‘Dusk for a Hitman’ Trailer – Crime Becomes a Family Affair

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  • Witness a deadly clash between loyalty and survival
    twilight for a hitman
    Based on a true crime story.
  • Follow the gripping story of hitman Donald Lavoie as he faces a moral dilemma that will shape his destiny.
  • Experience an intense French-language thriller filled with action, twists and an unforgettable journey of redemption.

There is going to be a fatal conflict between family and work in the director Raymond Saint-JeanNew feature of, twilight for a hitman, Based on the true story of a former hitman Donald LavoieThe Canadian crime drama follows Lavoie (eric bruno) because he values ​​loyalty and survival towards his boss. Working for the real-life Dubois brothers crime gang, he is approached by investigators and given the opportunity to depose him Claude Dubois ,benoit gouin) as an informant. At the same time, Dubois gives him the unthinkable order to murder his family and prove his loyalty. Collider can exclusively share the official trailer that shows how Lavoie goes from a position of power and respect as a murderer to a sticky moral dilemma that will decide his future.,

Lavoie’s criminal life was initially easy. In the opening moments of the trailer, he is seen partying, drinking and making a lot of money while socializing with his boss. Dubois made him a hired killer, a job that brought him immense respect until the boss tasked him with carrying out a double murder. At home, family drama begins as Lavoie’s wife begins to worry, while his brother wants to join the operation despite his hesitations. Things escalate rapidly when the assassination is foiled and Lavoie and his brother are arrested. His trust eroded in his usually reliable right-hand man, he asked him to “make an example” of his brother which he adamantly refused. She is now on the wrong side of both the law and possibly the Dubois brothers, leading her to a no-win situation, where no place is safe for her and her family, and turning herself in is her only option. Might like.

At the height of his powers in Montreal in the late 70s and early 80s, Lavoie was one of the most feared men in all of Canada for his work with the Dubois brothers. If the footage is any indication, twilight for a hitman Will present a drama full of ups and downs that will show how the money, power and respect he earned was all destroyed in an instant. This French-language thriller promises plenty of action as Lavoie comes face to face with his former colleagues and a determined officer bent on bringing him down to gain his freedom.

When will ‘Dusk for a Hitman’ hit the theatres?

twilight for a hitman Rendez-Vous will be available to audiences in the US exactly one year after its premiere in a Quebec cinema last February. It is scheduled for release day by day In theaters, on-demand and digital on April 19A crowded day on the big screen also features guy richieoptimization of Ministry of Rude War Starring Henry Cavill And great post by Radio Silence-the Scream film Abigail, Saint-Jean co-wrote the script martin girard In addition to directing, while Paul Cadieux And Michel Ouellette Produced. Rose-Marie Perrault, Sylvain Marcel, Simon Landry-DaceyAnd joachim robillard Join Bruno and Gouin on-screen.

Watch the exclusive trailer for twilight for a hitman Below

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