‘Buying Beverly Hills’ Season 2 – Everything We Know So Far

real estate mogul mauricio umansky is offering new deals in Season 2 of Buying Beverly Hills, bravo star’s husband kyle richards, the pair may look familiar to fellow reality TV enthusiasts. That’s because both of them were part of it real housewives of beverly hills series over the years. Don’t be fooled by Mauricio’s popularity. With his strong business acumen and competitive spirit, Umansky’s agency has generated over $4 billion in real estate sales. Talk about closing deals!

Now highlighting Mauricio’s brokerage, the Netflix series takes viewers behind the scenes into the world of real estate and the drama that takes place at the agency. With Season 2 arriving, viewers can expect sudden separations, radical leadership takeovers, and surprise romances. There’s a lot to unlock in the upcoming season, so get ready to venture into 90210. Here’s everything we know so far Buying Beverly Hills season 2.

Buying Beverly Hills

It follows the clients and agents of Mauricio Umansky’s The Agency in Beverly Hills.

release date

4 November 2022


Mauricio Umansky, Alexia Umansky, Melissa Platt, Ben Bellak, Farrah Brittany, Sonika Vaidya




Guido Verweyen



production company

Just Entertainment, Spoke Studios

When is ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ Season 2 coming out?

all 10 episodes of Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 will officially premiere on March 22, 2024.

If you’re not subscribed to Netflix, viewers have three subscription options to consider. The first is the Standard plan, which costs $6.99 monthly and includes ads. If you prefer an ad-free experience, the Standard plan costs $15.49 per month. Finally, the Premium plan offers additional features at $19.99 per month. Each plan is designed to meet different budgets and viewing habits.

Buying Beverly Hills follows in the footsteps of the show selling sunset And sell ocBoth of these are available on Netflix. selling sunset Follows the lives of seven highly accomplished female real estate agents working with the Oppenheim Group. Their mission? Become the leading premiere agency in the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Strip. During this, sell oc Serves as a spin-off series of selling sunsetAs The Oppenheim Group expands its reach to Orange County, it introduces a new team of real estate agents ready to showcase some of the most extraordinary properties on the Beach.

Watch the Trailer for ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ Season 2

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Trailer for Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 gets straight to the heart of the matter: trouble is brewing within the Umansky family. In this 1-minute trailer, we see Mauricio and Kyle, whose marriage appears to be succeeding. Mauricio candidly told his wife that the stress and his constant travels had worn him down. The scene changes to a family dinner attended by Umansky’s daughter, where a serious conversation takes place. Mauricio’s later conversation with a co-worker revealed that Kyle wanted to separate. But in the agency world, personal issues can quickly mingle with professional matters. Reacting to the separation, their coworkers ask, “How will this affect the business?”

And if the family tension isn’t enough, prepare yourself for the rest of the drama that unfolds within the agency. In addition to Sophia’s budding attraction to Adam Rosenfeld, friction surfaces as some agents feel sidelined in deals and compete for leadership roles. But it all boils down to who will take over the business. While some place their bets on Farrah’s leadership and business acumen, others lean towards Alexia, whose instant rise to the top speaks volumes. in season 2 of Buying Beverly HillsThe stakes are higher, the competition is tougher, and the drama is more exciting.

Who is in the cast of ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ Season 2?

The agency operates as a family run enterprise mauricio umansky on top of this. Since last season, the agency has been venturing into new areas like the Bahamas and Silicon Valley. With no immediate plans to retire, Mauricio is excited about the coming generation of agents at the group and seeing what direction they will take in the future.

their daughters, farrah britney, Alexia UmanskyAnd Sophia Umansky, join Mauricio. Over the past season, Farah has shown to be a valuable member of the team, taking the initiative to implement systems and practices to secure more deals for the agency. Meanwhile, Alexia is taking all the steps necessary to move up as an agent. However Sofia, along with Mauricio’s now estranged wife kyle richards After a brief appearance in Season 1, the two are expected to be featured more in the show’s new season.

Agents are also returning to the series ben bellak, Joey Ben-Zvi, melissa platt, Brandon Graves, And Sonika Vaid,

What is ‘Beverly Hills’ Season 2 about?

The Agency in Buying Beverly Hills Season 2

Image via Netflix

Check out the official Netflix synopsis for Buying Beverly Hills season 2:

“Family drama, luxury listings and fierce competition in the LA market set the stage for this new season of Buying Beverly Hills. This real estate oc-soap follows the top agents of Mauricio Umansky’s The Agency, including his daughters Farrah, Alexia, and Sophia, as they navigate the high-stakes world of luxury real estate, relationships, and friendships. Buying Beverly Hills will return to Netflix on March 22, 2024.

In the last season of Buying Beverly Hills, viewers are introduced to Mauricio, the leader of the agency, a prestigious real estate firm based in Beverly Hills with a global presence. His team includes his daughter Farrah, an experienced senior realtor within the company, and Alexia, Mauricio and Kyle’s younger daughter, who is slowly finding her footing in her new position. Although most of the story focuses on Mauricio, Farrah and Alexia, they are also joined by their dedicated colleagues at the agency. Like luxury real estate shows selling sunset And sell ocThe show leaves no stone unturned when it comes to real estate. Buying Beverly Hills If you’ve ever wondered what some of the most expensive properties in California look like, we’ve got you covered.

Who is making ‘Buying Beverly Hills’?

Maurio Umansky in Buying Beverly Hills Season 2

Image via Netflix

Buying Beverly Hills Produced by Wheelhouse’s Spoke Studios and Just Entertainment. Executive producers include Brent Montgomery, Pam Healy, Will Nothacker, Justin W Hochberg, Liz is fine, adam lion, dianna markoff, ed simpsonAnd Luke Neslage,

Spoke Studios is no stranger to reality TV. The production house is also responsible for shows like Hulu’s Love and WWE: Bianca and MontezWhich follows the romantic lives of WWE pro wrestling stars Bianca Belair And Montez Fordand netflix hype houseDetailing the lives of the most popular TikTok celebrities as they learn how to deal with overnight fame and the consequences that come with it.

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