How social media turned into a shopping mall?

Michael Calore: I’m going to watch a bunch of shorts and see what I’m served and report back.

Lauren Good: His and hers?

Michael Calore: Yes, his and hers.

Lauren Good: Okay, let’s take another quick break and then we’ll be back with our recommendations.

(to break)

Lauren Good: Amanda, what is your experience?

Amanda Hoover: So another product I saw for the first time on the TikTok shop, while we’re on the theme, all got me thinking. It’s like this hat that you pull over your face. You keep it in the freezer. That’s why it is promoted for hangovers. It is also great for headaches, and it cools your head instantly, helps with any pressure, tension etc. And it’s called -HungovrAF is one of the main brands, but I think there are a few others, but that was the one I saw first.

Lauren Good: What a great brand name.

Michael Calore: So do you keep it in the freezer?

Amanda Hoover: Yes. You have to keep it in the freezer. If you wake up with a hangover, it won’t be ready in time. You will have to do some preparation.

Lauren Good: Does it really cover your face?

Amanda Hoover: Yes. Covers your eyes. It’s like a soft hat.

Lauren Good: Very good. I could see how this would be good for migraines.

Michael Calore: Amanda, have you considered not drinking alcohol?

Amanda Hoover: In fact I had a friend who also loved it. She was always talking about headaches, and I had this cool roller thing, like a skin roller, and I let her borrow it once and she had a really bad hangover. And then I saw it and I thought, “This will completely change the game.”

Lauren Good: Don’t be a scold, Michael. She is 30 years old and lives in New York City. I mean come on.

Amanda Hoover: Thirties is where you start getting hangovers sooner than expected.

Michael Calore: Just wait, just wait. A bottle opens across the room and immediately I start feeling horrible.

Lauren Good: Every time Mike goes to CES, it’s like, “Oh, good luck.” You’re going for five days, six days, and it’s like the first five days: bitters and soda.

Michael Calore: This is correct. I don’t drink alcohol until the last night at CES. This is my trick.

Lauren Good: This is a good method.

Michael Calore: People ask me for Las Vegas recommendations. I believe in, “Don’t drink unless you’re going home.”

Lauren Good: Correct. You can sleep after coming home on the plane. Thanks for this, Amanda. I’m looking forward to adding this to the show notes because we’re going to be our own little shopping platform. Did you also know that you can buy wired merchandise?

Michael Calore: We’re going to recommend this thing.

Lauren Good: We have to promote the product.

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