The best episodes of each season of ‘Sex and the City’

sex and the City was a true game-changer for modern television. Widely considered one of the shows that transformed HBO into the brand it is today, the series focuses on the lives of four single, thirty-year-old women dealing with love and relationships in New York City. Starring sarah jessica parker, Kim Cattrall, kristin davisAnd Cynthia Nixon, sex and the City Redefined expectations and challenged conventions by openly depicting female sexuality.

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With six seasons consisting of 94 episodes, sex and the City Its episodic library contains some true classics. Each season features a standout episode that perfectly reflects the ongoing themes and stories, overshadowed others and earned a special place in the hearts of the audience. In fact, the best episode of each season sex and the City Definitely ranked high on every fan’s ranking, be it for their humor, performances, witty quotes or massive narrative development. And while there was never a dull moment in Carrie Bradshaw’s life, some of her adventures are more remarkable.

1 “The Baby Shower”

Season 1, Episode 10

Image via HBO

Season 1 of sex and the City Introduces the main characters and plot and does a great job of presenting the girls’ friendship. In the episode “The Baby Shower”, four girls travel to the suburbs to attend the baby shower of Lainey, a former party girl turned housewife, whose new attitude and friends cause the girls to feel out of place. Are.

In his first year, sex and the City Felt strange; Lyrically, it’s still finding its feet and settling into its tone, explaining why it has so many gimmicks that it will eventually abandon – like the breaking of the fourth wall and Carrey’s endless stream of flaky friends. Collection. However, at its core, sex and the City was always about four main friends, and “The Baby Shower” uses them incredibly well. The plot showcases their unique bond, and though it covers many of the show’s favorite themes—single life, expectations, and romance—it’s all in service of a story about the unbreakable bonds of friendship. From Samantha standing firm for Charlotte to the four girls confessing their fears and anxieties at the bar, “The Baby Shower” is a classic sex and the City In a season that hadn’t found itself yet,

2 “East and City”

Season 2, Episode 18

Carrie caressing Big's cheek in Sex and the City
Image via HBO

Nearly thirty years after it began, the Carrie and Mr. Big saga is arguably the worst story ever sex and the City, After their break-up in the Season 1 finale, the two get back together before breaking up (again) in Season 2. Big then quickly meets, falls in love and gets engaged to Natasha. The season 2 finale, “X and the City”, saw Carrie say goodbye to Big in a bittersweet but emotional scene outside the Plaza Hotel, which was supposed to be the end of their story.

“X and the City” has some features sex and the Citymost iconic moments, From Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte singing “The Way We Were” at the bar to Carrie’s quote the way we were Before the split from Big, this was a great episode that proved that Carrie can grow as a character, let go of her past and move into the future. “X and the City” is one of sex and the CityTriumph of Best Episode, Writing, Direction and Writing It serves as the perfect conclusion to a fantastic season. This should have been the end of Big’s time on the show, ending his storyline with Carrie on a sad but logical note. Why the show decided to go back to Carrie and Big’s toxic dynamic, thus erasing all the progress it made so far, is still infuriating.

3 “Frenzy”

Season 3, Episode 16

Carrie Bradshaw looking puzzled in front of a blackboard in Sex and the City
Image via HBO

sex and the City It was always excellent when it showed the ridiculous and awkward situations the four main characters often found themselves in and how the bond between them could see them through difficulties. “Frenemies” is a highlight of not only season 3 but the entire show, showing how their centers interact with each other and how their friendship benefits their individual lives.

It’s always fun to see Carrie be a little humble, and watching her awkwardly try to teach the class how to approach men is the kind of cringe-worthy humor. sex and the City But it flourished. However, Charlotte and Samantha are the true stars of “Frenemies.” Their friendship is the most underdeveloped on the show, with many fans thinking that they are not real friends and only stay together because of their shared bond with Carrie. But “Frenemies” reveals that Charlotte and Samantha are more alike than they realize, as the former embraces her wild side, and the latter accepts that she may have more boundaries than she realizes. Wants to believe. kristin davis‘s call Kim Cattrall‘s distinctive style is brilliant, and the resolution of his story is sweet and extremely entertaining. Charlotte and Samantha are among the best characters sex and the CityAnd “Frenemies” is a worthy showcase for them.,

4 “the real me”

Season 4, Episode 2

Carrie with two designers in Sex and the City
Image via HBO

Otherwise known as “that episode where Carrie falls on the runway and Heidi Klum walks over her,” “The Real Me” is one of these. sex and the CityThe most famous chapters of; Even non-fans of the show know about it. The episode sees each girl confronting her insecurities in different ways: Carrie walks into the aforementioned show, Miranda embraces her sexuality, Samantha celebrates her body, and Charlotte takes a closer look at herself. Takes courage.

“The Real Me” is the best kind sex and the City Episode: It Acknowledges Its Characters’ Flaws Yet Celebrates Them For Them, Yes, everyone probably remembers Carrey’s fall, but “The Real Me” is much more than uncomfortable comedy. This episode is an example of self-love and acceptance and a testament to the power of moving on from past mistakes, embarrassments or regrets. Like many of the show’s best efforts, “The Real Me” reimagines a well-known message and delivers it with self-deprecating humor, witty dialogue and fabulous fashion., It’s also a highly anticipated showcase for Stanford and Anthony, two sex and the CityThe funniest characters who never got the development they deserved.

5 “critical situation”

Season 5, Episode 6

Stanford and Carrie look confused on Sex and the City
Image via HBO

season 5 is the shortest sex and the City, As such, it feels very self-contained, sometimes to the point of being somewhat forgettable. Every character is in the middle, except for Miranda, who moves the season forward with Brady’s arrival and her internal conflict, refusing to accept her feelings for Steve. The season’s sixth episode, “Critical Condition”, sees Carrie deal with Aidan’s ex-wife Nina Katz, who reminds him how terrible she was to him. Meanwhile, Miranda and Samantha unexpectedly bond, and Charlotte makes a final stand against her former mother-in-law, Bunny McDougal.

“Critical Condition” is another classic case of Carey’s attention to the smallest of details. However, the episode actually holds her accountable for her mistakes, even if she still doesn’t take full responsibility. Charlotte’s fight with Bunny is fun, and the episode introduces her future husband, Harry. However, Samantha and Miranda are the main attractions here. The latter is desperate for some time off, as Brady is taking up all her time; Meanwhile, Pratham proves that she is the friend everyone deserves and is there for Miranda when she needs her most. “Critical Situation” is a highlight in an otherwise mild season., moving each story forward while still delivering the humor that fans have come to expect from the show. Samantha’s solution to calming Brady down is especially funny and extremely on-brand.

6 “An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux”

Season 6, Episode 20

The main characters of Sex and the City are walking down the street and laughing.
Image via HBO

After a brief fifth season, sex and the City Returned with a super-sized sixth and final season. Many of the storylines that made more sense in 5 – primarily Berger, Robert, and Charlotte’s first break-up with Harry – find themselves stuck here before moving into the second half of the season, setting up its ultimate ending. Has been. The two-part finale, “An American Girl in Paris”, sees Carrie visiting the City of Lights with Alexander Petrovsky, while each of the three girls deal with their own issues at home.

‘An American Girl in Paris’ is the perfect ending to the show, Equal parts romantic and funny, the two-parter deftly balances the themes and story, giving each girl a satisfying ending while embracing a traditional happy ending. Sure, not everyone agrees with Carrie and Big ending up together, but at least the other three got satisfying conclusions that made sense for their arcs. As far as Carrie is concerned, whether you love her or hate her, she stays true to who she is, more so than many others. “An American Girl in Paris” is a spectacular end to one of television’s most groundbreaking series and ultimate proof that these four girls are among the best characters in HBO’s rich history.

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