Use Apple Shortcuts to Create the Best Daily Digital Journal

i started journaling In 2019. Not that I like keeping a journal. What’s more, I find that my brain works better if I spend a little time each morning putting its contents down on paper. This practice got me through 2020, which was an extremely difficult year, and I’ve kept it up ever since.

My journal is not advanced. My therapist recommended I have a few sections since I started — for example, there’s a section I fill each day with things I’m looking forward to. I use the second section to think about what I’ll eat and other things I’ll do that day. It’s all straightforward; I just use a template that includes headers for those things.

But there is some information I like to collect and include. For example, the weather for each day. I’ve found that I’m often in a bad mood on rainy days, so recording the weather along with my thoughts gives me some useful reference when I’m reviewing entries later. I also like to note what time I wrote my entry, where I was when I wrote it, and – if possible – include a quote from that day or something else to ponder.

I can collect all the above information manually every morning. But I’ve found that using Apple Shortcuts is much faster for the job. This application, which comes pre-installed on every Mac, iPhone, and iPad, can automatically pull in all types of information and format it nicely for my journal. I run a custom automation every morning. Here’s how I made it.

Date, season and location

Apple via Justin Potts

Activate Apple Shortcuts on the device of your choice and create a new shortcut. This software can be a little confusing, but don’t worry, I’m going to talk you through everything. In the right column you will see several different small automations that you can run. Drag as many of these as you want into the main column, which is on the left. I prefer to search for what I’m looking for, but if you prefer, you can manually explore the options to understand what the shortcuts can do.

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