Komaki Cat 2.0 NXT: 140 km run on a full charge, plus Rs 5000 discount

Moped is the most popular two wheeler for carrying goods. The wheels are also less prone to slipping on wet roads as they are larger than scooters. Moreover, the maintenance cost is also reduced. Therefore, the demand for this segment is increasing recently. Kinetic has recently launched an electric moped called the E Luna. This time, another electric two-wheeler manufacturer in the country, Komaki, has launched the new electric moped Cat 2.0 NXT, priced at just Rs 99,500 (ex-showroom). The company has introduced it primarily for last mile delivery operators.

Komaki Cat 2.0 NXT Launch

To attract customers to the moped, Komaki is offering a cashback of Rs 5000 from the very beginning, which will be valid till April 30, 2024. For power, the Cat 2.0 NXT has a 42 amp LiPO4 battery. The company claims that it will easily give a range of 110 to 140 kilometers on a full charge.

Komaki Cat 2.0 NXT – Load Capacity and Charging Time

The Komaki Cat 2.0 NXT is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 79 kilometers per hour. This EV is based on an iron frame. Its maximum load carrying capacity is 350 kg. It also comes with a portable charger and battery. The company has said that the battery will be fully charged in just four to five hours.

Komaki Cat 2.0 NXT – Features

Komaki Cat 2.0 NXT moped comes with many features. Talking about the features of this moped, it has front LED lights, BLDC hub motor, parking assist, reverse assist, dual disc brake system and six hydraulic rear suspension. Other features include foldable backrest, extra storage space, safety guard, digital instrument cluster, wireless update, USB port and extra footrest.

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