Good climate solutions require good policy – ​​and AI can help

To achieve real climate solutions, changing behavior and developing technology is not enough, says Mishal Nachmani, founder and CEO of the environmental nonprofit. Climate Policy Radar. “A lot of it is policy,” she says.

He argues that we need better laws, policies and regulations, as well as holding policymakers and corporates accountable if they are not doing a good enough job. The problem is that understanding what policies are out there, and what works and what doesn’t, is a huge task. Climate Policy Radar therefore aims to use AI to understand the vast climate policy field, to help ensure that future laws and policies are evidence-based.

“We gathered together all the climate laws and policies and strategies and action plans that are on the books of every single government in this world,” she explains. “There are 470,000 pages in there – or 4.5 million paragraphs.”

Nachmani says that analyzing these using plain language AI systems is not enough. “They get unreliable data sources, they hallucinate, they do all kinds of things that we really don’t want to bring into our decision making,” she says. “So we use augmented intelligence, using human expertise to teach machines.”

As a nonprofit, Climate Policy Radar provides its constantly updated data for free, and has a community of practitioners available to collaborate with people who work with decision makers or Want to impress them.

“The people who need the data most are the ones who are least able to pay for it,” she says. “So, there’s a really strong climate justice element to this.” She invites anyone who wants to collaborate to contact her: “We are just at the beginning of our journey.”

This article appears in the March/April 2024 issue of WIRED UK magazine.

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