The dream of flying will come true, Maruti is going to make a car that flies from the roof of the house! – Motor radar

The speed at which technology is advancing predicts that soon, common people will be using flying cars for their daily commute. Automobile companies all over the world have started working on flying cars. This time Maruti is going to register its name in that list. The company plans to develop an electric air copter with the help of its Japanese subsidiary Suzuki. Until now Maruti Suzuki’s cars were only seen on the road, but this time their cars are also going to fly in the sky.

Maruti Suzuki launches electric air copter

According to media reports, Maruti Suzuki’s electric air copter will be larger in size than a drone and smaller than a helicopter. It will have the capability to fly with three passengers including the driver. But before coming to India, this air copter will be launched in Japan and America.

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Like Ola and Uber, Maruti Suzuki is expected to revolutionize the transportation sector through the sky. There are plans to manufacture it in India, so that the cost can be kept low. Suzuki Motor Assistant Manager Kento Ogura said discussions are underway with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to implement this.

Maruti Suzuki’s electric plane will be named Skydrive. It has 12 units of motor and rotor. The eco-friendly flying car is expected to make its debut at the 2025 Osaka Expo in Japan. Maruti is looking to bring this technology to India through the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

The company is conducting a survey to see how much response the air copter can get in the Indian market. At the same time, a business partner is being sought in India. Maruti Suzuki confirmed that it will be priced lower than the Chopper. The air copter can take off from a stationary position with a weight of 1.4 tons. Also it will be able to fly and land from the roof of the house.

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