Julia Garner as the Silver Surfer is just what the MCU needs

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  • Julia Garner is not playing a female Silver Surfer, but Shalla-Bal, a character who already existed in the comics.

  • Garner’s undeniable acting talent, proven by multiple Primetime Emmy Awards, makes her the perfect choice for the role.

  • The fresh take on the Silver Surfer is welcome, as the previous male version was already well fleshed out Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The incredible cast of the highly anticipated reboot Fantastic Four It continues to expand with a stellar cast. Now, the movie has got its own Silver Surfer ozark star julia garner, who is an inspired choice for this role. The concept of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Silver Surfer being female is a great decision.

As social media platforms become more and more visible, so too is the number of dissidents, who shout foul whenever a ruling does not suit their personal tastes. Whereas The best thing would be to wait until the finished product arrives, This is the Internet, and speculation, debate, and criticism (no matter how fair or wrong) is natural. Still, in the specific case of Julia Garner as the MCU’s Silver Surfer (or at least the first one), the idea of ​​the character being a woman isn’t as big a deal as some might think.

Fantastic Four (2025)

One of Marvel’s most iconic families, the Fantastic Four, is back on the big screen.

release date

25 July 2025


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Norrin Radd isn’t Marvel’s only Silver Surfer

Of course, it’s fair to jump to the conclusion that the character Julia Garner is playing is Norrin Radd, given that she’s usually the one who becomes The Silver Surfer. However, this is actually not the case. Instead, Julia Garner plays Shalla-Bal, Another pre-existing character from the comics who has a long-term relationship with the male Silver Surfer,

In the mainline comics universe of Earth-616, Shalla-Bal was the romantic partner of Norrin Radd long before she became Galactus’s herald. Like Norrin, Shalla-Bal is a Xen-Lavian from the planet Xen-La, meaning he is naturally capable of living for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Shalla-Bal and Norrin Raad eventually fell out, which began just before a planet eater named Galactus consumed Xen-La. To save his planet and Shalla-Bal, Norrin offered his services to the celestial being, thus transforming into the Silver Surfer.


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Shalla-Bal never became the Silver Surfer in the main Earth-616 continuity. However, she was part of the twin Surfers in Earth-9997, otherwise known as Earth X – An amazing universe that has fallen into a dystopian society. Here, after Norrin Raid kills Galactus, the more morally questionable Surfer decides that Galactus was actually necessary to maintain order in the entire galaxy. After finding Galactus’ replacement in Franklin Richards, Norrin is reunited with Shalla-Bal, and they both become heralds for Galactus.,

In short, Shalla-Bal is not a female Silver Surfer, in the same way that She-Hulk is not a female “The Hulk”. Yes, his silver surfing days took place in an alternate timeline, but let’s remember that this is also where Miles Morales got his start in Marvel’s vast universe. It’s a refreshing new take on an established character, and that’s what Marvel needs right now.

Julia Garner’s acting talent is undeniable

Having already won not one, not two, but three Primetime Emmy Awards, It’s safe to say that Julia Garner is more than qualified for the role in the MCU. Garner is best known for her acclaimed work in the television industry and of course as Ruth Langmore in Netflix’s hit crime series. ozark, Her portrayal of the character earned her all three wins for Best Supporting Actress. She has also been a part of other hit shows wako, AmericanAnd Anna’s invention,

Whereas Fantastic Four While this will be Garner’s first proper blockbuster, she’s no stranger to feature films. His film credits include roles in Sin City: A Dame to Kill Forbusiness drama Assistantand hitchhiking thriller Royal Hotel, Garner is also set to star in Blumhouse’s upcoming reimagining the Wolfman, Qualifications are a big factor in the casting process, but other things should also be considered. When it comes to previously adapted characters, originality and an artist’s talent go hand in hand, and the casting of Julia Garner fits the bill nicely.

We’ve already got a perfect Norrin Radd in ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’.

The Silver Surfer (Doug Jones) in front of the Arctic Slope Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Image via 20th Century Fox

A new take on the Silver Surfer is a welcome change as we’ve already got a pretty ideal male Silver Surfer. What would you like to say about 2005? Fantastic Fourand its 2007 sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but the casting choices for both films were great. One of those examples is the second film’s version of Norrin Radd, who is often played physically. Guillermo del Toro Associate doug jones and is voiced by future MCU star Laurence Fishburne,

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Norin enhances the look of Rad And his characterization is also one of the best elements of the film. The explanation explained the contradictory nature with which Norrin the Raid is constantly living as he is forced to destroy thousands of planets so that he can protect his own. In the moments when this surfer communicates with Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), he also makes some references to his earlier life, such as when he tells Sue that she reminds him of his girlfriend on Earth (presumably alluding to Shalla-Bal).

It’s almost ridiculous how much the movie gets right about The Silver Surfer, while the same movie gets Galactus so incredibly wrong. Instead of being a celestial-sized planet-eater, he is merely a cloud with no personality or character. Now that the introduction of the MCU’s all-new Fantastic Four will feature a brand new Silver Surfer, Almost guaranteed we’ll see a brand new Galactus, The name of the game here is new, and We can’t think of a better choice than Julia Garner to lead an ambitious and bold direction.

Fantastic Four Will premiere in theaters on Friday, July 25, 2025.

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