Devon Sawa defeats Chucky from the villains of ‘Final Destination’ and ‘Casper’

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  • Matthew Lillard may be known as the Scream King, but Devon Sawa is making a strong case for the title.

  • Sawa’s horror career includes iconic roles in films idle hands And Final Destinationsimultaneously chucky series.

  • Despite tough competition, Sava chose death Final Destination As the final enemy in the fight against Chunky.

Although the title “Scream Queen” It has been used for decades to describe popular stars such as jamie lee curtis ,Halloween) And neve campbell ,the Scream, “Scream King” He’s someone who has just started coming into Hollywood. The oldest name in that game has been Matthew LillardJoe appeared with Campbell the Scream And other horror movies from the 90s thirteen ghostsBut we’re here to make sure devon sawa He has been given his due rights. With many contributions to the genre, the actor’s first horror horror role was in 1995 casperBefore he became the face of prestigious titles idle hands And Final Destination,

Nowadays, Sawa can be seen living out the horror nightmare on the small screen Don Mancini’s Syfy and USA Network series, chucky, Appearing as a different character each season, no matter how many times the killer doll brutally demolishes him, Sawa keeps coming back for more – making him an absolute Scream King in our eyes. During a recent interview with Collider britta devortalked about sava literal ghosts of her past And which of the Good Guys dolls would he like to see face to face?

Devon Sawa picks the deadliest bad guy

while putting together Sava’s past enemiesThere are a lot of tough villains to choose from, but somehow they narrowed down the list from the ghostly trio casper, Anton’s hand idle handsAnd die from Final Destination – which he admitted felt like a cop-out, but we ran with it. First and foremost, it’s worth noting that even though Sawa stole the hearts of young girls everywhere, almost three decades have passed casper, he still remembers the names of his CGI enemies – “Stretch, Stinky and Fatso.” With inspiration from Mancini to “choose wisely”, Sava went with Death. Final Destination As the winner in the fight against Chunky because it is the “most powerful” unit on the list.

But, when it comes to who he personally wants to see lose to Chucky, Sawa says, “I would love to see Chucky fighting the Hand, running wild in a little house, with like a Hand and Chucky chasing him with a knife., That will be the final battle.” “I think it’s ridiculous,” Mancini said, picking up on what his leading man said. Maybe something should be done for him and the rest of the creative team Display get it well deserved Season 4 renewal?

It’s also worth noting that we had another challenger for Sawa, Shawn SLC Punk! The character, who had an unfortunate experience with acid after 112 hits, melted his pants and sent him into an unrepentant mental spiral to madness. While agreeing that he would be the final champion, Sawa said, “The Seen Beggar will escape them all.”

You can find more information in its second part chuckythe third season of Here in our guide, and get excited by streaming the rest of the series now on Peacock. New episodes arrive every Wednesday.


After an old Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos as a series of horrific murders begin to expose the town’s hypocrisy and secrets.

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12 October 2021


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