This Robert Redford and Jane Fonda Rom-Com Is Their Best Team-Up

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  • barefoot in the park A play is successfully adapted to film by focusing on dialogue and core relationships rather than expanding on the setting.
  • The film’s confined setting of a New York apartment allows the audience to watch the changes in Cory and Paul’s marriage in real time without any distractions.

  • Staying connected to the roots of drama, barefoot in the park It is different from other romantic comedies and provides a unique and humorous experience through its sharp dialogue.

For a movie with a name like barefoot in the parkBarely any screen time is spent outside of newlywed Corey (jane fonda) and Paul (robert redford) New Greenwich Village apartments. But when you look at the film’s roots, it’s not really too surprising that most of the action would be set so statically. barefoot in the park was a play originally written by neil simon It took place in 1963, just four years before the film’s release in 1967, which meant things were limited to just a few set changes, rather than the plethora of locations that a film is usually able to offer. While at face value mirroring a film almost like a drama might not seem like the most interesting thing, the film’s main focus is refreshingly true to the dialogue and core of the story. barefoot in the park A clearly written rom-com that features Robert Redford and Jane Fonda’s best collaboration to date.

barefoot in the park

Paul, a conservative young lawyer, marries the lively Cory. Their highly passionate relationship devolves into ridiculous bickering in a five-story New York City walk-up apartment.

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25 May 1967


jean sax


106 minutes

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neil simon


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Most of the time, when a movie is adapted from a play to a movie, the world opens up and everything gets bigger, but barefoot in the parkProduction remained almost at the same level. For example, another film featuring Fonda (on golden pond) was originally a play before it was made into a film, but when it came to the big screen, everything was expanded upon rather than remaining suitable for the stage. This doesn’t mean that one option is better than the other, as both decisions appropriately complement their sporting roots. on golden pond is about the relationships that evolve in the lake house and the expanse of the lake, whereas the rom-com explores a changing relationship within the confines of an apartment, so no major changes in scenery were necessary.

Without the bustling background of a third main character, the audience is able to experience the changes in Cory and Paul’s marriage without interruption, as the two are just beginning to realize (in their small, fifth-floor walk -Up) that their personalities are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Cory is far more independent-minded than Paul, who is more stoic and traditional as a hard-working lawyer in New York City. However, when everything starts going wrong in their apartment, including a huge hole in their skylight in the middle of winter, their differences become even greater, and Cory decides she wants a divorce.


Robert Redford surprises us a lot in this unexpected movie role

Hollywood icon cast and delivered against type!

Due to the freezing cold weather in his apartment, Paul becomes violently ill and later becomes intoxicated, to the extent that he begins walking around Washington Square Park without shoes (hence the name of the film). This forces Corey to become caretaker and more conservative for the first time, giving him a chance to see why Paul is the way he is. Things end up working out for the couple, as Corey and Paul are finally able to see the world from each other’s perspective and realize that their differences actually bring out positivity in each other, but if the film Had it been shot differently, it might have been more clumsy getting to that point. By focusing almost entirely on Corey and Paul, we were able to see their changes in real time, which doesn’t always happen on screen. Sometimes, it’s a bubbling foreboding that happens over time, but over time barefoot in the parkThose changes are out in the open for everyone to see.

When a film focuses on dialogue, it forces us to listen… In fact Instead of getting lost in external activities, listen to what’s happening in front of us, which makes us barefoot in the park This is a different romantic comedy from what we usually see. It’s almost strange to think that today’s rom-coms are being shot in a way that prevents the story from going beyond the confines of an apartment, including in the movies. you’ve got Mail And how to lose a guy in 10 days, barefoot in the park It’s a perfect example of how well a film can work if it sticks to its guns rather than trying to do something a little out of the ordinary, although in keeping with the drama’s roots, the film actually Stands out among other romantic comedies.

It may feel like this from the outside barefoot in the park This is a more serious film in the rom-com genre, but because there is so much focus on dialogue, it’s really easy to understand and appreciate the humor. Fonda and Redford created a chemistry between each other and brought a tremendous honesty to both of their roles that could not really be replicated by any other acting duo. For one, Fonda’s Cory and Redford’s Paul make no excuses for their (very different) personalities, and they don’t try to make their characters conform to their quirks. Staying true to the core of their characters and focusing on them allowed for a more complete picture of their dynamic together.

At the end, barefoot in the park Crafted an unlikely but nearly flawless adaptation of his play of the same name: it features Fonda and Redford at their best, paired with a hilarious script and a groundbreaking directorial angle that caught the audience’s eye. jean sax, It may seem like it’s a far cry from today’s more in-your-face, wild romantic comedies, but it’s definitely a film worth looking back at for a better understanding of how many different ways the genre can be interpreted. Is.

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