The rom-com that forced John Wayne to quit acting

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  • John Wayne is hot in his breakout role
    big road
    was cast in the lead role in the 1931 rom-com
    girls demand excitement
    He hated a film so much that it made him consider quitting acting.
  • The film was a departure from Wayne’s typical cowboy role, as it featured him as a college basketball star who does not believe that girls should be allowed to go to college. He falls in love with an independent girl who encourages him to change his ways.
  • Wayne found the film obscene and embarrassing, raising doubts about his acting career.

Believe it or not, there was a time when Duke was very old John Wayne, a struggling actor who was trying to make it. He, like every budding actor, was a man trying to get a job for himself. They may have their own preferences, but an investigation is an investigation. Wayne’s status as a Western icon was not yet cemented, and he had yet to become a household name. His cinematic identity was more flexible because no one really knew who he was, and the studio hadn’t really decided on it yet. This is where things get a little weird. hot from heels big roadHis first major feature, John Wayne and Marguerite Churchill Reunited for a 1931 romantic comedy girls demand excitement, The film is surprisingly out of character for Wayne – in fact, He hated the film very much, It almost forced him to quit acting,

girls demand excitement

Peter Brooks is a hard-working, hard-working college student whose dislike of college women is weakened by the romantic advances of spoiled socialite student Joan Madison.

release date
8 February 1931

seymour felix

Virginia Cherrill, John Wayne, Marguerite Churchill, Edward J. Nugent, Helen Jerome Eddy, Terrence Ray, Martha Sleeper, William Jenney

69 minutes

Harlan Thompson

What is ‘Girls Demand Excitement’ about?

In 1931, film production was a studio business. He controlled pretty much everything from production to distribution. Actors were more or less employees of whatever studios they signed up with, and those studios played an active role in shaping the public image of their actors. That process will be one of trial and error and will have a lot to do with what the audience thinks. If an actor sold more tickets playing a badass cowboy than a good-looking football star, he’d be a badass cowboy. In the case of John Wayne’s Western film career, this is exactly the case. Despite the fact that he is playing a cowboy in this big road, The studio wasn’t yet sure if this would be the right path for the young, flamboyant Wayne, Thinking maybe he could sell more tickets as a heartthrob, they cast him in a romantic comedy. slash film,


John Wayne lost his Oscar because of the movie he absolutely hated

John Wayne didn’t just lose the Oscar…he also lost the Academy Award for Best Actor for a movie he heartily despised.

In girls demand excitement, John Wayne plays clean-cut basketball star, Peter Brooks. She is beautiful, solid and very smart. He is, in almost every way, the ideal American man. There’s just one little problem with him: he doesn’t like that girls are allowed to go to college. Peter Brooks believes that there is no room for girls in the education system and in fact, they should not play basketball. Play as Joan Madison, a rich and spoiled young socialite Virginia CherylKnown as Charlie Chaplin’s Flower Girl city ​​lights, She is everything Peter is not and is quite feisty, making her an attractive romantic interest for Peter. She works her magic on him, and eventually, the wronged young man comes out and learns to like the girls at his school. Then, their basketball team plays the girls’ team in symbolic acceptance of the new college’s status quo. Although it was your average, 30s rom-com at its best, John Wayne found playing this role so embarrassing that he almost quit acting.

Why did John Wayne hate ‘Girls Demand Excitement’?

John Wayne’s name is synonymous with strong masculinity, far more at home on the western frontier than a college student bothered by the fact that girls come to his college. Wayne considered the film completely embarrassing, causing him to consider quitting acting. Wayne put it succinctly in an interview in 1976 Bobby Wygant Archive,

“So the next picture they took of me (after ‘The Big Trail’), they were training some girls to play basketball for some musical they were going to make that would cost a lot of money. Now with depression. , they’ve decided against it. So now they have these girls who have learned to play basketball. So they wrote a story about a college where the boys don’t want the girls there. So it’s probably like me It was a ridiculous thing. “I’ve ever been in.”

John Wayne was still a college student at the time of filming. Acting was, and still is, a risky business in some ways. You might never make a mint, and Hollywood is full of broken dreams of celluloid glory. Therefore, being a practical person, he simultaneously pursued education. He wondered how he would cope with his then-college fraternity brothers who would surely be angry at him for playing the role of Peter Brooks. This would definitely make him a less popular person on campus. But their complaints did not end there slash film Report. He found the film obscene. Wayne described the film as “couples hanging out of windows in each other’s clutches, leaving lipstick everywhere.” It greatly embarrassed his manly sensibilities, and he considered leaving the business. It wasn’t until he was cast in several Western films that he became recognized among star audiences today.

after the destruction of girls demand excitement, Wayne starred in more Western films, but it would still take a while for the tough-talking, stiff-legged gun-toting audience to fall in love with him. “They made me a singing cowboy,” They told Slacker in 1971in the style of gene autryEven though he didn’t know how to sing or play the guitar. By this time, Wayne had experimented extensively with his image in the studio., Duke reported, “Whenever I appeared in public, the kids insisted I sing The Desert Song or something.” “But I couldn’t have a guy playing guitar on one side of the camera and a guy singing on the other side of the camera.” He felt like he was disappointing his fans when he would come out and not be able to present the character that his fans wanted him to. So he did what Duke does, and he went straight to that studio and told them he’d made movies like this. And yes, it worked! Although it would take him some time to achieve stardom, John Wayne took the first steps on the path that would later immortalize him as the quintessential American cowboy.

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