced to destroy their homes with dynamite to save them from being taken over by a greedy land developer. Behind the scenes, director and star Michael Landon opted to destroy the entire set. “I think it made for a nice strong leading ending. It was also a nice catharsis for the cast and crew,” Landon said the new York Times After the broadcast of last farewell, “All the actors became very attached to their respective buildings, so it was very emotional.”


‘Little House on the Prairie’: The Ingalls Family Tree Explained

How many members are there in the Ingalls family? The differences between the books and the series may surprise you.

In his memoir, prairie tale, actress Melissa Gilbert (aka Laura Ingalls) explained her childhood observations of the phenomenon. “(Landon) was angry that he never received an official phone call from NBC president Brandon Tartikoff or anyone else at the network letting him know about the fate of the show. He had been at the network since 1959. Given, Mike’s disposition red-lined. he wanted to destroy all the sets – Everything in Walnut Grove, Simi Valley. Whether or not there was more to Landon’s creative decision, we will never know. Sadly, Landon died of pancreatic cancer in 1991,

Unfortunately, the sets that were not destroyed by Landon and his crew were destroyed many years later. In 2003, a wildfire raged through Simi Valley and the Big Sky Movie Ranch. This is very sad, small house the house was destroyed by fire as a result, Although the original homestead was destroyed last farewell, the crew built an exact replica of the titular house for the movie Ranch that fans would come from all over the world to see. “This is an absolutely devastating loss,” lamented Leigh Nixon, chief executive officer of the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce. “That’s one of the things Simi was known for.”

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