‘Planetarium’ Episode 5 Recap – Apple TV+’s Sci-Fi Mystery Adds a New Layer

Editor’s Note: The below contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Planetarium.

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  • Quantum entanglement adds complexity to the puzzle of Apple TV+
  • Joe, Henry, and Bud face a larger conspiracy beyond the main characters.
  • A barrier between the universes becomes stronger when Joe realizes he is in the wrong reality.

Irena Lysenko (barbara sukova) to a very unimpressed Henry Caldera on the phone (jonathan banks, She is reading an article about the nominees for the Nobel Prize. She adds, “What happens to one particle of the entangled pair determines what happens to the other, even if they are very far apart.” It’s a long line and not necessarily a simple one. However, in this scene alone, Irena adds a whole new layer of complexity to the puzzle that is Apple TV+ constellation, Although she’s not talking about Caldera’s precious CAL, it’s clear that the experiments she’s reading about are very connected to Henry’s research. And, in the show’s fifth episode, “Five Miles Out, the Sound Is Clearest,” we’ll learn that it’s even more deeply connected to what’s going on in our characters’ lives.

Henry Caldera and his parallel universe Double Bud, at least as far as we know, are one of a kind, He is the only person to come into contact with an alternate version of himself and live to tell the tale. It seems that Irena has lost her counterpart, the Soviet cosmonaut Alice (Rosie And Davina Coleman) calls Valya into space, while Joe Ericsson (noomi rapace) has apparently died in another reality in which Paul Lancaster (William Catlett) has survived the accident at the ISS.

Being a living double comes with some problems., Bud, depressed and in poor health, can wreak havoc in Henry’s life, forcing him to wet his pants in front of coworkers or knock over his mirror when left alone at home. The medication Henry takes appears to be able to enforce the separation between these two versions of himself, but what happens when he stops taking the pills, as he appears to have done? Most importantly, what will happen to Joe now that he has lost the lithium-containing “vitamins” he was given in Star City? Will she be able to contact her dead self? Or will the world she came from become more visible to her?

‘Nakshtra’ Episode 5 forces us to ask more questions

In last week’s “The Left Hand of God”, constellation Answered many of our questions about what was going on in the series’ story so far. This aligns the timeline, making it clear that Joe ran away from home with Alice right after he pushed Magnus (James D’Arcy) against a piece of furniture. It connects the dots between the vitamins Joe and Henry take, their trips to space, and other versions of them that exist off-screen. With this new information that one reality can influence the events of another, constellation Keeps things interesting, forces us to ask more questions as we get answers,

It’s a journey that’s very similar to what we experience in this episode. After calling an ambulance for Magnus (who is still alive), she takes her daughter and the CAL cylinder and jumps into a strange kind of Eurotrip that will see her cross the border from Germany to Denmark before heading to Sweden . Where his family’s cabin is waiting. Magnus and Frederick (Julian Luman) are desperate to find him, convinced that he should be committed to a mental facility, and that Alice does not necessarily feel safe with her mother. In secrecy, she contacts her father to let him know where they are going, but some revelations along the way will eventually convince the young girl that There’s more to the stories his mother tells him than simple paranoia,

The first of these revelations comes as Joe’s identity after seeing a portrait of the creature that appears in his daughter’s nightmares and forces her to hide in the closet. It is a creature that Alice calls Valya. Alice tells Joe that Valya, alive and dead, circles the Earth at the same time and mutters strange words. And she looks exactly like the dead Soviet cosmonaut that Joe saw While inspecting the space station after the accident. His senior officers say that this skeleton is nothing more than a garbage bag. Hearing the words of a dead female astronaut in a 1967 recording, Alice also immediately recognizes that the voice is Valya’s.

It’s a strange turn of events, but could prove interesting. Why is Alice able to hear and see Valya? In fact, why is he able to see other realities, such as when he watched his mother’s funeral in Episode 4? Is she, like Bud and Henry, trapped in a version of herself that exists in another universe? Or is our entire world part of a larger entanglement, in which each of us is tied to alternate versions of ourselves? These are questions that may seem innocuous at first glance, but they are essential constellationWorld building, as well as the story the show is trying to tell. After an episode that answered our previous questions, prompting us to ask them now, proof of this There’s still a lot going on in the show And until it delivers a satisfying conclusion, it probably won’t lose it by creating mystery upon mystery.

‘Constellations’ Episode 5 Expands Its Plot Beyond Joe, Henry, and Bud

Similarly, by bringing Alice into its web, the show also expands its core mystery beyond the three main characters that have been affected by it thus far, A huge conspiracy plot for us to invest ourselves in. It does this without losing its focal point because Joe, Henry and Bud are still at the center of what is happening. He is still the main character. However, “Five Miles Out, The Sound Is Clearest” shows us that they are facing something much bigger than themselves. This happens not only through Alice, but also by bringing Ilya (henry david), one of Joe’s fellow ISS researchers, joins the game. After a brief conversation with Joe, Ilya decides to look into other astronauts who were given lithium instead of vitamins in the past, but later learns that said records are no longer available. What has happened to them?

“Five Miles Out, the Sound Is Clearest” also brings entirely new actors into the story: brother and sister duo Lorenz (Kurt Dreyer) and Wally Bang (Birthe Newman), owner of the Skagerrak Marine Observatory who recorded tapes of Joe asking for help from inside the escape pod. Just a pleasure to look at, Lorenz and Wally have a closet full of similar recordings of other astronauts on dangerous missions. These recordings are what he has dubbed “ghost tapes”.

Wally tries to show Joe some of these recordings, but there is nothing in them beyond static. One has to train one’s mind to understand what’s on the tape, Walley says, but who doesn’t necessarily agree with it. She eventually loses it when Wally tapes something that is supposed to sound like a living Paul calling for help from inside his escape pod.


Apple TV+ becomes home to smart sci-fi shows

Want some cerebral science fiction? Check out AppleTV+.

director oliver hirschbiegel, The scene in which Wally tries to convince Joe that there is something meaningful in his ghost tape is nothing short of amazing., We are left to live in our own paranoia, looking for voices where there are none, because that forces our ears to hear something that is not there. The only voice of reason is Alice, who dismisses the Skagerrak recordings as nothing more than noise. However, constellation This is not a story about a woman seeing things that aren’t there, but a story about a conspiracy that has been swept under the rug, so the show immediately reassures us that there is actually something worth listening to in the ghost tapes. Is. While on the road, in a liminal space, as Wally calls it, Joe and Alice listen to the Soviet cosmonaut’s recording once again. What does he hear? Valya’s voice.

‘Constellations’ Episode 5 further strengthens the barrier between universes

Jonathan Banks as Henry Caldera in Apple TV+'s Constellations looks into the mirror wearing glasses, a tie, and a name-tag with a serious expression.
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Joe has taken with him several tapes from the marine observatory on the road, including a mysterious recording of Henry Caldera during his Apollo 18 mission. However, upon arriving at her cabin in Sweden, she listens to the first tape that recorded the moment in which something collided with the ISS. In it, she is talking to Alice, who calls her “Mama” in Swedish, when the collision occurs and Paul’s voice screams her name. Startled, Alice comes into the room and immediately announces that the voice is not hers. As briefly mentioned in episode 4, she does not speak Swedish., nor does she call her mother “mom”. For anyone who still had doubts about what was going on with Joe, this scene makes everything clear. She is not actually with her real daughter, nor with her real husband. He’s not even in the right universe. In another reality, Paul has survived, and who knows if this is even the right Paul?

But, as the episode ends, it cuts to a scene in which another Alice follows her mother through the snowy forests and calls her “Mama”. Who is she talking to? Didn’t we see Alice hiding in the cabin with Magnus in the other reality? Isn’t the alternate version of Joe dead? again, constellation We’ve been put in a pickle. However, there is nothing to worry about Next week’s “Paul Is Dead” promises to bring us some more answersPlus a whole new set of questions to keep us relaxed.

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Hot on the heels of an episode full of answers, Planetarium presents an hour full of interesting new questions.


  • A whole new set of mysteries regarding the connection between the two universes proves that the show still has a lot to offer.
  • Director Oliver Hirschbiegel brilliantly captures the sense of paranoia in Joe’s life.
  • Kurt Dreyer and Birthe Newman’s Lorenz and Wally are a joy to watch.
  • Episode 5 skillfully adds new characters to the show’s overarching plot.

episode 5 constellation Now available to stream on Apple TV+ in the US

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