This Underrated Netflix Series Made ‘True Detective’ Before There Was ‘True Detective’

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  • the killing An atmospheric murder mystery series about detectives seeking justice in Seattle.
  • The focus on character development, mysteries, and red herrings creates compelling storytelling.

  • The slow-paced investigation takes a realistic look at the detectives’ struggles and personal lives.

not long ago jodie foster And black rice A creepy and strange crime in Alaska has been solved, but perhaps it’s been so long that a new show is needed to fill the void. While a new season true Detective On its way, there’s another series that could fill the void. the killing Adapted from the Danish series, Forbridelson, and while it borrows heavily from the original series, the American remake creates its own identity by the time the first season concludes. in the absence of true Detectivethe protagonist of, the killing Features a pair of detectives struggling to keep their lives from falling apart while investigating a case, Atmospheric, gritty, character-driven murder mystery could be exactly that true Detective The fans want it.

the killing

A police investigation, the saga of a grieving family, and a Seattle mayor’s campaign all intertwine after the body of 17-year-old Rosie Larson is found in the trunk of a submerged car.

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3 April 2011

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AMC, Netflix



‘The Killing’ tries to solve Rosie Larson’s murder

Set in gloomy and rainy Seattle, The first season focuses on the murder of teenager Rosie Larson (Katie Findlay)., whose body is found in a car submerged in a lake, a car linked to the mayor’s campaign. The first of the detective duo brought to the case is Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos), on her last day, before she plans early retirement and a move out of state with her son. Stephen Holder (joel kinnaman) tag along with him as they investigate Rosie’s murder, and to the end of what should have been his last day, linden changed his mind,

These detectives become obsessed with finding out who murdered Rosie, uncovering secrets ranging from the girl’s personal life to exposing corruption among Seattle politicians. the killing It doesn’t just focus on its lead detectives, the episodes get up close and personal with the grieving Larson family., Rosie’s friends who may know a different side of the murdered girl, and others who have been personally affected by the crime. show manufacturer Veena Sood Red wants to investigate the herds and dead ends that can run into an investigation, and while mystery is an important medium, the lead detective duo is key in engaging the audience on this long, bumpy road to finding Rosie’s killer. .

sarah lindon is a better spy than mother

Detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) in The Killing.

Image via AMC

Before Mireille Enos’ intense performance world War Z (2013) and Prime Video Isn’t itThat was Sarah Linden. in season 1 of the killingLinden is a single mom ready for early retirementWith plans to remarry and move to his teenage son Jack (liam james) and moved to California herself. This is wishful thinking on his part. It’s established how quickly she focuses all her attention on investigating Rosie Larson and doesn’t pay much attention to her son. Sarah Linden is a tenacious detective, even when she falls into bad habits that make her exhausted and a terrible parent until she catches the killer.

She fits in perfectly with the lead true DetectiveWhile the four seasons may change locations and mysteries, every “true detective” has his or her own inner demons. Sarah Linden has the same passion as Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reese). Which makes them incredible forces of justice, at the expense of any full life outside of work. But Linden is only half of the detective team the killing,

One of Joel Kinnaman’s best roles was Detective Stephen Holder

Detective Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) in The Killing.

Image via AMC

If Mireille Enos plays the quiet, sad partner, Joel Kinnaman plays the loose cannon, a character in the crime genre who can either bring some humor or be reckless. Stephen Holder is a mixture of both. Linden’s apathetic nature is the complete opposite of Holder’s. Who makes jokes or never stops running his mouth. While interrogating the suspects, Linden recognizes a positive thing in her new partner and backs off when Holder’s aggressive personality emerges. He has recently been appointed as a detective the killing It begins with a dark past that helps him overcome drug addiction. That doesn’t make it look that promising.

Because there is so much darkness and gloom the killing Is, Detective Holder offers some much needed generosity, As Season 1 progresses, Holder moves away from being unnecessarily hostile, and he becomes as dedicated to solving the murder mystery as Linden. They will need to trust each other as their search for clues will lead to false conclusions, which may test their patience and that of the audience.

Controversies between ‘The Killing’ and ‘True Detective’

True Detective: Kali Rees, Finn Bennett and Jodie Foster gather on a phone in Night Country

Image via HBO

By the end of Season 1 the killingthere was one Uproar among critics and audience as the mystery of Rosie’s murder is not solved., ending the season on a cliffhanger. When a TV show surprises its audience with an unexpected plot, sometimes the reaction is very polarized. Season 1 finale the killing Got so much contempt that Veena Sood had to give clarification to stop her from revealing Rosie’s killer The plan was always to then promise an answer the next season. Season 2 tackled Rosie’s murder, but the show was later canceled by its network, AMC. That is until that decision is reversed, and season 3 was made. Still, it was canceled again after Season 3, and might have remained in the morgue if Netflix hadn’t picked it up for a fourth, and shorter, final season.

Meanwhile, with true DetectiveThis is what some people thought of the Season 1 finale very happy ending For all the grim and disgusting Southern Gothic that came before it. Season 2 was very nihilistic and bloated. Then, it took four years for Season 3 and Season 4 to finally arrive Faced hatred from the original show creator, Nick Pizzolatto, There is no easy answer to pleasing fans and keeping them that way. However, even if both true Detective And the killing While they didn’t get everything right when it came to storytelling, they certainly succeeded with the casting.


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‘The Killing’ and ‘True Detective’ have great actors in every season

Jodie Foster as Liz Danvers and Kali Reese as Evangeline Navarro are sitting in the kitchen looking at each other in the season finale of True Detective: Night Country.

Image via HBO

After Rosie’s murder is solved in Season 2, new mysteries are created for the detectives: Season 3 featured Seattle’s homeless youth, and Season 4 featured an all-boys military academy. Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos are fantastic throughout the series, and also have supporting roles: elias coates, bex Taylor-Klaus, Amy SeimetzAnd john allen Play ally or suspect. true Detective may be known for having talented actors playing the lead roles, but the most recent season of the anthology series still knows how to make smaller parts equally charming.

Jodie Foster’s return to crime style was not only fantastic for her and Kali Rees’ performances, but they led a great group to fill the town of Ennis. Finn Bennett, who played Officer Peter Pryor, and Joel D. Montgrand, who played Eddie Kavik, were excellent as actors who had to star opposite Foster and Reese, respectively. In closing, B (L’xeis diane benson) has a brilliant monologue spoken calmly but laced with anger and contempt. Of course, before Season 4, the previous season of true Blood An impressive list of lead actors including Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson were also seen. Colin Farrell, vince vaughn, Rachel Mcadams, Taylor Kitsch, Mahershala AliAnd stephen dorff,

Dark secrets of ‘True Detective’ and ‘The Killing’

through every season of the killingIt’s interesting to see both of them trust, distrust and trust each other again. Whereas the killing There were never secret-themed affairs, the four seasons are similar to how true Detective Each season’s mysteries explored the entangled lives of people involved, immersing viewers in the world of promising leads falling apart on screen. the killing Would also like to create a criminal conspiracy which could weigh heavily on Linden and HolderAnd they will never be able to arrest Everyone Who deserved to be brought to justice. He had to be content with small victories.

the killing True crime atmospheric style done well true Detective Also operates in. Besides being a crime series, Apart from focusing on solving the murder, it also emphasizes the lives of its characters., From relentlessly rainy days to violent crimes, the series is steeped in darkness, and it constantly sheds light on how Linden and Holder intersect with each other. They may have their differences, but just like that true DetectiveIt is these differences that lead them to become ideal detectives to solve a complex crime.

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