When Pawar called Jadhavrao an old bull!

The equation between Baramati and Sharad Pawar has been going on for decades. However, due to Dada’s challenge in this year’s Lok Sabha, Pawar has put his finger on his toes. There has been a competition between Lake and Sun in the Pawar family. Pawar is making every possible effort to save Baramati Fort. In this sequence, he has decided to use all the arrows present in his arsenal. One of these is emotional appeal to voters. Sharad Pawar is contesting for the first time in Baramati. Will Pawar’s emotional politics please the voters? Will this translate into votes? This question is important.

Did grandfather know the wind?

When Ajit Pawar went to Baramati for the first time after joining the Grand Alliance, he held a meeting there. In this meeting, Dada indicated Pawar’s next step. He had told in the beginning that uncle would provide emotional support. Ajit Pawar had raised the issue of Sharad Pawar’s age. Dada’s tone was the same while presenting his side after the rebellion. Pawar had said that he should retire and give a chance to the next generation. As soon as Ajit Pawar removed Sharad Pawar’s age, it was seen that all the leaders including Supriya Sule and Jitendra Awhad pounced on Ajit Pawar. The issue of Pawar’s age is a heated one. Sharad Pawar is active at the age of 83, in this election the campaign is in full swing that Sharad Pawar was harassed and cheated at this age.

Pawar was cheated

Pawar’s branding in the last Lok Sabha was ‘Sattaritala Tarun, Angry Young Man’. Pawar was often given these titles. This branding increased further after the formation of Mahavikas Aghadi government. Until Ajit Dada joined Mahayuti, Pawar was known as Tarun. The situation changed after Dada joined hands with BJP. Baramati candidate Supriya Sule has used the issue of Pawar’s age as a shield. The father is 83 years old but is still struggling. Let the powerful speeches with such content begin. He lost the election from Purandar to Dada Jadhav Rao. Pawar compared Jadhav Rao to an old bull. They did not stop there. Show the market to the old bull. He gave such a statement. People did not like this criticism. The result was that Jadhav Rao, who faced criticism, was elected.

Sacha Pawar

Due to a statement by Sharad Pawar, he was criticized a lot. He had given the statement ‘external Pawar and real Pawar’. In short, Pawar has tried to remove the name Pawar from the name of Sunetra Pawar by indirectly saying that Sunetra Pawar has come from outside and is not the real Pawar. Ajit Pawar gave a befitting reply to this criticism. “We see Su as the Lakshmi of the house. So how is the situation outside even after 40 years? After how many years, tell me about this house?”, Ajit Pawar had challenged. It seems that this criticism of Pawar has been made considering his condition. Leaders of Dada faction say that defeat is visible in Baramati, that is why such statements are being made.

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