Cillian Murphy and Justin Timberlake’s ‘In Time Should Not be Lost to Time’

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  • in time Explores a unique premise where time is a commodity, provoking discussions about relationships, economic inequality, and the value of life.
  • Justin Timberlake gives a standout performance as the protagonist, bringing depth to his character’s struggles and fleeting youth.

  • The supporting cast, particularly Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy, add depth to the film with their well-rounded characters and their roles in challenging the unfair system.

“Original science fiction” is a term that is much debated, but what defines originality? Even a film that is not based on pre-existing intellectual property may draw inspiration from other classics within the genre. interstellar Technically “fundamental”, but it has great importance 2001: A Space Odyssey, It’s almost impossible to talk about the creator without mentioning the Terminator, However, Andrew Nicol One of the few filmmakers working today whose films actually seem based entirely on his own ideas. Niccol’s films may be flawed, but that doesn’t mean he’s not telling the kind of stories not seen anywhere else. Nicholl’s 2011 science-fiction thriller in time Introduces the concept of time being an object in itself. Although it is not necessarily a comprehensive description, in timeIts premise provokes interesting discussion points about classical relationships, economic inequality, and the value of life itself.

in time

In a future where people stop aging at the age of 25, but are only meant to live one more year, having a means to get out of such a situation is a shot at immortal youth. Will Salas is accused of murder and fleeing with a hostage.

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27 October 2011


Andrew Nicol




Andrew Nicol


20th century Fox

‘In Time’ has a compelling premise

in time Set in the year 2169, where all human life has been engineered to stop aging after the age of 25, and are given only one year to live after that. While it has a lot in common logan’s race, in time This is not necessarily commenting on the lionization of youth essence. Rather, the film uses its premise to explore how the experience of living a long life is only available to a specific stratum of society that can pay for it—essentially an expanded access to the health care system. Seems like a metaphor. Although the process of how these genetic advances occurred is not something Niccol had any interest in exploring, he compensates for the confusing aspects of the premise through strong characterization and charismatic characters.

Justin Timberlake gives one of his better screen performances as factory worker Will Salas, who discovers that the wealthy community of New Greenwich is monopolizing time itself. The citizens of New Greenwich have found a way to cheat time by essentially making themselves immortal, but they’re not quite ready to share their resources. The electricity elite in New Greenwich have raised prices sharply at times, forcing those who cannot afford to pay for it. Economic manipulation has a definite effect on lifespan, and Nicole decided to make that connection literal.

Musician turned actor Timberlake’s career is unique. While he benefited from being cast perfectly as an obnoxious weirdo in both Social Networks And snake, in time Gave him a chance to become a real leading man. Although it may seem absurd for someone as famous as Timberlake to play an “average Joe”, he successfully leans into Will’s fleeting youth to create a unique performance. Yes, Will is seemingly “at his peak” at this point in his life, but he hasn’t been given much time to really enjoy it. Will is forced to hustle at all hours of the day to spare the few precious hours he has for himself.

Why are the characters of ‘In Time’ so good?

Had Will been on his own he would have risked being a dull hero, but in time Gets the benefit of a great supporting cast. in time It is essentially a classic noir, and as is fitting for this genre, Amanda Seyfried Gets to play the “femme fatale” role of Sylvia Weisz. Sylvia is the daughter of banker Philip Weiss (Mad Man‘S Vincent Kartiser), and initially taken hostage by Will as a way to protect himself. However, Will later learns that Sylvia has little knowledge of her father’s true intentions, and has more sympathy for those who do not have the benefit of a wealthy family.



Cillian Murphy charms us with this rare rom-com performance

Before winning an Oscar for ‘Oppenheimer,’ Cillian Murphy showed off his serious personality in this low-key romantic comedy.

Will and Sylvie serve as the perfect pair of opposites; She has not been given time to truly age, and lives a meaningless existence in a society that does not value anyone except those within its circle. They serve as the perfect avengers against this unfair system, and their romance feels genuine considering the circumstances they find themselves in. Nicole shows through scenes with her parents how both characters were raised to have unrealistic expectations about their future. Will’s mother Rachel (Olivia Wilde) lives a life that is almost entirely in service to others, and Sylvie’s father Philippe spends his entire existence stealing from those who have less than him. It makes sense that both characters would be attracted to someone who has a more healthy appreciation of life.

Cillian Murphy stuns as a memorable villain

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hero of in time It would be nothing without a memorable villain, because Nicole’s allegory can only go so far when it comes to critiquing the power of the upper class without someone embodying it. cillian murphy Has played his fair share of villains, but in timeRaymond Lyon is one of his best. As a timekeeper employed by the New Greenwich elite, Leon has a key role in monitoring the lower class to keep the ghetto powerless. Leon may seem intimidating at first, but in reality he is just a pawn in the system. Like Will, Leon was raised in a poor community, and held a government position only to earn a living.

in time It is keen to note the similarities between the two individuals. Leon decides to betray the lower class citizens of New Greenwich by selling them out; Sadly, he spends his entire life trying to please a society that will never accept him. In comparison, Will is attempting to change the time system on the playground to evening. His mother’s death reminds him that the people he cares about most can be taken away from him at any moment. Although Timberlake gets a chance to give some inspirational speeches, it’s Murphy’s performance that is naturally more interesting; At the end of the film, Leon “times out” because he failed to follow the rules of the system he was implementing. in time, Despite being released only a decade ago, it feels like a film that couldn’t be made today. Sure, the film has its occasional awkward moments, but that’s forgivable given how many ambitious ideas it has. in timeRecent success on streaming shows that, ironically, this type of original sci-fi film “has not been lost with time.”

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