Eddie opens up about celebrating Thanksgiving with Clay after their ‘love is blind’ breakup

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  • Despite their breakup, Eddie remained in contact with Clay’s mother after the show, sharing dinner and wine.

  • Edie admits that she still has feelings for Clay, but recognizes the need for boundaries.

  • Contradictions in the timeline of events love is blind The reveal was shown showing a conversation between Eddie and Clay before the reunion.

one of the best things about eddie smith’s association with clay gravesande They had love for each other’s families. Their mothers advised them to pursue their relationship based on their experiences. But love is blind closing shown clay was not ready for marriage, and when the time came for the wedding ceremony, she did not say yes. Her mother immediately hugged Edie before leaving the altar and her devastation was evident on the reality series.

The reunion featured Edie telling him that she had moved on from Clay. He claimed that she was the love of his life and that he regretted his decision. But it was confusing for fans who saw the video of them having fun together on Thanksgiving. Edie gave a timeline for these events and explained why she remained in contact with her family.

love is blind

Singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than for what they look like, have signed up for a less-traditional approach to modern dating.

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13 February 2020


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Eddie remains friendly with Clay’s mom after ‘love is blind’ post

AD addressed the video and broke down the timeline an interview with kami crawford, He clarified that he was cast for the show in March 2023. The video circulating online was from November of that year, following the wedding and filming. “If you watch the show, I’m very close to Clayton’s mom, who we love and worship,” she said. “She was in town, she made dinner. I was invited. I bought him a bottle of wine.” She said they drank and played some games. Eddie claimed his family went on their way, And she later went on a date with someone else, “That was him,” she said later. “There was nothing more to it than that.”


Eddie’s update about Clay after ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion is disappointing

Did Eddie’s fans stand his ground like he said in ‘Love Is Blind’?

The host asked if Clay still had feelings when he saw him again. “I always do,” she replied. “I’m obviously still attracted to him. I think he’s a beautiful person. We have great chemistry. We get flirty when we get close to each other. It’s absolutely natural. I don’t hate him. I never did. So, when I’m around him, it’s just good vibes.” After the breakup, Eddie doesn’t feel the need to break contact with his family. “Why would I bite him?” He asked. “They’re good people.” The host asked who hasn’t ignored red flags in pursuing a relationship? “No, everyone’s perfect,” Eddie said sarcastically. “Everyone is perfect and I’m a dummy.”

Eddie and Clay meet before the reunion show

Eddie smiles in 'Love Is Blind' season 6

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The time frame given does not match what AD said. He said the cast finally watched the finale the night before filming the reunion. The former cheerleader said that they had not been in touch and the first time they saw each other was on stage for the reunion. However, since trevor sova The text debacle was included in the episode sara n sold The TikTok she made while the season was airing obviously happened before the Thanksgiving reunion, so Eddie and Clay looked at each other before going on stage.

Eddie said he learned that when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. She also admitted that she did not have good boundaries in her relationship with Clay. She was seen saying that she would chase him off a cliff and Eddie joked that she was the AI, not him. But it looks like the new lesson on boundaries doesn’t include ending her relationship with her ex-fiancé’s family.

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