The time the entire country rejected Batman

Content warning: The following article contains descriptions of abuse.

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  • When? dark Knight was released, it unexpectedly found itself in conflict with the country of Türkiye.

  • Christopher Nolan directed the critically acclaimed superhero film.

  • Christian Bale played the lead role in the film.

There are many reasons why countries ban films, file lawsuits, and/or severely edit films: religious grounds, moral grounds, excessively graphic scenes, and more. even greta gerwig‘S barbie It has been banned in Vietnam over a disputed line in a scene on a map. But nothing comes close to what happened christopher nolan‘S dark Knight And Türkiye country. But if you can’t remember a single thing that could be offensive to Turkey, that’s not surprising. The truth is that there is nothing in The Dark Knight that is insulting to Turkey at all. That is, except for one thing: Batman. More specifically, Name The “Batman” who threatened a lawsuit Huseyn KalkanThe mayor of a Turkish city…wait for it… batman,

dark Knight

When the threat known as the Joker wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham, Batman must accept one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his ability to fight injustice.

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18 July 2008


152 minutes


Warner Bros.

‘The Dark Knight’ came at the right (wrong) time

But before we look at the lawsuit, a little history. batman is the name of a city, the capital of Batman District in Batman Province, Turkey, and is located near the Batman River. For centuries, it was known as Iluh, a small, ordinary Turkish village. The discovery of oil in the area in the 1940s turned Iluh into a boomtown and in 1957 Iluh became Batman, named after the nearby Batman River. How the river got its name is a matter of debate. In Türkiye and Persia, a batman One unit of measurement is equal to 16.96 pounds, so this is the first possibility. The second and more likely explanation is that the river is named after the nearby mountain Bati Raman, and Batman is a shortened version of the same. In other words, it has nothing to do with the comic book hero of the same name.

whenever, whenever a columnist asked mayor kalkan in 2007 Why he did not focus on legal action against “Movie Batman” or the unaccounted royalty amounts, especially considering the economic problems the city was struggling with at the time, prompted the mayor to take action. Mayor Kalkan said, “We find this criticism justified.” He was quoted as saying, “And started looking into the legal possibilities of that kind of case.” Guess which Batman movie came out immediately after the Mayor’s investigation? You got this: 2008 dark Knight, Kalkan told Dogan News Agency, “The royalties on the name ‘Batman’ are ours… There is only one Batman in the world. The American producers used the name of our city without telling us.” According to the same source, he immediately sued Christopher Nolan for royalties. Not Warner Bros., the film’s producer. Not DC Comics, who had long held the character of Batman as their intellectual property. Bus Nolan (Other sources claim that WB was also mentioned,

If the story had ended there, it would have been another wacky lawsuit, but Meyer then suggested that the success dark Knight It had a severely negative psychological impact on the city’s residents. As a result, the film was blamed for several unsolved murders and high female suicide rates. To lie at the feet of a Hollywood blockbuster was a very disturbing and false accusation. Furthermore, murders and suicides plagued the city even before the film was released. According to A 2006 report by the Child Rights International Network, young women whose only crime was looking at boys, wearing short skirts, being raped, or, ironically, a desire to go to the movies, were killed by their scornful family, usually their brother. If the family did not want to see their son tortured, they forced the girls to take their own lives by locking them in a room for several days with rat poison, a gun, or a rope.

A lawsuit was never filed against Christopher Nolan

Heath Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight

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Was this the act of a mayor who legitimately thought he had a case, or a savvy political move to take the heat of rising deaths away from his administration? This is a moot point: the lawsuit was never filed. Even if Mayor Kalkan had moved forward, the odds were definitely against him. Batman, character created by bob cane And bill fingerdebuted in the pages of detective comics However, Iluh changed its name in March 1939. Kalkan claims he has proof To prove that Batman City was founded in the first place… evidence that never saw the light of day.

Head of the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Commission of the Istanbul Bar, Lawyer Wehbi Kahvesi, sources reported that the “Batman” name was registered worldwide, and if the city wanted to launch a lawsuit regarding infringement of their name, they completely missed the deadline to do so. But they say any PR is good PR, and the city of Batman has been in the news with this story, with people from all over the world flocking to the city to take photos with signs bearing the name “Batman”, and An active petition was launched on To change the Batman Province border to resemble Batman’s iconic logo (with approximately 27,000 signatures against the goal of 35,000).

But what if the lawsuit goes ahead and Batman wins the city? This will set a dangerous precedent. Volcano, Hawaii, may sue tommy lee jones over 1997 Volcano, The city of Ommen in the eastern Netherlands could make a lot of money by suing its creators Prognostic, Why stop there? Sandwich, Illinois could sue delis from coast to coast. Hell City, Michigan, could sue Satan for a cut of his collected souls. Newfoundland town could sue Dildo… Okay, let’s stop there. Thankfully, the Batman lawsuit was ultimately not successful, but there have been instances where lawsuits have been filed against films, such as the Michigan lawsuit that saw A woman sued the distributors Ryan Gosling film To drive Because it was not as action-packed as the Fast & Furious films, even though the advertising suggested it would be.

Entertaining, yes, but that lawsuit may have set a precedent for two recent successful lawsuits ana de armas Fans sued Universal Studios over the actress not being able to do so despite her being in the trailer Tomorrow, did not actually appear in the film as her scenes were cut. This has opened the door for people to sue film studios over misleading trailers. So who knows? Maybe the Caped Crusader will eventually go to court.

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