Kelli Giddish is coming back to ‘Law & Order: SVU’ this season

Giddish was a regular part of the series for twelve seasons before leaving last season.

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  • kelli giddish will return Law & Order: SVU Following his controversial departure last season.

  • Amanda Rollins, her character, has been a favorite addition to the show’s cast.

  • Giddish’s return has fans excited, with no air date set yet for the upcoming episode.

kelly giddish may have gone controversially Law & Order: Special Victims Unit last season, but it’s clear he’s welcome to do so at any time in the long-running process. After guest starring in the NBC cop-show flagship’s 25th season premiere in January, Giddish will return as Detective Amanda Rollins later this season. deadline report Giddish is set to star in the season’s eleventh episode, the air date of which has not yet been determined.

Giddish (and her character, Rollins) left the show last year in its 24th season. This move was unpopular with both the show’s fans and the star and executive producer. mariska hargitay, A report by Variety attributed her departure to NBC executives’ “desire to keep the show as updated and current as possible” and failed salary negotiations, but others attributed misogyny to the removal of one of the show’s most popular female characters. saw. , collider’s gregory massogland Disappointed with Giddish’s sudden departure, he wrote that “Getting rid of both Giddish and Rollins will be remembered as one of the series’ major blunders, and viewers are right to be disappointed by the decision.”

Who is Amanda Rollins?

debuting special victims unit In its thirteenth season (although Giddish played a different character in an episode of the series in the eighth season), Amanda Rollins plays one of the characters designed to revitalize the show following the departure of long-running male lead Elliot Stabler. Was part of the new group. ,Christopher Meloni, Initially intimidated by her experienced coworker Olivia Benson (Hargitay), Rollins soon becomes a valuable member of the team and a beloved member of the cast of the popular series. Rollins faced many personal struggles during his twelve seasons on the show, including his abusive father, his sister’s struggle with cocaine use and bipolar disorder, and his own frequent relapses into gambling. A single mother of two, Rollins eventually married her colleague, Assistant District Attorney Dominic Carisi (peter scanavino) and retired from the police force to teach at Fordham University. She last appeared on the series in this year’s 25th season premiere, where her former SVU colleagues attended the christening of her and Carisi’s baby.

Georgia native Giddish made her screen debut in the direct-to-video horror film witches of the caribbeanand became regular all my Children From 2005 to 2007. After starring in the short-lived series previous birth And Followshe became regular special victims unit In 2011, she remained there until her departure last year.

Kelli Giddish will return Law & Order: Special Victims Unit In the upcoming episodes of this season; No air date has been set yet, Stay tuned to Collider for future updates.

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