‘High & Low’ – Everything We Know So Far About Spike Lee’s Next Joint

Many have tried to remake the great Akira Kurosawa1963 thriller masterpiece high and lowBut for one reason or the other, the various efforts never got off the ground. Martin Scorsese, mike nicholsAnd Steven Spielberg These are some of the most important filmmakers who tried to find a new interpretation of the grassroots, and even their approaches never progressed much. Now, sixty years after the original film’s premiere, the legendary filmmaker spike leeworld famous star Denzel WashingtonAnd hugely successful production company A24 has already made some meaningful progress high and low Made a remake.

Based on the original 1963 film Kingo Gondo (regularly played by Akira Kurosawa Toshiro Mifune) – A rich business executive who runs a troubled show-making company. Kingo Gondo’s life changes dramatically when he is informed that his son has been kidnapped by an unknown party, who are now demanding ransom in exchange for his safe return. However, Kingo Gondo soon learns that the young man kidnapped by kidnappers was not his son, but Aoki’s child (Yutaka Sada), his driver. Now, the wealthy business executive must decide between keeping his fortune and protecting his family or paying a ransom to save an innocent child.

Spike Lee’s anticipated remake of the Kurosawa project is already in active development, and it will likely be Lee’s first non-documentary feature film after 2020. da 5 blood, it only increases the anticipation. To know more about the upcoming revival of the all-time classic as well as its cast, release window, plot details and more, Here’s everything we know so far about Spike Lee high and low Reconstruction,

Editor’s note: This piece was updated on April 11, 2024.

high and low

An executive at a Yokohama shoe company becomes the victim of extortion when his driver’s son is accidentally kidnapped and held for ransom.

release date

November 26, 1963


Akira Kurosawa


Toshiro Mifune, Tatsuya Nakadai, Kyoko Kagawa, Tatsuya Mihashi


143 minutes

main style



Hideo Oguni, Ryuzo Kikushima, Eijiro Hisaita, Akira Kurosawa, Evan Hunter

Is there a release date for Spike Lee’s ‘High & Low’ remake?

spike lee’s high and low Still in early stages of development, So, we still don’t have the release date of the upcoming film.

Where Can You Watch Spike Lee’s ‘High & Low’ Remake?

Mifune plays a blackmailed shoe manufacturer

Image via Toho Company

Whereas the format is of Spike Lee high and low It has not been officially announced when the remake will be released, It has more chances for a theatrical release, Spike Lee has dabbled in streaming-only releases before the five bloods, which was a Netflix exclusive. However, the chances of a theatrical release are slightly higher high and low Being a production of A24. When the movie gets a streaming release, Spike Lee’s high and low The remake is more likely to come to Apple TV+, which is co-distributing the film with the indie giant. This won’t be the first collaboration between A24 and Apple, having worked together for films like the tragedy of macbeth, Paved road, the con, on the rocksAnd the sky is everywhere,

Is There a Trailer for Spike Lee’s ‘High & Low’ Remake?

Production is just beginning for Spike Lee high and low It is a remake, so it may take a long time for us to see the first glimpse of the film through the trailer.

Who stars in Spike Lee’s ‘High & Low’ remake?

When it was announced that Spike Lee would be making a remake high and lowIt was also announced that the two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington Will lead the cast of the film. Washington and Lee have been working together for nearly 35 years, making four feature films together Mo’ Better Blues, malcolm x, he got GameAnd inside Man, As one of the most recognizable and celebrated actors of our time, Washington’s iconic career goes well beyond his collaborations with Lee, starring in other all-time classics such as grandeur, training Day, fenceeven more.

Additionally, another A-list star was later announced to be joining the cast, a recent 2024 Oscar-nominee. jeffrey wright, Wright has always been recognized as an incredible actor, but he received widespread praise for his role as Thelonious “Monk” Ellison in the Oscar-winning film 2023. American fiction, Other examples from Wright’s diverse and famous career include casino Royale, done by, Batman, even more. Also associated with artists billions star Ilfenesh Haderawho previously worked with Spike Lee on his 2013 remake old boy, Rap sensation has also been announced ice masala She will make her acting debut with the film, although details about the character she will be playing are unknown.

What is Spike Lee’s ‘High and Low’ remake about?

Toshiro Mifune in 'High and Low'

Image via Toho

Chances are Spike Lee high and low The remake will follow a similar plot to the original Kurosawa film, possibly taking place in a new setting and/or time period. You can read the official synopsis of the original 1963 classic below,

“When his driver’s son is accidentally kidnapped, a rich man faces a ransom dilemma.”

Who is remaking ‘High and Low’?

Spike Lee as Mookie in Do the Right Thing

Image via Universal Pictures

Critically acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee will direct high and low, If the film is ultimately released theatrically, it will be Lee’s first theatrical feature film since his Oscar-winning feature, BlacKkKlansman, Some may be skeptical that Spike Lee is making another remake, as it is generally believed that this is his park chan-wook‘S old boy One of the director’s rare misfires. Those fears go away almost immediately once you realize all the other classic films Lee has had a hand in making, including, but not limited to, this one. Do the right thing, malcolm x, inside Manand many more.

Spike Lee’s screenplay high and low Lee himself will co-write the remake alan foxthe latter of which co-produced the 2017 comedy Model Caterers, Lee will also be the executive producer of the film chris brigham ,no time to die, Peter Gruber ,Signal, Matthew Lindner ,soul of a man), And katia washington ,Breaking, spike lee’s high and low There will also be cinematography in the remake Matthew Libatique ,artist,

Is the original ‘High & Low’ available to watch online?

Toshiro Mifune and Kyoko Kagawa in 'High and Low'.

Image via Toho

high Low Currently available to stream on the Max streaming service. If you want to relive this important piece of cinema from one of the most influential filmmakers of all time or experience this all-time classic for the first time, Max subscribers can watch the courageous and mysterious story of Kingo Gondo. Are. high and low It’s also not the only Kurosawa film on Max. Fans of his work can also be found hidden fort, yojimboAnd seven samuraiThe latter of which recently celebrated its 70th anniversary.

keep an eye on max

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