Sam Altman has been reinstated to the board of OpenAI

Sam Altman is back again. The entrepreneur who was suddenly fired from his position as OpenAI CEO and from the ChatGPT developer board last November, before reclaiming his CEO post a few days later, is now getting his director seat back as well.

Altman and three experienced business executives, all women, were named to OpenAI’s board on Friday, OpenAI announced. blog post, Sue Desmond-Hellman, former CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; former Sony executive Nicole Seligman; and Instacart CEO and former Meta executive Fidji Simo are others joining the board.

OpenAI has been looking to expand the board for months, after announcing an interim board following the November chaos. It was formed after an agreement between some board members who ousted Altman, but backed out when more than 95 percent of OpenAI’s employees threatened to quit if he was not brought back. Agreed.

The company’s administration has come under public scrutiny due to the development of ChatGPT, Dell-E, and other services that have accelerated generative AI technologies over the past few years.

Altman was abruptly fired by four board members of OpenAI’s nonprofit arm, which oversees a for-profit arm working on AI development, in an unusual structure in the tech sector. He expressed concern over his continued lack of clarity in communication with the board as part of the justification for the move.

After a few days of turmoil, during which Microsoft said it would hire Altman and Brockman, OpenAI employees threatened to walk off the job en masse, Altman was reinstated as CEO. Microsoft, which has backed OpenAI with a $13 billion investment and whose CEO Satya Nadella complained of being surprised by Altman’s removal, was given a board seat as an observer.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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