‘SCTV’ and ‘Freaks and Geeks’ star Joe Flaherty dies at 82

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  • Comedy legend Joe Flaherty dies at 82, leaving behind a lasting legacy sctv To freaks and Geeks,

  • sctv was a sketch comedy show that launched the careers of many comedy veterans, with Flaherty playing several roles.
  • Flaherty’s various roles in film and TV Back to the Future Part II To happy GilmoreDisplayed his comic talent.

joe flahertyThe comedy legend behind decades of memorable performances has died. A longtime member of the Second City comedy troupe, Flaherty starred in the pioneering sketch comedy series sctvand made an indelible presence freaks and Geeks, Back to the Future Part IIAnd happy Gilmoreamong many others. various reports Flaherty died yesterday at the age of 82.

Flaherty was born on June 21, 1941 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He began performing at Second City Theatre, where he wrote and acted alongside many rising comedy superstars, including bill murray, John Belushi, Harold RamisAnd Gilda Radnor, In the 1970s, he and Ramis relocated to Toronto, where they founded the Canadian branch of Second City. In 1976, in view of Saturday night LiveFollowing success on American television with many of Second City’s former regular cast members, Second City expanded to television, with Flaherty among its initial cast members. sctv,

What was ‘SCTV’?

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A sketch comedy show with a loose framing device that creates a “broadcast day” for a small-town TV station, sctv It premiered in 1976, and aired on four different networks during its six-season run. Flaherty played several memorable characters, including tyrannical station owner Guy Caballero, sycophantic talk-show host Sammy Maudlin, and newscaster Floyd Robertson, who also hosted. Monster Chiller Horror Theater Horror host as Count Floyd. The series was the breeding ground for a generation of comedy giants, including catherine o’hara, Rick Moranis, john candy, eugene levyAnd martin short, Although the cast came and went during the series, Flaherty remained throughout the show’s run.

after sctv After it ended, Flaherty was a frequent presence on comedy TV and film. His more memorable roles include a confused Western Union delivery man at the climax Back to the Future Part IIcon artist sid sleaze Sesame Street Presents: Follow That BirdAnd an obnoxious golf heckler happy Gilmore, Other notable film appearances include Steven Spielberg‘S 1941, robert zemeckis, used carsanimated cult classic heavy metal, who scolds‘S inner spaceAnd tom green‘S freddy got fingers, He was reintroduced to a generation of comedy fans as patriarch Harold Weir judd apatow‘S freaks and Geeks, Although the series was short-lived, it is still well-remembered, as many of its cast members became very famous. He also had recurring roles king of queens, dinosaurAnd clone high,

Flaherty died after a brief illness. Their two children, Gudrun and Gabriel, survive.

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