This actor harassed Peter Jackson during his ‘Lord of the Rings’ audition

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  • Peter Jackson was selective in choosing the actor to play Frodo Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s audition was infamous for his poor performance.

  • Gyllenhaal missed the mark by not understanding the significance of the One Ring and failing to use the proper diction for Frodo’s lines.

  • Despite not getting the role, Gyllenhaal’s career continued to flourish and he has since become a successful actor in various films and franchises.

way to make Lord of the Rings The film trilogy was long and winding. The casting process alone is a rich story full of “what ifs” and “could haves,” as iconic actors do. Sean Connery To nic cage Was almost considered for roles in peter jacksonAdaptation of Tolkien’s epic. However, Jackson was particularly selective when selecting the actor to play the role of Frodo., For the Hobbit hero, he wanted a young, relatively unknown, and preferably English actor. Nevertheless, Jackson still received audition tapes from actors around the world, including some future stars. One of them in particular came from a current Hollywood A-lister who was still in the early stages of her career when she so notoriously failed at an audition that it embarrassed the director.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

A humble Hobbit from the Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to destroy the mighty One Ring and save Middle-earth from the Dark Lord Sauron.

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19 December 2001


178 minutes

What happened during Jake Gyllenhaal’s audition for ‘Lord of the Rings’?

In the late 90’s, Jake Gyllenhaal He was a young actor after playing the lead teenage role in the 1999s October Sky, he counts in an interview at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon How, at that very moment, his agents excitedly called him and told him that New Line Cinema had given the green light for Jackson Lord of the Rings The trilogy and the director were looking for actors to fill out Middle Earth. Gyllenhaal recalls with self-deprecating humor how his agents immediately thought he would make an ideal Hobbit.


One thing ‘The Rings of Power’ does better than Peter Jackson’s films

“The time of the orc has come.”

Being in his early twenties, with his boyish face, short stature and innocent blue eyes, Gyllenhaal really looked like a natural Frodo. However, the interview continues in which Gyllenhaal explains how he went in person to read for the role and had to act out a scene opposite Peter Jackson. He described the scene as having barely any dialogue, but a lot of stage directions – including Frodo picking up the One Ring. Perhaps unaware of the ring’s importance to the narrative, Gyllenhaal presented the scene casually., In To attack In the interview, he recaps his brief audition, pantomiming picking up the ring with indifference before asking Jackson how he did it. Gyllenhaal then repeated the director’s reaction to the young actor bowing his head in shame and rubbing his face. in a round table conference with hollywood reporter, Gyllenhaal revealed that his camp had heard that it was “literally one of the worst auditions.”

Peter Jackson was not impressed with Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal claims that the lack of dialogue in the scene led him to ignorance, as the seriousness of the ring was not explained in the script. However, he also shared when he did the next scene with In dialogue, he once again missed it to equally hilarious effect. he explains this Despite all the inhabitants of Middle Earth being required to speak English, he did not use any accent for Frodo’s lines., Instead, the actor, who grew up in Southern California, played the role in his normal, American voice. Then, when Gyllenhaal explained to the director that no one had told him about the character’s accent, Jackson reportedly advised him to “fire his agent”. Gyllenhaal laughs about how he got defensive over being the Hobbit, and jokes that he had to be kicked out of the room.

To attack The interview took place in 2016, and although Peter Jackson has not publicly commented on Gyllenhaal’s audition, the incident has been referenced. ian nathanThe definitive book behind the scenes, Anything You Can Imagine: Peter Jackson and the Creation of Middle Earth, Thus, while it’s possible that Gyllenhaal embellished or dramatized the hysterical situation in the interview, it seems there’s truth to the story – after all, Gyllenhaal is not our Frodo.

Elijah Wood is the perfect Frodo

Elijah Wood as Frodo holding the Ring

Image via New Line Cinema

part, of course, gone Elijah WoodAnother rising American actor who was just a teenager at the time. in one Sir Interview, Wood reveals her audition wasn’t without its quirks, Like most actors, Wood did not audition in person, but sent Jackson a VHS tape. He performed a scene wearing a wig and a makeshift Hobbit costume and filmed the audition with his friends in a Los Angeles park, revealing the organic nature of Tolkien’s world. And yes… he adopted a British accent.

All this fascinated Jackson. According to Nathan’s book, Jackson previously knew Wood only for his role in the campy 1996 Dolphin film, fish fin, Nevertheless, Wood’s prolific filmography, serious acting skills, and extremely innocent looks led Jackson to consider the young American the “perfect Frodo”. After a few months of deliberation, Jackson gave Wood the callback that Gyllenhaal never got, simply asking New Zealand, “I was wondering if you wanted to come down and play Frodo.” Of course, he did just that.

Jake Gyllenhaal and the cast of ‘Lord of the Rings’ did it there and back again

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Despite – or in some cases because of – all the ups and downs along the way, Lord of the Rings’ The casting was close to perfect, Each actor has become the image of his character, and we cannot imagine anyone else other than him. Ian McKellen, sean astin, viggo mortensen, sean bean, dominic monaghan, billy boyd, John Rhys-Davies, Orlando Bloom, and creating the Elijah Wood Fellowship. The same can be said for christopher lee As Saruman, andy serkis As Gollum, hugo weaving As Elrond, and Cate Blanchett Same as Galadriel.

Things didn’t go bad for Jake Gyllenhaal either. Although he never got the chance to play the Hobbit, his career definitely took off during the 2000s. the same year he the Fellowship of the Ring During the premiere, Gyllenhaal received praise for playing the titular troubled teen in the surreal thriller, Donnie Darko, In 2004, he will leap into blockbuster territory roland emmerich‘S day after tomorrow, Then, the following year, he delivered his first and only Oscar-nominated performance to date, playing cowboy Jack Twist. ang lee‘S Human Error,

At the end of the decade, Gyllenhaal starred in david fincher‘S AmountAnd during the 2010s, he was able to work with prestigious directors like denis villeneuve, bong joon-ho, even more. He even jumped into the producer’s seat night crawler in 2014, which coincidentally included his best performance. Ultimately, however, it was not Lord of the RingsHe got the chance to make his mark on comic book fantasy films by playing the supervillain Mysterio in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Obviously, not playing Frodo hasn’t stopped Gyllenhaal’s success. Furthermore, in the same Sir In the interview, where Elijah Wood told his audition story, he also expressed his respect for Gyllenhaal. He enthusiastically says he is not surprised that Gyllenhaal was at the top of the shortlist to play Frodo, and describes his fellow actor as “incredible”. As is evident in contemporary interviews with both Gyllenhaal and Wood, each actor found a healthy amount of amusement in the prospective casting. Seeing how awesome it is Lord of the Rings The movies are coming to an end, and we can happily laugh along with the amazing performances Gyllenhaal has given audiences elsewhere.

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