From escape rooms to hide-and-seek, horror movie games make the genre better

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  • Game-centric horror movies are entertainingly creative and different, offering unique twists and atmospheres.
  • Playing on nostalgia and turning innocent childhood games into survival situations amps up the fear factor.
  • The sub-genre blends humor with horror, creating a thrillingly unique, claustrophobic and curious viewing experience.

Horror, especially in recent years, is a very clever and unique genre., Some movies are simple, some make you think, and some are downright strange. But some movies are pure and simple fun. Movies that are good for movie nights or that are just finding their footing in the genre. Perhaps the most interesting and entertaining concept for a horror film is that of a game. Now you might think we’re talking about horror video games being adapted into movies, but while that’s an absolutely fun genre, it’s in a league of its own. We’re talking about turning personal games into horror movie storylines – whether they’re party games or puzzles.

This sub-genre has the potential to stir viewers’ nostalgia With terror and often toying with such things. This includes classic childhood games like hide-and-seek and complex escape rooms. However, what’s most interesting is how different each person feels from the other – where some people lean more towards the horror aspect, others choose a more humorous and aesthetic route. Whatever the choice, they are always a unique piece of style and a great time.

body body body

When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a storm party at a remote family mansion, a party game is a fresh and funny take on backstabbing, fake friends, and a party gone very, very wrong. It becomes fatal.

release date
5 August 2022

1 hour 35 minutes

main style

Kristen Roupanian, Sarah DeLappe

a 24

simplification of terror

It’s only natural that when one thinks of horror they think of gore and horror or killers lurking in the shadows – so the idea of ​​entertaining games in that environment seems like something that would work. Will not do. But it’s quite surprising how well it works. it’s also It’s surprising how scary games can sometimes be so much fun as they originally appeared., Sure, on paper turning silly party games like Would You Rather and Truth or Dare into horror movies sounds like a fun concept, but seeing it happen in reality is quite scary. in 2012 Do you? In particular, the film fills its audience with too much fear and a game that is usually played with the most outrageous and stupid choices turns into a game of life or death. or 2019 ready or Not Which takes the game of hide-and-seek and turns it into a deadly affair. It’s clever—but it’s still disturbing.

There are also movies like body, body, body It is a more comedic take on the sub-genre, opting for more modern humor and light tricks instead of scares and gore. But even with the humor, it’s still a horrifying situation that feels helpless, especially considering they’re pretty much isolated in one location, which is often the case in game-centric horror movies. Characters are usually stuck in one place, fighting whatever their challenge is And trying to run away. This can feel claustrophobic and anxious and only adds to the severity of the character’s situation.

Often, These films take aspects of classic horror and combine them with a more humorous or light-hearted experience Which is liked by many viewers today. This is a balance whose most famous attempt was made by the Scream in 1996, but it has since become a mainstay part of the genre, and fits exceptionally well when incorporating games into horror. After all, they are just that: games. They are meant to be fun. But there is also an underlying morality within these films that is often lost. Given that the games played often become a fight for survival, the characters will do anything to make it to the end. Even if it means harming those around you or sacrificing someone else to ensure your safety. This sometimes makes it difficult to understand the characters, because everything becomes so sexualized, but maybe that’s what makes them so interesting to watch.

Why Gamification Works

Game-centric horror movies are entertaining because they’re different, There can be a lot of creativity within the sub-genre and each film is different from the last, often with stellar twists that you don’t see coming. But that doesn’t mean something is succeeding in its endeavor. On paper, it doesn’t seem like horror games should work as well as they do – in fact, they often seem like they’d be better suited to a comedy or straight thriller. So whenever a new movie hits the theaters it is amazing. But what is it that makes them work?

as we know, Horror has some rules, and those rules help the game run very well., You can’t drink alcohol or take drugs and a lot of sports are drinking games. You can’t ask who is there. You can’t go anywhere alone. You cannot be separated from your group. You can’t have sex. And of course, all these things seem completely natural, so, of course, they’re done. It just adds to the atmosphere and tension, knowing that these actions are a big no-no in a horror movie. But perhaps the scare factor also comes from nostalgia and turning classic childhood games into survival in the best situations. It’s always disturbing to see a game we think of as innocent and friendly turn into a terror-filled nightmare. But sometimes it also depends on how desperate the situation often is, as most of the games played by the characters are tricky and unstoppable, making the character’s situations more stressful. is the biggest example saw, Of course, and although not all games are truly winnable, some type of physical modification is often required to win successfully.

At the end of the day, Horror is a constantly changing genre, and it’s always nice to see something new. Which forces the audience to talk. And while sports-focused horror is a relatively small sub-genre in the grand scheme of things, it only serves to make each film feel unique in its own right and like a breath of fresh air.

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