‘Naruto’ hid this ‘Dragon Ball’ reference in plain sight

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  • Naruto pay tribute to Dragon Ball A character inspired by Son Goku, including the Four-Tails, with design and naming conventions directly referencing Goku.
  • The Four-Tails, or Son Goku, takes inspiration from Goku’s monkey form and the four-star Dragon Ball, symbolizing Goku’s connection to his past and his training.

  • Both Naruto And Dragon Ball Find their roots in ancient Chinese story, journey to the WestNaruto references Sun Wukong through the name of the Four-Tails and another character, Monkey King: Enma.

Naruto And Dragon Ball Two of the most influential and iconic anime series ever released, achieving international recognition and widespread popularity cemented their status as household names in pop culture, when it’s late akira toriyama wrote first Dragon Ball, And this is the even more popular follow-up, Dragon Ball ZHe took the medium of anime to new heights by setting the precedent and blueprint for the generations of shonen that followed. masashi kishimoto‘S Naruto was one of the most notable successors of dbz, Also became one of the “Big Three” manga a piece And bleach Due to their unmatched commercial success Shonen Jump In the 2000s.

lasting legacy of Dragon Ball can be seen in Naruto, which built on the foundation set by the first anime to continue innovation in the adventure genre. Although no official crossover ever took place between the two series, Kishimoto pays tribute to his predecessor contains a surprisingly broad reference to Dragon Ball In NarutoWriting a character that was directly inspired by Toriyama’s most famous creation. it Dragon Ball The allusion was clearly hidden without drawing unnecessary attention to it, but it was still a touching and innovative way for Kishimoto to appreciate the shonen series that put anime on television for Western audiences. Kishimoto created a character whose design – from visual aesthetics to naming conventions – was directly inspired by Toriyama and one of the most recognizable heroes in all of fiction, Son Goku.

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Uzumaki is a loud, hyperactive, teenage ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition as well as becoming Hokage, accepted as the leader and strongest of all the ninja in the village.

release date

28 October 2009


Alexandre Crépet, Junko Takeuchi, Mel Flanagan, Kate Higgins, Chie Nakamura, Dave Wittenberg



Son Goku is the inspiration behind ‘Naruto’s four-tailed beast’

Kishimoto referenced Dragon Ball With the creation of the Four-Tails, one of the most powerful beings in the entire world Naruto. Four-Tails is one of the Giant Tailed Beasts, a kaiju-sized creature with immense strength and destructive abilities made entirely of chakra, the main power source in the series. While a cursory glance at the large red-haired and horned gorilla-like animal with four tails does not immediately draw parallels with the cheerfully energetic son Goku. Dragon Ball, there are actually many layers to this cross-anime connection. Although their names have been lost to people for generations, each tailed beast has its own unique name which is later revealed to Naruto. Naruto Shippuden, Four-Tails’ real name is Son Goku, which was directly inspired by Son Goku Dragon BallHowever, they can be identified separately due to differences in pronunciation.

In terms of design inspiration, Son Goku takes two important traits from Goku’s upbringing and family. Kishimoto decided to make Son Goku an ape based on the great ape form of the Saiyans Dragon Ball They may change when they see the full moon. It is also particularly significant that Son Goku also has four tails, which are The four-star Dragon Ball sign that Goku’s grandfather Gohan once had, This Dragon Ball was Goku’s prized possession when he was a child, as he believed it contained his grandfather’s spirit, and would later pass it down to his son, Gohan, named after the ball’s original owner. I went. In Naruto, tailed beasts can be sealed within a ninja called a jinchūriki. The jinchūriki within Son Goku were named Roshi, which refers to the Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi. Dragon Ball Who trained Goku and Krillin. Master Roshi is one of Goku’s most important teachers, teaching him fundamental training skills and even his signature technique, the Kamehameha.


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Both ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Naruto’ are heavily inspired by ‘Journey to the West’

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While Son takes direct inspiration from Goku Dragon Balls goku, Both characters find their true origins in the classic Chinese story, journey to the West, The story follows a mythical monkey king named Sun Wukong, who possesses unparalleled strength, knowledge of mystical techniques, and a confident and often mischievous personality. The connection to Goku is already obvious from those traits alone, but is further confirmed by the existence of the Great Ape Form, which was a major mystery with Goku’s character in the original series. Toriyama took heavy inspiration journey to the West while writing Dragon BallBecause many of the characters like Bulma, Yamcha, and Oolong are based on characters from the story.

In NarutoThe Four-Tails’ full name, as it refers to itself, is Seiten Taisei Son Goku, which translates to “Great Sage Equaling Heaven”, a title originating from Sun Wukong. Naruto There is also another reference to this journey to the West With the Monkey King: Enma, who was a ninja monkey summoned by Hiruzen Sarutobi. Third Hokage Hiruzen summons Enma to combat the First and Second Hokage amid the siege on Konoha during the Chūnin Exams.

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