How Zack Snyder’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’ Became the Best Horror Remake of the 2000s

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  • Horror remakes often fail due to a lack of originality, but Zack Snyder’s morning of the dead Due to its modern appearance it proves to be a rare exception.

  • Snyder’s adaptation amps up the absurdity with creative action sequences and James Gunn’s humor-filled screenplay, enhancing the audience’s experience.

  • While many remakes struggle with backstory and iconic imagery, Snyder succeeds in creating a refreshing narrative that does justice to George Romero’s classic.

Rebooting any classic film that has stood the test of time is an incredible task for would-be filmmakers, especially as horror remakes present a unique challenge. It may or may not be considered a “scary” change depending on the political and social climate of the era in which it is released, so merely repeating an archaic narrative may be counterproductive. Several horror remakes appeared in the early 21st century michael bayThe production company is producing remakes of classics like Platinum Dunes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hitcher, The Amityville Horror, And friday the 13th, Most films of this era were simply unrealistic and implausible, using the audience’s familiarity with the material for any real invention. Although it was initially considered an unholy endeavor with little chance of success, zack snyderis a remake of morning of the dead One of those rare remakes that was worthy of its original.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is spawning aggressive, flesh-eating zombies take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall.

release date

19 March 2004


zack snyder


101 minutes

How does 2004’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’ reinvent the story?

Ving Rhames, Sarah Polley, Jake Weber, Inna Korobkina and Mekhi Pfeiffer in Dawn of the Dead

Image via Universal

Given the legendary status of george romerooriginal films of, Snyder faced an uphill battle in convincing audiences that morning of the dead The remake was worthwhile. While Romero’s work dates back to 1968 night of the Living Dead He essentially created the modern zombie narrative, his work on the 1978 sequel morning of the dead Expressed the inner horror and existential dread that genre can create. In a year full of great horror films, Romero morning of the dead It is known for its highly satirical tone, practical makeup effects, and commentary on the delicate state of human relationships. Given the immense cultural impact of the original film, Snyder’s only option was to work in a radically different direction, morning of the dead A film that felt equipped for modern times.

Set during an apocalyptic event in Milwaukee, Snyder’s origins morning of the dead Follows Nurse Ana (sarah polly) as she prepares for her duties in the night shift. Although she is initially unaware of the scandalous news reports that warn citizens about a potentially dangerous epidemic, she is shocked when her young neighbor Vivian (Hannah Lochner) enters her home and violently kills her husband Luis (Louis Ferreira, The shocking opening makes Anna a character who is instantly relatable and the audience is ready to invest in her As the story continues. It’s clear that despite the shocking violence all around her, Anna spends most of the film in a state of grief, as she’s still coping with the shock of her world being torn apart. This quality is not present in the original film, and Polly’s authentic performance makes Snyder’s film even more emotional.

Romero’s films certainly featured memorable characters, even if his best villains were saved for the third film day of death, However, Snyder’s remake improves on Romero’s performance thanks to a strong ensemble of character actors, Once Anna escapes her neighborhood and finds temporary safety at a local mall, she is accompanied by police officer Sergeant Kenneth Hall (Wing Rams), existentialist salesman Michael Shaughnessy (jake weber), ambitious family man Andre (mekhi pfeiffer), arrogant businessman Steve Marcus (ty burrell), and aggressive mall security officer CJ (michael kelly, While the characters are portrayed fairly broadly and with little nuance, the memorable performances ensure that the audience is invested in seeing how they react to the increasing instability of the situation.

2004’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’ elevates the absurdity

dawn of the dead 2004 cast

Image via Universal Pictures

Snyder has attracted criticism throughout his career for regularly creating stylized characters that lack substance or misread the motivations of existing characters he adapted. (Looking at you, Batman.) That being said, Snyder certainly doesn’t lack for the ability to create compelling visuals, and of 2004 morning of the dead Takes a more action-oriented approach than Romero’s version, While the original film focused on the increasing tension of the characters gradually becoming victims of zombie attacks, the remake constantly overwhelms the audience with shocking events. While the inclusion of so much graphic content runs the risk of diminishing the value of a given jump scare, Snyder succeeds in adding enough creative elements that they don’t feel repetitive when the story reaches its third stage.

Snyder himself has deep flaws as a writer, but morning of the dead benefits from the excellent script of james gunn, as in his films Guardians of the Galaxy To the franchise, Gunn adds a good dose of sharp humor that exemplifies the weirdness of the characters. The humor isn’t distracting, as the characters use their cheesy one-liners to distract themselves from the incomprehensible horror of what they’re witnessing. While stylistically their later work would differ quite dramatically, Snyder’s grounded realism and Gunn’s satirical sensibilities proved to be a perfect match. morning of the dead,

‘Dawn of the Dead’ Succeeds Where Other Horror Remakes Fail

One of the biggest flaws that many horror remakes face is giving the audience too much backstory that is unnecessary in moving the story forward. Rob Zombie‘S Halloween The films made the mistake of filling out Michael Myers’ origin story, even though the ambiguity was in the original film’s favor. However, snyder’s morning of the dead Actually provides less context on the origins of the zombie invasion than Romero., While the 1978 film included some news footage detailing the beginning of the outbreak, Snyder’s film separates the audience’s knowledge from what the characters are aware of.

Horror remakes also struggle when they attempt to replicate the iconic imagery from their originals. as good as jackie earl haley remake of tha A Nightmare on Elm Street Can’t hope to match the horror of watching robert englundSlasher for the first time. Thank God, Snyder avoids the impulse to repeat any direct sequences from the original. morning of the dead, Although there are stylistic similarities to Snyder in the way he portrays consumerist culture morning of the dead Proves that the best horror remakes are the ones that aren’t afraid to establish their own mythology. It is his strongest work as a filmmaker and the rare modern zombie film that does Romero proud.

morning of the dead Now streaming on Netflix in the US.

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