Co-producer says a ‘Sherlock’ movie may be in the works

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  • Despite appearances, sherlock May continue in a different form, possibly as a feature film.

  • Coordinating the busy schedules of the cast, including Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, is a challenge.

  • While the series was a hit, finding a fresh and compelling story sherlock Film can be difficult.

Despite all appearances, B.B.C. sherlock Maybe it’s not over yet. deadline reported co-producer Mark Gatiss’ Intention to continue the series in a different form. Adapted from famous books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, sherlock Takes a modern twist on the famous story. Setting its title character in present-day London, the series cleverly updates the source material. It also contributed to putting Benedict Cumberbatch On the map for a global audience.

Although the actor had already amassed an impressive resume with films like Atonement, sherlock It was a cultural phenomenon that made him a household name. Cumberbatch soon became an international film star, leading to doctor strange, Nevertheless, the creatives are still committed to bringing their cast together for a feature film by the series finale.

Gatiss admitted at the Oliver Awards, “We want to make a movie but it’s very difficult to try to get everyone together.” According to Deadline, this is not the first time he has raised the idea of ​​a film. Following the series’ official finale in 2017, sherlock The team felt it was “the natural thing to do.” but a double edged sword Sherlock’s The success was the opportunities that followed for its actors. Andrew ScottFor example, he was a fan-favorite as Moriarty, one of the greatest villains of all time and has had a blast in several projects. Fleabag To Ripley, sherlock For many this was a cash cow, but it also made coordination more complex.

‘Sherlock’ actors have other responsibilities

Cumberbatch isn’t the only actor to find monumental stardom after his stint on the mystery series. Although he’s certainly the biggest name to come from the show, the rest of the cast has had equally significant careers. Gatiss admitted that the biggest hurdle in getting a film off the ground would be the schedules of Cumberbatch and his former co-star, martin freeman, The actor who played Sherlock’s right-hand man John Watson also found work in the franchise. he was bilbo baggins Peter Jackson’s the hobbit trilogy and gained a significant role in the Marvel universe as the notable Skrull, Everett Ross. With their careers following parallel paths, it will certainly be difficult to reconcile them.

And then there’s the small matter related to the story. Sherlock Holmes It has many stories to draw from, but perhaps not the sparkle it used to have. For some, the best years sherlock Are behind them. The BBC series has already adapted one of the series’ most famous stories, “The Reichenbach Fall”, in the Season 2 finale. After Sherlock returns from the dead, is there more to be done? Short of reviving Scott as Moriarty, a sherlock The film may not have any special charm. Until a decision is made, fans can rewatch the entire series by streaming it on Hulu.


Conan Doyle’s bizarre spin on the iconic sleuth features him as a “high-functioning sociopath” in modern London. Aiding him in his investigation is John Watson, an Afghanistan war vet who was introduced to Holmes through a mutual acquaintance.

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