‘Thelma the Unicorn’ Trailer – The Beginning of a Fantastic Adventure of Self-Discovery

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  • Thelma the Unicorn The trailer is bright and upbeat, showcasing Thelma’s dream of being at Sparklepalooza.

  • The film highlights themes of identity, exploring whether love is based on talent or looks.

  • Director Jared Hayes, known for napoleon dynamiteCo-wrote and directed the adaptation.

Just over a month before its premiere, Netflix decided to unveil the trailer Thelma the Unicorn, The animated film centers around a pony who wants to showcase her singing talents to the world, but Thelma is only able to do so after she is mistaken for a magical creature. The film is based on a children’s book that sold more than one million copies and will premiere on May 17.

Trailer for Thelma the Unicorn It’s everything you’d expect it to be: bright and upbeat. It takes a quick overview of the pony’s trajectory and her desperate dream of one day being a part of the concert Sparklepalooza. Her life changes after an accident leaves her immersed in pink and glitter, and then it’s time to sing. Despite its target audience, the trailer Thelma the Unicorn It also makes it clear that identity will be a big theme in the film.

It’s easy to understand Thelma’s concerns: Does the public love her because of her talent or because she is dazzling and bright? If she takes off her unicorn layers, will they still value her talent? This may seem too dark for a children’s movie, but we all know they have given us this experience many times before. it depends on the director Jared Hayes To find the right balance between the glittery world of unicorns and fame and the darker themes the film wants to touch on.

Eclectic director Jared Hayes has a lot to offer

Even though Hayes has been away from feature film directing for quite some time – this was his last film before Thelma the Unicorn was a 2015 comedy promising – We’ll be talking about them a lot in the years to come. The director is attached to direct the much-awaited minecraft Movies, Nicktoons And shanghai dawn, For Thelma the UnicornHayes wrote the screenplay with his wife. Jerusha HayesAnd they both adapted it from children’s books by the author aaron blabay, In an official statement, the pair of screenwriters said the adaptation Thelma the Unicorn “a dream come true” and that “the lovable misfits in his books feel like home to him”.

The pair became one of the biggest references for the Misfits in the early stages as they wrote napoleon dynamite, which later spawned a sequel animated series. For Thelma the UnicornHayes recruited some of his longtime collaborators to do voice acting, including john header ,blades of Glory, Will Forte ,Saturday night Live, Zach Galifianakis ,pigtail bubble, Jemaine Clement ,flight of the conchords, eddie patterson ,righteous gem, ally dixon ,Croods: Family Tree) And fred armisen ,Wednesday, The title character is voiced by Alabama Shakes. brittany howard In his first acting role.

netflix premiere Thelma the Unicorn On 17 May. You can watch the trailer below:

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