This campy thriller is “Fatal Attraction” for teens on Netflix

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  • Fear
    Tried to be “Fatal Attraction for Teens”, but ended up being a controversial affair with ridiculous moments.
  • Despite missing the mark,
    was a sleeper hit that propelled Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg to stardom in the ’90s.
  • Fear
    The camp values ​​have led Universal to consider a reboot.

Hollywood never found a success story it didn’t want to repeat, whether it was the rush of efforts into the cinematic universe or the rise of the Western. The erotic thriller was no exception, especially fatal Attraction, was parodied in family GuyRemade into a streaming series on Paramount+, and director adrian lynn Tried to regain its glory with Hulu film deep water, However, Fatal Attraction’s most blatant attempt at cashing in would be Fear , So much so that creator Brian Grazer used it as a touchpoint.

grazer reportedly called Fear “Fatal Attraction For teenagers,” According to leonard maltin, and the base shares some similarities. Nicole Walker (Reese Witherspoon) recently moved to Seattle with her family; She is struggling with the fact that her father, Steven (William Peterson) recently remarried, as well as his strict parenting style. She falls in love with a boy named David McCall (Mark Wahlberg), and at first, it seems like a typical teen romance. But David begins to reveal himself as deeply mentally ill. To the extent that he becomes obsessed with keeping Nicole with him. On paper, it’s a solid recipe for a thriller, but The end result is a highly campy affair Due to which the audience will not be able to take their eyes off.

Fear (1996)

When Nicole met David; Beautiful, charming, affectionate, he was everything. It seemed perfect, but she soon discovered that David also had a dark side. And his adoration turns to obsession, his dream to a nightmare, and his love to fear.

release date
12 April 1996

97 minutes

christopher crowe

‘Fear’ is scary, but often silly

what makes Fear A prime candidate for camp…well, camp Some scenes are displayed like this, The more gruesome moments collide with the teen romance, resulting in scenes that should be scary becoming downright hilarious. A prime example is the climactic scene where David confronts the walkers at his home, particularly as Wahlberg’s face turns into a cartoon-like grimace as he screams.Let me come into the fuck house!“There’s also the moment where David has “Nicole 4 Eva” tattooed on his chest; it’s a childish act that shows how much of a psychopath this character is.

But the ultimate “so bad it’s good” moment belongs to most of the conversation between David and Steven. It’s like a supercharged version of an over-protective father meeting his daughter’s rebellious boyfriend; When Steven confronts David and tells him to stop seeing Nicole, David repeatedly stabs himself in the chest and lies to Nicole that Steven hit him., Then, the climax provides a “when you don’t have to laugh out loud” moment. When David holds Steven at gunpoint, he yells “Now you will always keep the peace!” – Just in time for Nicole hit him in the back with a pipe, As if this wasn’t ridiculous enough, Steven throws David out of an unbreakable window, killing him. This is correct, Fear Ending with an enhanced version of “Father throws lover out of his house”.

‘Fear’ Attempts to Emulate Elements of ‘Fatal Attraction’, But Misses a Key Point

Alex (Glenn Close) looking at Dan (Michael Douglas) and smiling in Fatal Attraction
Image via Paramount Pictures

“In leaning infatal Attraction “For Teens” angle, director james foley and author christopher crowe Scenes created in Fear It feels exactly like the previous film. Alex (glen close) and Dan (michael douglas) A steamy encounter in an elevator; Fear An attempt is made to pursue this by having sex on a roller coaster. The most heinous examples involve the death of an animal: fatal Attraction Alex has boiled a rabbit alive Fear Sees the beheading of a dog. To both films’ credit, these scenes are considered extremely disturbing (especially the poor dog).

However, Foley, Crowe and Grazer missed the appeal. fatal Attraction It is that most of the problems in the film are caused by the antagonist. Alex is willing to do anything to be with Dan – she attempts to kill herself, she stalks her family, and she kills a rabbit. opposite of this, in most dramas Fear Inspired by Steven’s actions towards David. It is Steven’s confrontation with David that pushes Nicole into David’s arms. It is Steven destroying David’s house that sets David and his friends on the war path. Granted, David is a full-blown psychopath, but most of the events of the film can be laid squarely at the feet of Steven.


‘Fatal Attraction’s TV Reimagining Improves the Film in a Major Way

The new Alex Forrest doesn’t have much in common with his 80s counterpart.

‘Fear’ catapulted it to teenage heartthrob status

inner conflict Fear However, it did not receive particularly critical praise. San Francisco Chronicle had a more nuanced approachIt has been called “a nightmare fantasy for fathers” as well as “a disturbing, satisfying, junky, delightful picture.” Fear will end Sleeper hit at the box office, while also serving as a launching pad for bigger projects for Witherspoon and Wahlberg. Both ended the ’90s in style: Witherspoon received critical praise for acting Election And cruel intentions, While Wahlberg didn’t act with anyone else George Clooney In three Kings, alyssa milanoThe guy who played Nicole’s friend Margo will also get a lead role in Charmed,

However, it is Pietersen who has had the most interesting career. He had put in some solid performances before To live and die in LA And manhunter, In which, along with the role of Gil Grissom CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, established him as a magnetic character actor, No matter the project, Peterson gives it his all, often with a steely gaze or a biting commentary. Fear A great example of this is during Steven and David’s confrontation; When David More or Less Insults Steven, the old man makes a graphic threat. This would sound silly coming from any other actor, but Peterson made it work.

Although Fear will not be considered “next” fatal Attraction“It’s still worth a watch. It’s also good enough to be a cult and camp classic Universal is attempting to reboot the series for Peacock, One can only hope that the campier elements remain intact.

Fear Available to stream on Netflix in the USwatch on netflix

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