‘Stranger Things’ series finale – Shawn Levy shares his bittersweet reaction

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  • Levi to direct subsequent episodes of final season stranger thingsBreaking his usual pattern of directing episodes 3 and 4.

  • emotional finale of stranger things Its aim is to give a satisfying conclusion by mixing happiness and sadness in the best possible way. stranger things Outfit.

  • The team behind Stranger Things is determined to “stick the landing” with the series finale, promising a rollercoaster of emotions filled with love, fear, and ’80s nostalgia.

As Demogorgon-sized anticipation for the final season of stranger things Construction continues, shawn levyA driving force behind the series, took a break from his super-powered schedule of directing deadpool and wolverine To chat about Hawkins, Indiana nostalgia and returning to the world of the supernatural. Speaking to Collider steve weintraub At CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Levy shared some interesting details about his upcoming directing stint on the beloved Netflix series.

Traditionally, Levy has directed episodes 3 and 4 of each season of the show so far, but working it into his incredibly busy schedule this year proved a bit problematic, as shown when he was asked about who would direct the final season. He explained that he is directing the episode:

“Yeah. In fact, I’m stuttering a little bit because I don’t know if we’re sharing details of that, but you can do the math. As you know, I’ve always directed episodes 3 and 4. We’ll get to know that later.” There’s work to be done, and so with my schedule and the show’s schedule, I’m going to do a later episode.

Although he will not direct the series finale – these duties will remain with him duffer brothers – Levy shares her emotional reaction to the show’s planned finale: “Tears, ecstasy, bittersweet, delicious emotions.” He expressed a feeling of deep connection and satisfaction with the goal of the series finale, emphasizing the importance of giving a satisfying ending to a beloved show.

The Duffer Brothers are “obsessed with sticking the landing”

Levy also reflected on the dual emotional impact that the series finale is likely to have on fans of the show, mixing joy and sadness together. stranger things Outfit. He highlighted the Duffer Brothers’ commitment to excellence, saying:

“It’s always a mixture of both stranger things…if you watch any episode stranger things, you can see that the Duffers have always been obsessed with landing, as they say. We have to maintain the landing of each episode, and we’ve tried to maintain that landing with the end of each season. So, you better believe we’re all dedicated to reaching the series finale.”

As the series prepares for its final season, the stakes are getting higher. team behind stranger things It’s well aware that Vecna’s eyes are watching, and from what Levy says, she’s determined to deliver a conclusion that lives up to the monumental expectations set by the show’s phenomenal run. Fans should be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions as the series aims to end on a high note, promising a finale filled with the love, fear and 80s nostalgia we’ve come to expect from this show. Which turned binge watching into a program. , So stock up on egos and brace your checks for an exciting and terrifying farewell to the Upside Down when stranger things Return in 2025.

The first four seasons of stranger things Currently streaming on Netflix.

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When a young boy disappears, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural powers, and a strange little girl.

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15 July 2016

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