How ‘The Cleaning Lady’ paid tribute to the late Adan Canto

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  • Aidan Canto’s character Amán Morales remains central
    cleaning lady
    Despite the actor’s demise, honoring his legacy and importance.
  • The show’s executive producers and co-showrunners carefully planned the season to keep Kanto’s character alive and allow other characters to process his absence.
  • The season premiere includes a glimpse of Aman through creative means, and the entire season is dedicated to the beloved actor, ensuring that he will always be remembered.

aden canto has been a major part of cleaning lady Since it debuted on Fox in 2022. Fans were shocked when they learned that Canto had passed away after battling cancer. Like Tony, Cantos’ Aman Morales was an important figure in the show, and it was a mystery how the writers would handle this unfortunate development. With the premiere of The Cleaning Lady season 3, it was clear that even though Kanto was gone, Aman was here to stay, as the entire season was structured around him. Many shows kill off the character as soon as the actor passes away, something that seems unnatural given how important the character was to him.

In the season premiere, Aman and Tony find themselves in the middle of a deadly drug-related shootout, and soon after, Nadia Morales (eva de dominique) joins them. Nadia and Thoni manage to escape, but Aman does not have the same luck. Later, when Aman failed to arrive and no one found his body, they assumed he had been taken, and set out to search for him. This search leads Thoni to Aman’s never-before-seen relatives, who are equally cruel. Aman’s aunt and uncle will be at the center of the season as they search for him before it’s too late. Centering the season around Aman was a fitting way to keep Kanto alive. Executive producer and co-showrunner Jeanine Renshaw And miranda kwok talked to about this tv line Kwok said this about Canto and Aman:

“…But in the context of the season, it was really important for us to respect him as a person and also respect him as a character, and what he meant to the show, and what he meant to the fans.” It was meant to be. It was very carefully thought out and discussed so that we could tell the best story that would both honor him and give our other characters a chance to understand his absence.”

Renshaw expanded on what he planned for the season, saying:

“There were conversations with him the whole time about how he was and how he was feeling. We basically designed the season around him. It was an Armaan-driven season anyway. And that’s when we first heard that he was struggling. And he was going through treatment, so we wanted to make sure we had a story ready – as Miranda said – where he could join us at any time and we could open it up for him. We had made complete plans to welcome him at the end of the year.

How ‘The Cleaning Lady’ brought Aman back for the season premiere

For a brief moment in the season premiere, viewers caught a glimpse of Aman, or someone who looked like Aman, and co-showrunners explained how he accomplished this, given that Canto could not film. Renshaw called it “Hollywood magic”, but Kwok was careful to add that they wanted to keep it brief so as not to go too far. Renshaw said:

“And he was on board with the process. He was aware of the story we were telling and he felt honored that the season was still going around with the option for him to come back. So that was it, But that wasn’t the set.”

As the premiere ends, the show dedicates the entire season to Canto with a pre-credits card that reads, “This season is dedicated to our dear friend Aidan Canto.” Canto will be missed, but at least the show didn’t erase him as if he never existed and he’ll always be in our minds as the seasons unfold.

cleaning lady Airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET on Fox.

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