‘The Gentleman’ and ‘Damsel’ lead Netflix’s top 10 charts for two consecutive weeks

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  • gentlemen , young woman Dominates Netflix with impressive viewership.
  • millie bobby brown shine young womanHis ability to carry a fantasy film with strong lead performances and high viewership was proven.

  • irish desire And Avatar The Last Airbender It also ranks among Netflix’s most watched movies and series this week.

Netflix’s streaming year is starting to heat up with some highly anticipated releases guy richie‘S gentlemen And young woman Starring millie bobby brown ,stranger things) debuting earlier this month. Both of them got off to a strong start, boosting the streamer’s TV and film numbers. Now, in its second week, gentlemen And young woman It has retained its number-one spot on Netflix.

gentlemenA spiritual successor to Ritchie’s 2020 film of the same name, has reached 20.1 million views (134.2 million hours watched) in its first full week of release. The eight-episode crime action-comedy was released simultaneously on March 7. An impressive 12.2 million views in the first three days, it was more than enough to stop Avatar The Last Airbender, which has garnered 5.1 million views in four weeks of release. while the movie gentlemen While sadly it failed at the box office, the series has received a moderate amount of critical praise. This is reflected in the consistent viewership. Hopefully, this means a season 2 renewal isn’t too far away.

Millie Bobby Brown is no damsel in distress

young womanOn the other hand, the star power of Brown, who is currently filming the final season, is looming stranger things, This fantasy film may have received mixed reviews, but its ready or Not,Feeling The scope of your unique style provided some extraordinary moments. Especially where Brown’s performance is concerned, the actress has proven that she can be an enduring and funny character in any role. Again, this is reflected in young womannumbers, which has now reached 50.8 million views (92.3 million watch hours) in its second week, Despite tough competition it remains at the top position Lindsay Lohan’s new romantic comedy irish desirewhich launched last weekend and, in its first three days, it has reached 19.5 million views.

‘The Gentleman’ and ‘Damsel’ have great legs

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As gentlemen And young woman Entering their third week, they show no signs of slowing down. New Netflix sci-fi series this week 3 physical problems Debuting on 21st MarchBut it remains to be seen whether viewership will decline YesentlmenThe crown of TV. The series benefits from the usual Ritchie charm, with a stellar cast delivering career-defining performances Theo James And Kaya Scodelario, and a wonderful blend of absurdist humor and epic action. Then, when it comes to young woman, the fantasy survival adventure has nothing to worry about, as there are no big Netflix original movies to compete with for the rest of the month. While we wait to see who competes for the crown next, you can stream both gentlemen And young woman Now on Netflix.

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young woman

young woman Millie sees Bobby Brown as a dutiful, good young woman who agrees to marry a handsome prince – only to discover that it was all a trap: the royal family has asked her to repay an ancient debt. Was accepted as a sacrifice. She is then thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon, and relies entirely on her wits and willpower to survive.

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8 March 2024


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