The History of Spider-Man’s Black Suit, From Comics to No Way Home

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  • The black suit, born out of a fan pitch, debuted in Marvel’s “Secret Wars” story arc, where Spidey bonds with the living suit.

  • Spider-Man’s iconic black suit is linked to Venom through a symbiotic bond, altering the stories of both characters.

  • no way home Post-credits scene hints at the future poison Crossover with the MCU’s Spider-Man.

spider man’s The black suit is one of the most iconic costumes he has worn in the character’s comic history, in addition to his traditional red and blue clothing. Originally, The suit was created from a living, breathing entity now known as the Venom symbiote, Although the suit’s appearance later changed to a non-symbiote version that became an icon in its own right, the symbiote suit has a history of its own that is quite different from the one seen in it. poison, Beginning with Spider-Man, the symbiote has taken many During his fictional tenure as host, Including Eddie Brock and even Peter Parker’s former bully, Flash Thompson, As detailed and deep as its story may be, it wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for its original meeting with Spider-Man, which itself has some interesting details. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the relationship between Peter Parker and the iconic symbiote costume.

Concept and introduction in Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars

In 1982, a fan of Spider-Man named Randy Schuyler A submission was sent to Marvel Comics after the publication announced a contest to come up with new ideas for its comic book universe. Schuyler suggested a black, stealth-style suit that would enhance Spidey’s abilities and be designed by Reed Richards of The Fantastic Four and The Wasp. Former editor-in-chief of Marvel gym shooter Schuyler liked his pitch and bought the idea from him for the sum of $220 (which would be equivalent to about $500 in today’s economy). As these things happen, while the Symbiote suit was now in Marvel’s possession, it would not debut until two years later.

In 1984, marvel superheroes secret wars Began as a crossover event that featured several different Marvel heroes and villains together as they navigated to a planet called Battleworld, where they were teleported by an otherworldly entity called The Beyonder. A promise from the champions of Battleworld to make their wildest dreams come true. This led to a conflict between the Avengers, several members of the X-Men, and some solo heroes against villains such as Doctor Doom, Kang the Conqueror, Doctor Octopus, Absorbing Man, and Ultron. During the chaos on Battleworld, Spider-Man’s suit is damaged. While exploring a machine they thought was a textile manufacturer, a black sphere emerges from the machine, which immediately covers Peter Parker in a strange slime-like substance. to his surprise, The slime started changing itself into a new suitThe creation of the Symbiote suits that the world has become familiar with.

Spider-Man’s black suit debut and transformation into Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man #252macfarlane poison

Earlier in the year, in Amazing Spider-Man #252, the symbiote suit made an appearance in Spidey’s own comic. The issue’s tagline read, “The rumors are true. Introducing… the new Spider-Man!” Confirming some fans’ suspicions that Spider-Man was reportedly getting a new costume, Some fans, not happy with the costume change, pushed for the change to be reverted. However, Marvel had already committed to featuring the symbiote suit Secret Wars #8And since that issue hadn’t been published yet, Marvel’s hands were tied.

Marvel began crafting a story with its writers In this, Peter will be seen taking off the suit and returning to his original attire To please the singing fans. The writers ultimately speculated that Peter may have wanted to remove Suit due to his symbiotic nature and his desire to bond with her permanently. Since the short arc involving the symbiote suit continued over several issues until Amazing Spider-Man #258, Peter continues to struggle with his home life and the suit’s desire to dominate his body. This led to Reed Richards and Johnny Storm (also known as The Human Torch) discovering the symbiote’s weakness to fire and sound waves. Reed would use a blasting gun to forcefully remove the symbiote from its host.


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The symbiote was deemed defeated, but he later escaped from the custody of The Fantastic Four and hid in Peter Parker’s closet as an ordinary Spider-Man costume. The suit makes its appearance as soon as Peter wears it once again, and he immediately sets out to remove it in a panic. He runs to a nearby church and uses the bell on top of the building to separate himself and the symbiote. Peter dies due to the effects of breaking his bond with the alien symbiote, but he survives and out of a feeling of rejection decides not to bond with her again, dragging her to the safety of the undercroft. And leaves him alone.

Not far away, the heartbroken symbiote witnesses Parker’s rival, Eddie Brock, about to commit suicide. Feeling a similar pain of rejection between them, the symbiote jumps and attaches itself to Brock. This and the combined pain of heartbreak and hatred towards Peter Parker led to the creation of the iconic anti-hero, Venom, known and loved by comic book fans around the world. Venom would become a periodic villain (and occasional ally) of Spider-Man. Also a hero in his own right much later in comic book history.

The black suit returns in Spider-Man: Back in Black (2007)


Image via Marvel Comics

Immediately following Marvel’s massive civil war Heading into the crossover event, Peter Parker had a lot on his mind. With mixed feelings during the battle over the Superhero Registration Act, Peter makes the bold decision to break away from Tony Stark and run away with Mary Jane and May. To make matters worse, an assassin hired by Wilson Fisk shoots Peter’s Aunt May in their motel. Mary Jane calls an ambulance, but Peter realized there was no time to lose., Out of his costume and under threat of exposing himself, Peter uses his web-slinging to take May to the hospital. Peter goes on a hunt to find May’s shooter (still in civilian clothes), and is driven to more desperate and aggressive tactics. MJ becomes aware that May has lost a lot of blood and tells Peter that the doctors do not believe May will survive. An angry Peter dons the black suit again in a symbolic transformation of the hero.

the story finally concludes Spider-Man: Another Day, where, after exhausting options (including reaching out to Doctor Doom and Dr. Strange) to help save May, Peter and Mary Jane agree to a deal with the demon, Mephisto. Though it’s essentially repeated through multiple story arcs, this moment of saving May’s life changed the history of Spider-Man, as Peter and MJ sacrificed their love and marriage in the bargain.

The black suit first appears in Spider-Man 3 (2007)

as part of Sam RaimiThe Spider-Man trilogy, saw the symbiote suit make its debut on the big screen. spider man 3 Much of the original story of Spidey and the Symbiote was used but a few minute details were changed to fit the film’s 2 hours and 19 minutes runtime.

Instead of searching for the symbiote on another planet like Battleworld, a meteorite crashes near a park in New York where Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) Star gazing. Attaching to Parker’s motorbike, the symbiote follows him home. While Peter Flint pursues a man named Marco (Thomas Haden Church), who is revealed to have murdered Peter’s Uncle Ben (cliff robertson), he falls asleep in his Spider-Man suit and wakes up on top of a building. Almost immediately, Peter realized that His suit has become completely black and his powers have also been enhanced.

However, Peter’s behavior begins to change. He becomes more violent, more spiteful, petty, and begins to alienate the people he loves, including Mary Jane. She breaks up with Peter, and begins to have feelings for his best friend Harry Osborn (James Franco), making him more angry. Things are getting out of control, and Eventually Peter decides that the symbiote’s influence is changing his life. for the worse.

Peter realizes the symbiote is obsessed with loud noises, so he goes to a nearby church and uses the church bell to separate from the creature. Although he succeeded, rival photographer Eddie Brock (topper grace) is also in church, pleading for God’s help with his situation in life. As in the comics, the symbiote finds Brock and fuses with him, creating the villain known as Venom.

A crossover with ‘Venom’ is hinted at in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

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Although the symbiote suit does not actually appear on-screen Spider-Man: No Way Home, the film’s post-credits scene heavily hints at its future release. In a bar in Mexico, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) spends his time getting drunk with his symbiote partner, Venom. He attempts to understand the new universe he is in, asking the irritated bartender about Thanos’ attack. Brock figures that going to New York and meeting Spider-Man might be at the top of his list, but before he can leave the bar, Dr. Strange’s magic sends him back to his universe. However, a small piece of the Venom symbiote is left behind. Whereas This could go either way in introducing the alien symbiote into the MCUThis is possibly setting up a fatal encounter with the wall-crawler from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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