‘The Harrowing Knight’ TV show is facing the same problem as ‘Game of Thrones’

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  • Friendly A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: Hedge Knight Takes risks because of its incomplete story, as happened with game of Thrones.

  • The limitations of the depth of Dunk and Egg’s story pose challenges for a full adaptation.

  • The major historical events of the Dunk and Egg book series remain a mystery, making the adaptation of the book series a concern.

As far as spinoffs in Westeros go, hedge knight It’s not the first and won’t be the last, but it may be one of the riskiest. probably the biggest problem game of Thrones Over the years the story suffered from an incomplete nature, which continually weakened the second half of the series. while like a show dragon house The advantage of the complete historical framework is, There is a huge difference in the life stories of Dunk and Egg. Which makes it difficult to accurately depict the complete transformation. We may know some broad strokes and the ending, but that was true with the original series as well, and it didn’t make the conflicts any less obvious. even george rr martin No idea how many short stories it will take to tell the series, so how will the audience know? This dilemma may seem far-fetched for a series that already has three novels, but it’s already a big one and needs to be resolved before it becomes a deeper problem.

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Nine noble families fight for control of the lands of Westeros while an ancient enemy returns after remaining dormant for millennia.

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17 April 2011

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‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ has a great foundation, but ‘Game of Thrones’ has a great foundation too.

Like the original series, Sting and Egg Stories Initially this seems like the perfect prequel to adopt. A century after the Dance of the Dragons but a hundred years before the War of the Five Kings, the books detail a new era Through a more grounded perspective with unique characters, Time Agon (dexter sol ansel) spends time with the little ones under the watchful eye of Ser Duncan the Tall (Peter Claffey) offers a chance to explore the values ​​of chivalry and the world of Westeros from an angle rarely covered before. The series also has its own set of lore, taking place fifteen years after the first Blackfyre Rebellion and featuring locations that should be very familiar to any fans of the franchise, like Winterfell and Riverrun.

The problem is that only three stories have been published so far The extent of the entire series is not clear, Number of possible future novels Over the years there have been six to twelveAnd they stay put until Martin finally finishes The Winds of Winter, which itself has been in development hell for over a decade. As for the two principal characters, only a short period is covered, and the two are believed to have lived a total of more than fifty years, creating major historical gaps, compare this time scale dragon house, which covered twenty years in the buildup to the first season, but whose remaining seasons would only take place over two years. Finally, the books themselves when combined are only as long as the first book in the main series, i.e. They will need smaller episode numbers for each season, While this strangely prevents the need to split the books between seasons, it also means that the showrunners will catch up with incomplete stories much more quickly.

We know some future stories of Sting and Egg, but not enough

a benefit a knight of the seven kingdoms he is game of Thrones The historical nature of the actual characters was never seen. Thanks to many historical reference books, We have at least some details about Dunk and Egg’s later yearsespecially later former king became and the latter was named Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Maester Aemon’s younger brother (Peter Vaughan) and an unexpected king, Aegon’s story during his time on the Iron Throne features more war against House Blackfyre, an unexpected martial scandal involving his eldest son, and his battles with local nobles over his reforms to help the common people. Is included. In particular, these events occur quite close a song of Ice and Fire He Major characters from that series are often seenLike Walder Frey (david bradley) appears as a child during the third novel but by the time of the main series he is in his early nineties. During his two decades as king, Tywin Lannister (charles dance) served him as a teenager, while Duncan himself is an ancestor of Brienne of Tarth (gwendoline christie) and as respectable as she later became.

However, just because we know the main points of the series doesn’t mean enough exists to adapt Dunk and Egg’s story with efficiency. For example, we know David Benioff and DB Weiss Told about both Three big moments in books It hadn’t happened in the story yet when they were making it game of Thrones, which was later included in the series. Some of these, such as the death of Hodor (Kristen Nairn) in Season 6, was perfectly executed and had the added effect of shocking even readers of the books. Others, such as the burning of Princess Shirin (kerry ingram) by his own father, The groundwork needed to render this scene was lacking, while also being so graphic and horrifying for the audience that it is difficult to digest. Trying to create a journey when you already know the destination is a tricky needle to move, especially for an unfinished series, and runs the risk of being rejected by your audience as feeling unnatural. For example, the ending surprised everyone in the worst way And this prequel may follow the same path game of Thrones,


We Never Needed a Jon Snow ‘Game of Thrones’ Spin-Off

The story of Jon Snow is finished and should not be reopened.

The ending of “The Tales of Dunk and Egg” is known only in fragments

House Targaryen engulfed in flames in House of the Dragon

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One of the most mysterious and tragic events in the history of Westeros is the burning of Summerhall, which took the lives of both King Aegon V and Ser Duncan the Tall. What little we know, that disaster involved an attempt to reincarnate the dragons that Daenerys (emilia clarke) was achieved decades later and involved varying degrees of magic and wildfire. However, We don’t know anything about the exact nature of what happened, and important factors, such as whether it contains the Azor Ahai prophecy, remain unclear. Even the official Westeros history book, world of ice and fire, details have been deliberately obscured by claiming Messeter spilled ink on the pages of the book. like for the show dragon houseThe ending of the Dance of Dragons is already known and has been referenced in earlier stories, It also contains the details and background needed to explain and execute itThanks for the detailed description fire and blood Has provided. That’s not the case here, as this event almost certainly seems to be kept a secret for a future story, making a possible conclusion for a future season difficult.

Keeping this important historical event obscure for a story that may never be published not only seems troubling but also reminiscent of the end of the original series. Although it was not revealed at the time, Bran Stark’s final coronation (Isaac Hempstead Wright) as the newly elected Emperor of Westeros. The third and final “big moment” was Which Martin apparently told Benioff and Weiss about. However, regardless of how it will be portrayed in the books, The lack of any warning or foreshadowing left the audience stunned. And made the finale the most confusing of all. Without proper context, the end of a knight of the seven kingdoms One could very easily risk repeating the same mistake and turning a tragedy into a farce.

Overall, while the problem may not be obvious, the incomplete nature of Dunk and Egg’s story makes it a risky adaptation to make. While there are certainly a lot of new things to explore and connections to the original series We don’t know much about the characters In the long run. Instead of a complete but contained story, Excessive amount of changes can cause major problems for the show later, especially given its short nature as a series of novels. Audiences must be prepared to face the inherent obstacles of adaptation a knight of the seven kingdoms In a long-running spin-off series beyond the first three stories. nobody wants Recurrence of Chaos Regardless of their quality, that’s brought up in later seasons, and if the series is here to stay, we can only hope it can find a way to overcome this unique challenge.

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