Luke Perry challenges the patriarchy on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ set

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  • Luke Perry stood up against unprofessional behavior
    vampire slayer
    Ensuring a positive environment for everyone involved.
  • Perry understood his privilege as a male actor and actively worked to change unacceptable behavior on set.
  • Despite her fame, Perry accepted playing the role of a “damsel in distress”.
    vampire slayer
    Showcasing his versatility as an actor.

In view of that news Someone, somewhere, had the courage to yell at Rebecca Ferguson ,doctor sleep, dune), workplace behavior on a Hollywood set once again Has been called for questioning. But, in the early 90s, there was one actor who was not ready for this – beverly hills, 90210 star, luke perry, during a conversation with Vanity Fair About his cult-classic film that launched a franchise of TV shows, graphic novels, podcasteven more, vampire slayer Director, Fran Rubel Kuzui, said the young star saved the entire kit and caboodle. “If it weren’t for Luke Perry, vampire slayer This should never have happened,” Kuzui, who rarely speaks about her 1992 film, said candidly.

Taking a walk down memory lane, Kuzui recalls the time of filming his sophomore year special Just a few years after his directorial debut, tokyo pop, hit screen. As Kuzui says, what should have been an exciting moment for an emerging female director in Hollywood turned out to be one of great turmoil. After a few weeks of production, Kuzui says he was treated so “unprofessionally and unkindly” by the crew that he walked off the set. As she recalls, only about 15 minutes later Perry, who had been cast in one of the lead roles, came to console her. “Everyone feels very bad,” Perry told an upset Kuzui, who responded, “Well, they should do that.” Hoping to lift morale and deflect blame from everyone involved, Perry said, “I know. And I want to apologize for that.

luke perry had a hold on his privilege

At this point in her career, Kuzui could see the writing on the wall and understand why this kind of behavior was considered acceptable, but she was interested to know if Perry also saw things the way they were. Were. Kuzui examined him and said, “Would this happen if I were a man?” Instant reaction, “No,” Perry then sat quietly with the director and then broke the silence by asking, “Will you come back to the set with me?” Explaining the ground rules, Kuzui said that “of course,” she would accompany young star Back on set but added, “Until everyone understands that this is no longer acceptable.” That was the moment when the director said Perry had done something completely unexpected, he picked her up in his arms and started carrying her back to the set. Laughing, Kuzui said, “He was not a big man, but I am also very small.” Although to some this may be seen as a completely inappropriate gesture, Kuzui reflects with joy on her close moment with Perry, recognizing that as a rising star with power, she set But whatever was happening could change the entire atmosphere of it.

Luke Perry knew he was playing a “damsel in distress”

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Perry’s character, Oliver Pike, was the subject of his interest. christy swansonThe titular fighter of the dead. As the audience will get a chance to move through the characters in the series James Marstersspike and David BoreanazAt Angel’s, Pike outwits Buffy (Swanson)’s heroism. Although this may have been a dealbreaker for some men – especially those who were as famous as Perry at the time – Kuzui said that Riverdale The actor thoroughly enjoyed his time as the hapless side-kick, often referring to Pike as a “damsel in distress”.

Because We tragically lost Perry in 2019 We’ll never get to hear his response to Kuzui’s extremely kind sentiments about the time he spent with the actor on set when he was only 52 years old. vampire slayer, You can see his quirky take for yourself as the title is now streaming on Max.

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