This blockbuster from Christopher Nolan was originally a horror movie

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  • startThe original horror concept adds depth to the film’s complex, dream-centered narrative structure.
  • Christopher Nolan’s interest in horror films hints at a possible change in genre for the acclaimed filmmaker.

  • The film’s visually stunning depiction of dreams resonates with classic horror themes of confronting personal demons.

Although his penchant for plot twists and non-linear narrative structure has earned him both enthusiastic fans and critical critics in recent years, few filmmakers working today have achieved the same level of mainstream success. christopher nolan Has attained. While his work in the comic book genre certainly introduced his genre to a wider audience than he would have otherwise earned, Nolan has consistently created bold projects that challenge audiences to fully invest in original stories. Are. love movies though interstellar And Prestige He has fans, Nolan’s reputation was forever changed by the success of his science fiction thriller start, which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. Although it is now considered by many to be a sci-fi classic, start Nolan originally intended to make a horror film.


A thief who steals corporate secrets through the use of dream-sharing technology is given the paradoxical task of planting an idea in the CEO’s mind, but his tragic past may ruin the project and his team.

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15 July 2010




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This summer, your mind is the crime scene.

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ was almost a horror movie

Set directly into what feels like the present moment, start Takes place in a complex world where corporate espionage is carried out by extracting dreams from the subconscious of unwitting subjects. dream thief cobbLeonardo Dicaprio) and his partner Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is hired by Japanese businessman Saito (Ken Watanabe) to infiltrate the mind of young corporate boss Robert Fisher Jr. (cillian murphy), whose father passed away. Fischer family rival Saito wants the young heir to step aside and dismantle his father’s corporate empire. as it stands, start It’s basically a heist movie that involves dreaming, The film is unique in its genre because the items Cobb steals are not literal in the strict sense.

Although it ultimately turns out to be an urban-centric action-adventure film, Nolan originally intended start To be a horror movie, he revealed Wire The idea of ​​infiltrating dreams had been in his mind since childhood, but he struggled to find a suitable narrative to fit around it. Nolan said he was “thinking of it like a horror movie at first” because “the idea that someone can invade your dream space and steal an idea is extremely compelling.” The idea of ​​someone’s mind being disturbed by an outside force is inherently disturbing, so it’s no surprise that Nolan was quick to create it. start A scary project. He said he was looking for “a device that would make dreams important to the story.”


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The film may have ultimately shied away from any overly gruesome scenes, but Nolan admitted this startControversial end of This can be interpreted in a much deeper sense, The film famously ends with Cobb escaping a shattered dream after being haunted by the malevolent spirit of his wife Mal (Marion Cotillard) emerges from his subconscious, and tempts him with the prospect of never waking up. Cobb appears to have safely exited the hostile environment and is now finally able to be reunited with his children thanks to his father-in-law, Stephen Miles (michael cain, However, the final shot leaves it unclear whether what he is seeing is reality or simply another dream. nolan said this While “the point of the shot is that the character doesn’t care at that point,” there is “a nihilistic view of that ending” that is in line with the horror genre.

The horror genre is filled with nightmare-infused films

One of the main reasons for this is the vivid depiction of what one sees, feels and feels in the midst of a dream. start So worth endless rewatches. The film’s timeless visual effects reflect the “otherness” of dreaming, and how difficult it can be for one to determine one’s own reality. Although Nolan stated that “the concept that when we’re in dreams they seem real” is the basis of the entire film, but it is not the idea that originated in start, Horror films often deal with the persistence of nightmares, Creating situations where characters’ worst fears materialize before their eyes.

There are many great horror movies about dealing with one’s own nightmares. The horror genre often provides insight into how a person can overcome personal demons. It can be traced back to classic horror movies rosemary’s babyin which the nominal character (mia farro) has premonitions about an evil entity that is threatening her unborn child. Similarly, the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise forces its heroes to confront the sins of their parents while dealing with Freddy Krueger (robert englund), which symbolizes everything they fear most. This is a topic that resonates start, Only after encountering Mal in his dream is Cobb able to cope with his wife’s death.

Will Christopher Nolan ever make a horror film?

Christopher Nolan is directing Oppenheimer

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Although he has made many sci-fi and war classic films, Nolan has indicated that he still has Interest in making horror films, The director told Diversity He He “would love to make a horror film” as he finds films of this genre “very interesting because they rely on very cinematic devices, it’s really about having a visceral reaction to things.” It’s clear from Nolan’s films that phenomenal visuals are a major component of his success, so it’s fair to believe that if he ever made a horror film he could imagine something truly horrifying. Originality is also a key element of Nolan’s success, and he stated that “a really good horror film requires a really extraordinary idea,” which are “very few and far between” in the industry currently.

Given the tremendous critical and financial success of oppenheimer, If Nolan ever came up with an idea more in line with this genre he would definitely be given the resources to make a great horror film, There is certainly an element of terror in many of his most famous scenes, including the destructive capabilities of nuclear weapons. oppenheimershocking violence of Prestige, or the horrifying revelations of Heath LedgerJoker is in dark Knight, Considering how popular the genre is right now, it would certainly be exciting to see a filmmaker like Nolan flex his horror strengths.

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