Is Mavia getting silver from Zaranze’s role?

The wave of blasphemy continues even during the Lok Sabha elections. Manoj Jarange, who raised his voice on the issue of Maratha reservation, has decided to play a political role. He announced before the Lok Sabha that he would announce a Maratha candidate in every election. Jarang’s announcement could prove to be an important turning point in politics. The Maratha community has a strong vote bank in every constituency. Jarange Patal captured that vote bank. But a few days after this announcement, Jarang Patal made a new announcement. In the meeting held on March 30, Manoj Jarange Patil announced that the Maratha community will not field independent candidates in the Lok Sabha elections and I will not support anyone, I will not campaign for anyone. Who did Jarange give relief to by making the announcement? This question is being asked now.

appeal to marathas

Jarange made the announcement as soon as the Lok Sabha elections began, calling for fielding independent Maratha candidates in every constituency. It was announced that hundreds of Maratha candidates would be fielded in constituencies like Dharashiv. Only 40 candidates sat on the voting machine. Since there were more candidates than this, the District Collector of Dharashiv had demanded to conduct elections through ballot paper. But now Jarange Patals have retreated.

Is time gone?

The process of Lok Sabha elections has now progressed. The date for filing nomination papers in Vidarbha has also passed. At least the possibility of giving a new candidate in Vidarbha has ended. Therefore, if a candidate is not given in a certain part of Maharashtra i.e. Vidarbha and a candidate is given in Marathwada, it is likely to send a different message against the Maratha community. Jarange Patal may have announced not to field a candidate.

Will there be a breakdown in society?

Candidates can be announced by Jarenj Patels in the second phase. Jarange Patal has appealed to stand in the elections. They have not received the expected response. Such a picture is being created that the Maratha community is completely behind Jarange Patals. The reality is something else. So it turns out that Zaranj did not get the expected response. Also, both Mavia and Mahayuti have fielded Maratha candidates in many Lok Sabha constituencies. Therefore supporting a particular candidate may upset another candidate. As a result, there may be division in Maratha society. To avoid this danger, Jarange Patal might have announced not to field a candidate.

new equation

Jarangeni presented his side while talking to the media. He said that out of 48 seats, Marathas have dominance on 17 to 18 seats. While talking to the media, Jarange Patil said that anyone’s program can be organized there. This statement shows the strength of Jarang Patels. Jarange, on the other hand, said that if Marathas decide to vote together in these constituencies, no one else will be able to get elected. Brothers from other communities i.e. Muslims, Dalits will also come with you. He said so. In short, Jarange is trying to create a vote bank of Muslim+Dalit+Maratha Patals. This is an attempt to create an alternative force of other classes except Obis.

Will Mavia benefit?

Jarang took the stand of not fielding a candidate. Then he made some political statements. If we decide to find out its meaning, then at first sight these statements appear to be against BJP. Meanwhile, the Jarangs had targeted Fadnavis because of his Brahmin caste. There was a huge reaction to these statements of Jarang. Jarange is still talking about killing those opposing Maratha reservation. Are they indirectly doing anti-BJP politics? Such apprehensions are being raised. The direct benefit of anti-BJP politics will be to Sharad Pawar faction of NCP and Shiv Sena of Congress. For this reason it is being said that Mavia will benefit from Jarange.

Will Mavia get silver post with the role of Jaranj? First appeared on Maharashtra Today.

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