The push by ruling MLAs in the legislature lobby is a matter of shame for Maharashtra: Nana Patole

On the last day of the budget session of the Maharashtra Legislature, a scuffle broke out in the lobby of the Legislature between Eknath Shinde’s Shiv Sena minister Dada Bhuse and MLA Mahendra Thorve. It is wrong for this to happen in Maharashtra Legislature. Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee President Nana Patole has criticized that due to the politics started by the Bharatiya Janata Party, the House has become an arena and MLAs are pushing and hitting each other in the lobby of the legislature.
Talking about the issue of pushback by MLAs, Congress State President Nana Patole said that the ruling MLAs are fighting for their personal issues instead of the basic issues of the public. He strongly condemned the incident that took place in the Legislature and said that the case of a box falling on the ministers in the lobby of the Legislature is a box and it will continue in the box. The issue of pushing and shoving by MLAs was also raised in the Assembly. Nana Patole said that this incident of pushing and shoving did not happen outside but in the lobby of the hall.
Why no question-answer time?
Question-answer period in the conference is an important weapon for the members but there is no question-answer period in this conference. It’s quiz time to raise questions and problems of our voters. Members have this right. It is the responsibility of the President to protect the rights of the members. During the Covid period, the duration of the session was kept short but even now there is no question-answer session in the session. Nana Patole said that the government approved the bills but the members did not get a chance to raise the issues of the people.

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