The movie that actually gets its love triangle right

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  • Love triangles in literature and cinema often seem imaginary, but brooklyn Shows how having to choose between two partners can create real dramatic tension.

  • elis, hero brooklynStruggles to understand the differences between Irish and American dating customs and finds it challenging to connect with other people her age.

  • Elise’s two lovers, Tony and Jim, represent different aspects of her identity: American or Irish. Choosing between them forces her to decide where she wants to spend the rest of her life.

Love triangles are a common phenomenon in both literary fiction and cinema. Often, love triangles are just an excuse for lazy dramatic tension, as it is usually quite obvious which partner the character can stay with. While love triangles are often a fun way to keep audiences engaged, the dramatic stakes of a love triangle rarely feel like a realistic take on a real relationship. However, if done correctly the notion of having to choose between two different romantic partners can be an effective source of dramatic tension. excellent 2015 period piece brooklyn Shows how two romantic partners can represent different sides of a character’s personality; Choosing one potential lover over another forces the protagonist to choose between two very different cultures.


An Irish immigrant arrives in Brooklyn in the 1950s, where she soon falls into romance with a local man. However, when his past catches up with him, he must choose between two countries and the life that exists within them.

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20 October 2015



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Nick Hornby, Colm Toibin


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What is ‘Brooklyn’ about?

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Based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Nick Hornby, brooklyn Centered on young Irish girl Alice Lacey (Saoirse Ronan,, Who is caught between two potential contenders; Italian boy Tony Fiorello (emory cohen) and Irish bachelor Jim Farrell (Domhnall Gleeson, Eilis was raised in Ireland, but immigrated to the United States while she was still in the prime of her youth. This makes it a challenge for him to immediately understand what an authentic relationship looks like. The traditional “family values” she was taught when she was younger are quite different from the way “love affairs” work in the States. The United States appears to value dating as a common pastime; In Ireland, she was raised with the expectation that she would spend the rest of her life with someone she would look up to romantically.

Due to her unconventional upbringing, Eilis finds it challenging to connect with other youth. Although she finds a small Irish community in Brooklyn upon her arrival, Elise finds it challenging to find people her own age who can relate to her experiences. The Irish community in Brooklyn consists primarily of older religious leaders; Even while working at her job, she is constantly surrounded by older shoppers. Although this initially makes Eilis feel like she is all alone, everything changes when she is introduced to Tony after an Irish cultural festival. Tony claims that although he is not Irish himself, he “really likes Irish girls.” Considering how well he treats Elise on their first few dates, his comment can be taken as a genuine statement and not just a pick-up line.


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Even though they come from different communities, Tony and Elise have a lot in common; Given the discrimination that both Irish and Italian immigrants faced during the 1950s, Both characters know what it means to be treated as “second-class citizens.” More importantly, spending time with Tony and his Italian family allows Eilis to feel like she is at home once again. While Tony’s family’s traditions differ from the way he was brought up, they still value their ancestral past, and treat the elderly members of their community with respect. Even though Elise is learning new things as a result of her relationship with Tony (including the nuances of eating spaghetti), the importance of family in her life reminds her of her own upbringing.

Learning and adopting Tony’s worldview forces Eilis to stay alert and learn more about the new country she is now a part of. Just when Elise thinks she has completely created a new identity for herself, she receives devastating news that her mother, Mary (jane brennan), has passed away unexpectedly from a devastating illness. It is not easy to return home to mourn this loss, The boat trip is long and disorienting, and forces Eilis to reconsider the value of her life. Traveling home to Ireland means reacquainting yourself with feelings, places and traditions she has long left behind. Unfortunately, returning to her homeland also reminds Eilis of how much she missed Ireland, which may mean leaving Tony behind.

Elise’s two suitors in ‘Brooklyn’ represent her dual identity

director John Crowley does a great job of making brooklyn It feels like both a coming-of-age story and a classic romance. While the initial flirtation between Elise and Tony (and later, between Elise and Jim) feels similar to many young adult romantic dramas, the tension is not added for the purpose of adding melodrama to the story. Her two lovers represent two very different lives she could have lived. Is he American, or Irish? While Elise is connected to both countries through culture, she can only spend the rest of her life in one of them.

Upon arriving in Ireland, Eilis begins to reconnect with her community and learns things about her mother that were hidden from her when she was younger. Although the journey is largely harrowing, Elise feels nostalgic for her country. New York City was exciting, but it was also an overwhelming experience where she was forced to try new things all the time. Home means comfort; Even though she has been able to adapt to her lifestyle while living in Brooklyn, she is still an Irish girl at heart. Coincidentally, as Alice contemplates what the future might be like in Ireland, she is introduced to a man who may be able to give her it all.

On the surface, Jim feels the opposite of Tony; Jim was raised in the Illis community and knows their traditions well. The film does a great job of showing how different the two men initially introduced to Elise are. While Tony succeeds in attending a traditional Irish dance to hit on Elise, Jim is introduced to Elise through a formal dance ceremony. Tony is the type of guy that older members of the Ellis community would have warned him about, but Jim is considered “a catch” who can give Elise a traditional marriage.

spectacular aspect of brooklynA love triangle is that two people never come into contact with each other; There is no funny scene where they fight for Elise because they are on opposite sides of the ocean. Neither character is trying to outwit the other, and brooklyn Forces the audience to make the same difficult choices that Eilis makes. she ends up with tony, he chose to spend the rest of his life in America. This doesn’t mean that the idea of ​​what life with Jim will be like doesn’t linger in the minds of both Elise and the audience long after she makes her decision.

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