Ranking the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Boys, from Dean to Logan

Above Gilmore Girls‘ Over the seven-season run, there have been quite a few romances between the title ladies. Male Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (alexis bledel) The date has sparked a lot of controversy and become part of the zeitgeist, but whether you’re “Team Jess” or “Team Dean” is really just scratching the surface of the debate. These are the most important romantic partners of the Gilmore girls.Ranked from worst choice to best, including Emily (kelly bishop) Since she’s also, of course, a Gilmore girl.

Gilmore Girls

A drama focusing on the relationship between a thirty-something single mother and her teenage daughter living in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

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5 October 2000

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Honorable Mention: Paul from ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’

This may be the first time that Paul (jack carpenter) has ever received an honorable mention (or even a mention). Paul is not introduced until lukewarm Gilmore Girls reboot, a year of life, The original series ended with Rory rejecting Logan (Matt Czuchry) proposal, it was easy to hope that in the time between the series finale and the premiere of the reboot, a new contender for the coveted prize of Rory’s heart would have taken the lead.

Unfortunately, the only new face introduced in the interim is Paul: A guy that Rory doesn’t remember dating, Based on Rory’s opinion of Paul it is quite clear that he is not One. And, while Rory has the right to not be interested in anyone, Paul’s very existence begs the question: Is Rory only invested in relationships that cause pain and anxiety? Paul seems like a sweet, committed guy, and yet, she finds him so boring that it’s hard to even remember him. Somehow, even though he didn’t get a chance with Rory, he still deserves to be recognized (and even have his name remembered).

8. Dean Forester

Played by Jared Padalecki

The passionate members of “Team Dean” would certainly be terrified of Dean (Jared Padalecki) stands firmly in last place. Sure – it’s clear why Dean has such appeal. He starts out as a handsome new boy at school, and from day one he falls for Rory. But, we meet Dean when he’s a high school student, and he has a lot to go before he becomes who he truly is. And Who she really is sucks, He yearns for his ex-girlfriend on their wedding night, he cheats on his wife Lindsay (aerial cable) with Rory, and then he proceeds to guilt-trip and yell at Lindsay when she accidentally finds out about his indiscretion. The list of reasons why Dean isn’t a good choice for a partner continues to grow, and that’s why he’s last on our list.

7. Jess Mariano

played by Milo Ventimiglia

People who are not Team Dean are usually Team Jess. Jess(milo ventimiglia) appeals to those who are fond of the thoughtful bad boy that is darker and more complex than most. But, those who are strictly Team Jess have managed to ignore some very damning evidence. Jess was very difficult at the beginning of their relationship. He later tries to pressure her into having sex upstairs at a party, then promptly disappears from Rory’s life without saying anything. It’s enough to cause some long-lasting trauma, and Rory takes it like a champ. Sure, Jess returns several times to try to win Rory back, But, no matter what, Jess’s excuse for acting cruelly and recklessly always seems to be that he is going through something that gives him the right to hurt other people through his selfishness. We are not looking for this kind of liability for our girl Rory.

6. Christopher Hayden

Played by David Sutcliffe

Lauren Graham as Lorelai and David Sutcliffe as Christopher walking arm in arm and looking into each other's eyes in Gilmore Girls season 7.

Image via The CW

Almost everyone (except Luke) was supporting Christopher (david sutcliffe) at some point. All the Gilmores, all Stars Hollow, and almost all the viewers thought Lorelai and Christopher could make it work. Christopher is Rory’s father, and he has a laid-back nature about him that adds to his appeal. Plus, it’s pretty clear that he’s always held a torch for Lorelai. Yet, while Lorelai and Chris’ undeniable chemistry has endured for 20+ years and through countless major life events, something else has as well: Chris is unable to do his job properly until it’s too late, And, we really should acknowledge that Chris is largely to blame for Lorelai and Rory’s very poor dating track record.


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5. Logan Huntzberger

Played by Matt Czuchry

Alexis Bledel as Rory smiling at Matt Czuchry as Logan in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Image via Netflix

Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry) He may not be the greatest guy in the world, but out of all the men she’s dated, he’s the best partner for Rory. These two complement each other and (usually) bring out the desirable aspects of each other. Logan is the classic playboy, and Rory seduces him into monogamy: a story as old as time. This change of heart further increases Logan’s desirability. The enthusiasm with which he fights for Rory even when the going gets tough is impressiveAnd the fact that he proposed to her on the night of her graduation seems to be further proof that he has turned into the perfect commitment-loving partner. But, when the reboot begins, he’s openly cheating on his new fiancée with Rory, which proves he never really changed – and neither does she. Logan has since been revealed to be the father of Rory’s child, which she announces at the end Gilmore Girls: a year of lifeAdding another layer of complexity to this sordid romance.

4. Luke Danes

played by scott patterson

Although this may be a tough pill to swallow for many Gilmore Girls To swallow the fan, Luke (Scott Patterson) is very lucky indeed to be so high on the list. Luke is in love with Lorelai; It is certain. But, When the time comes for Luke to actually give Lorelai what she needs, he keeps falling short, Luke is a nice guy, and he’s reliable, but what’s the use of reliability when you’re still keeping major parts of your life hidden from your partner? Not much.

3. Jason Stiles

Played by Christopher Eigman

Christopher Eigman as Jason Stiles eating dinner at the Gilmore house in Gilmore Girls

Image via The CW

Jason’s (christopher eigman) (Or should we call him “Digger?”) The placement as No. 3 among heavy hitters will certainly cause controversy. But, the list is backed by science. Unlike some of the others (cough cough…Jess…), Jason acknowledges his problems and works on them in order to be with Lorelai. Also, the chemistry of both is amazing. While Lorelai is right when she ends things because Jason is suing her father, Jason is also right. He’s doing what needs to be done, and that doesn’t stop him from fighting for Lorelai even long after she leaves him. admit it: If Lorelai hadn’t already moved on, Jason’s appearance at the inn’s opening night would have been romantic and game-changing., Digger deserved a second chance.

2. Richard Gilmore

played by edward herrmann

Emily and Richard Gilmore (Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann) dancing at their vow renewal in Gilmore Girls

Image via The CW

Richard (edward herman) is the only true Gilmore boy (that is, until Rory has a baby, maybe.) And, he makes the Gilmore name proud. Richard is a wonderful father and a stable, committed husband to Emily. Sure, he has a huge indiscretion that causes serious rifts in their relationship, and he’s not always the easiest person to get along with. But, Richard sees Emily for who she really is, and he remains truly in love with her for the rest of his life., They even have a vow renewal after their time apart, which he treats like a real second marriage and makes an incredibly thoughtful and romantic toast. These two are so alike and Richard is a real keeper.

1. Max Medina

played by scott cohen

Lauren Graham and Scott Cohen as Lorelai Gilmore and Max Medina, talking seriously in Gilmore Girls

Image via The CW

none of these Gilmore Girls The man is truly perfect. But, Max Medina (Scott Cohen) comes pretty close. Max is a true romantic, and he fights hard for Lorelai She will never have to wonder what his true feelings are or whether he will be there for her. Lorelai really screwed Max over in the end, and even though she has her reasons, she definitely deserves better. All Lorelai has to do is dream of 1,000 yellow daisies, and he makes sure she gets them. What more could a (Gilmore or otherwise) girl ask for?

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