‘Dune 2’ needs to hit massive breakeven total to reach

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  • Dune: Part 2
    Due to its $190 million budget it needed to gross approximately $500 million worldwide to “break even”.
  • The film is receiving positive reviews, currently holding a rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Despite potential obstacles to commercial success, the film is on track to surpass two major box office milestones.

echoes of Hans ZimmerGreat score and timothy chalametThe “voice” is getting louder Dune: Part 2 is growing rapidly at the global box office. director denis villeneuve, the film exceeded expectations and grossed over $180 million worldwide in its opening weekend. But according to a recent article hollywood reporterThe epic sci-fi blockbuster still has a long journey through the desert as it heads towards a heavy break-even point.

According to THR, Dune: Part 2 would like $500 million needed to be earned worldwide to break even, which clearly sounds like a lot. First dune, which was released simultaneously in theaters and on streaming in the pandemic era of 2021, grossed over $400 million globally in its initial run, and recently added nearly $30 million to its total after a one-week re-release. Millions added. The film reportedly cost $165 million to produce. Dune: Part 2On the other hand, there is It is said to have cost $190 millionMost of the budget of which has been borne by Legendary Pictures.

The rule of thumb says that a A film of this size would have to earn almost double its production budget to recoup revenue Because crores of rupees are spent on marketing and almost half of the revenue goes to theatres. THR estimates that Dune: Part 2 It would ultimately gross between $600 million and $700 million worldwide, which would be a clear win for everyone involved. But let’s not forget that, like christopher nolan‘S oppenheimer, Dune: Part 2 Barely checked all the boxes for commercial success. It is nearly three hours long, thematically dense and tonally dull. None of this is stopping audiences from sampling the film’s massive story on the biggest screen available.

‘Dune: Part Two’ will easily outperform the first film

Reviews have also been in favor of the film. Dune: Part 2 Is Currently enjoying a 94% “Fresh” rating on review aggregator rotten Tomatoes, The film’s audience rating, believe it or not, is even more positive at 95%. The opening day crowd awarded it an A CinemaScore, while Collider Therese Lacson His review praised its technical achievements, but criticized the script. With $89 million domestically and $189 million worldwide, Dune: Part 2 Is Set to cross two major milestones at the box office In the next day or two.

Chalamet and starring ZendayaWhich includes a respected group Rebecca Ferguson, Austin ButlerAnd Florence Pugh, Dune: Part 2 Villeneuve’s two-part adaptation concludes frank herbert‘s seminal science-fiction novel. Villeneuve has made his intention to direct a third film based on “Dune: Messiah” very clear. You can watch the film in theaters and stay connected to Collider for more updates.

Dune: Part 2

Paul Atreides unites with Chaney and Freeman to seek revenge on the conspirators who destroyed his family.

release date
1 March 2024

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