Impossible III’s marketing causes bomb scare

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  • Mission Impossible IIITheir publicity stunt backfires when the music boxes are mistaken for bombs, forcing the bomb squad to be called in.
  • A federal lawsuit was filed against Paramount due to hospital evacuation costs resulting from damages caused by the PR stunt.

  • While Tom Cruise’s stunt work in the franchise has been epic, injuries during filming are common, yet he still works for the movies.

This message will self-destruct on 10, 9… or something, the people of Los Angeles thought when they saw a mysterious little red box with wires coming out of it on a magazine stand, but as it turned out, it move for the release of everything that was Mission Impossible III, After a six-year hiatus for the franchise, the producers wanted to generate some publicity. Impossible Goal The films are always over-the-top, action-packed spy thrillers that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. paired with Paranormal promotional marketing in the early 2000s, this idea of ​​a hidden music box that plays the Mii theme song on the newsstand is very on-brand for the spy franchise; It took an unexpected turn. It’s too bad Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) wasn’t there to save the day.

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IMF agent Ethan Hunt comes into conflict with a dangerous and sadistic arms dealer who in retaliation threatens to kill him and his fiancée.

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Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible Fallout peeking around a brick wall

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These are allegedly hidden digital The music boxes were placed in approximately 4,500 randomly selected newsstands. Around Los Angeles. But the results of musical instruments were not as Paramount expected, and they really had to rethink about the future. Impossible Goal Promotions that can cause such fear. Let’s say you were walking down the street to get a snack or a newspaper and you saw one of these red boxes with wires sticking out; What would you do? Handle it like Ethan? Or call the bomb squad?

What should have happened here happened. In the beginning, when the magazine stand doors were opened Impossible Goal The theme song was to be played, allowing ordinary people to take on an extraordinary mission while they picked up a local newspaper. Instead, some music boxes, which were supposed to be hidden within the newsstand, fell on the papers, revealing small red boxes with raised wires designed to play music, causing citizens to panic into thinking a bomb was about to explode. Going to do. It sounds like a conspiracy Impossible Goal Spoof.

Getting off to an explosive start, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arson squad had an extraordinary mission of their own when they were called in to investigate this bomb threat. Arson squad responded blow up a newsstand Just to make sure it wasn’t dangerous. But this was not the only report of suspicious activity in local newspapers. Throughout the day, authorities received numerous calls reporting possible bomb threats. Another call came to the bomb squad in West Los Angeles from federal police at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Unfortunately, the hospital evacuated about 300 people amid an hour and a half of panic. By then, executives were aware of the situation and were able to convince them that it was a publicity stunt on Paramount’s part. Impossible Goal,

he didn’t stop Assistant US Attorney Sent a letter to Paramount and The Los Angeles Times threatening to file a federal lawsuit due to the losses incurred by the hospital. Total damage reached approximately $92,855.77. The lawsuit was filed approximately eight months after the incident but was ultimately dismissed.

The Mission: Impossible franchise doesn’t need a PR stunt if it gets Tom Cruise

Due to all the blowback Music Box received, Paramount had to rethink its strategy for future promotions. They did not want a repeat of the bomb squad, although it certainly provided a publicity boost. Luckily, with Tom Cruise as the star of the franchise, he became the biggest selling point for the films due to his insane stunts, all of which were performed by himself. There’s no shortage of extraordinary stunts, even if he only has 6 seconds to open his parachute. dead reckoning Or holding your breath for what seems like an eternity during an underwater robbery evil nation, this stunt in evil nation The high stakes and tension caused it to be one of the wildest, and it was reminiscent of the first Langley robbery. Impossible Goal, Let’s face it: His stunts are epic in their own right, and they only get crazier as another movie gets produced.

With great stunts come accidents and Tom Cruise is no stranger to injuries. At this point, it would be a miracle if Cruise didn’t get injured during production, but honestly it’s worth it for the great movies. He is most recognized Hurt is bound to happen Controversy, This happened while he was jumping from one building to another. Cruz hit his ankle in the wrong place, breaking his ankle, but in classic Cruz fashion and never reshooting, he limped off during the rest of the take. Production was halted for 11 weeks during Cruise’s recovery and intensive rehabilitation sessions, but Cruise was determined to get the film on schedule. Controversy It’s packed and full of some of Cruise’s best stunts, such as the helicopter scene in which he has to climb a rope, lose air in each of the five takes, and fall several feet, saving himself Catches it. Then he must climb the rope, rescue the pilot and pilot the helicopter through the mountains. Even earlier in the film, when Cruise does the helo jump, he jumps out of the plane on supplied air, in the dark of night, and then has to rescue an unconscious walker (Henry Cavill) in a tension-filled scene.

‘Not all the stunts in Mission: Impossible III went as planned

Maggie Q as Jane Lei in Mission: Impossible III

Image via Paramount Pictures

Cruise isn’t the only one whose stunts went wrong. on the set of Mission Impossible III, Maggie Q, The man who played Agent Jane Lei also had an accident on the set. It was by no means as serious as some of Cruise’s, but it left an impact, to say the least. It was the end of the day; That day the director was called, not the stunt crew. jj abrams Wanted to take this shot before sunset. So, Q gets into a Lamborghini and starts driving. She had no idea that her strappy heels would get in the way and that she would not be able to stop in time before colliding with several other cars leading to the scene. Fortunately, he was not injured in the process, and he had three other Lamborghinis as backup. Honestly, if you were trying to escape fast, and you knew you had to get out of there quickly, would strappy heels be your first choice?

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