Chapter 1′ Sneak Peek – Madeline Petsch Escapes a Killer

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  • Madelaine Petsch shines in her new role
    the strangers
    The reboot brings depth to a character facing the terror of a nightmare.
  • the strangers
    With a focus on character development and backstory, the trilogy offers a fresh take on the iconic horror series.
  • Producer Courtney Solomon explains decision making
    the strangers
    A trilogy, promising a cohesive overarching story.

the strangers are back and audiences are ready to see the terrifying home invaders terrorizing yet another couple on the big screen. first trailer for Renny Harlin-helmed reboot film, The Stranger: Chapter 1Earned huge reaction online after being leaked earlier today, showing Madelaine Petsch After his first role-Riverdale together to fight masked impostors Froy Gutierrez, For eager fans who can’t wait until May 17 to see more of the slasher, Collider has brought you an exclusive sneak peek that goes far beyond what’s shown in the teaser.

Petsch plays Maya what will be the series of three Strangers Movies to be released this year, Preparing to start a new chapter of her life in the Pacific Northwest, Maya goes on a cross-country trip with her longtime boyfriend Ryan (Gutierrez), but their car breaks down and they end up in a small town in Oregon. Venus gets trapped in the city. The pair have no choice but to spend the night in a beautiful Airbnb home, but things turn ominous as they meet some strange townspeople who don’t like their presence. That night, their small emergency home becomes a death trap as masked strangers begin hunting them. Maya’s journey will evolve from terror to courage against formidable odds as the trilogy essentially comes full circle.

Our exclusive sneak peek sheds more light on Petsch, who has been enjoying quite the rise since appearing as Cheryl Blossom on The CW’s flagship series. His most recent venture was a fairly light affair with the 2022 free-spirited holiday rom-com hotels for holidays characteristic of Maina Masood Contrary to that. In Chapter 1He and Gutierrez also join Rachel Shenton, Gabriel Basso, Emma Horvath, Richard BrakeAnd Alla Bruccoleri which will basically bring the fable to life the strangers Writer/Director Brian Bertino with a screenplay written by Alan R. Cohen And alan freedland,

‘The Strangers’ Reboot Trilogy Will Pack in More Backstory

Besides being a fan-favorite RiverdaleBig fan of Petsch the strangers And jumped at the opportunity to join the reboot. Furthermore, they are confident that the trilogy will have plenty of content for longtime fans of the iconic horror series. In conversation with Collider perry nemiroff Last year, Petsch revealed that his initial reservations about remaking the brutally effective home invasion films went away after reading the script. His greatest praise was for his and Gutierrez’s portrayal of the central couple, which he says was further fleshed out so that the audience would care about them as they go through hell. Additionally, she sees these as a strong tribute to the original victims. liv tyler And Scott Speedman,

“I think my biggest pet peeve with the older characters now is that you’re not really emotionally invested in those characters. So, yes, it’s scary, but you don’t know why they’re fighting basically. . You don’t know what their relationship is. They’re already at odds with each other, and so there’s not a lot of investment in Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. You’re just in awe of them and with them, and so I think That we’ve created a world that dives more deeply into it. It’s not really a remake because it has different characters, but it’s the same concept and idea, and I think people will feel like it’s a It’s a tribute. They’re going to feel like we’ve handled the material carefully and I think (they’re going to feel) like we’ve delved into it. So if anything, it should get Strangers OG fans really excited. Because you get more answers, you get more mysteries and you get more scares, that’s why we watch them.”

Why does it need to be a trilogy, producer Courtney Solomon to plead strongly the strangers Fans shouldn’t think this way. Recent Misfires Like Blumhouse the Exorcist The reboot trilogy has left horror lovers and moviegoers in general skeptical about the series, greenlighting multiple films before even revealing the first image of the first film. However, these films were conceived from the beginning as a larger overarching story that could not be told in a single feature. In a separate interview with Nemiroff, Solomon said that it only made sense if the narrative was designed to be broken into more digestible pieces and hoped that audiences would understand after seeing the trilogy to its end:

“I thought to myself, ‘This is a big movie, right? But it’s too big to actually release as a movie, so we need to make it into three chapters.’ So it’s because of the story that we wanted to tell. So in this particular instance, it’s not for business or financial reasons or any reason that we did it. There were some benefits budget-wise, but it wasn’t that, it was that That was the story we wanted to tell at first, which would just be a very long film to be made as one film.”

The Stranger: Chapter 1Will bow in theaters on May 17, The following chapters of the trilogy are expected to be released soon. Check out our guide here to learn everything you need to know about the reboot, and check out our exclusive sneak peek below:

The Stranger: Chapter 1

A young couple drives cross-country toward a new beginning; Unfortunately they have no choice but to stay in a secluded Airbnb in Oregon and endure a night of terror against three masked strangers.

release date
17 May 2024

Renny Harlin

Madelaine Petsch, Rachel Shenton, Gabriel Basso, Richard Brake, Emma Horvath

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