Blue Bloods’ Reagan Family Tree Explained

Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Blue Bloods.

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    is a long-running crime drama focusing on the Reagan family and their involvement in the criminal justice system.
  • The Reagan family has a rich history in law enforcement, with Henry and Frank both serving as New York City Police Commissioners.
  • The CBS show, led by Tom Selleck, explores the lives of the second and third generations of the Reagan family, all of whom have chosen careers related to criminal justice.

elite It is a show that focuses on what happens when justice runs in the family. As we wrap up season 14 of the long-running CBS crime drama, now is a great time to look at the Reagan family tree and trace the past, present, and new members of the Reagan family. You don’t have to be a core fan to be obsessed with the series and everything that goes into the writing of strong, determined characters, as follows: Well-known guidance for elite Family tree from season 1 to present, (Be careful though, because there are some major spoilers ahead.)


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24 September 2010

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Who does Tom Selleck play in ‘Blue Bloods’?

At the head of the Reagan family eliteWe have Henry Reagan (len cariou, Before retirement, Henry was the New York City Police Commissioner, starting a legacy of law enforcement in his family With his late wife, Betty Reagan. Henry and Betty had two children, Frank (Tom Selleck) and Peter, although Peter’s existence is not immediately mentioned in the series. Peter died of leukemia when he was only several months old, leaving Frank as Henry and Betty’s only surviving son.

Frank Reagan also followed in his father’s footsteps and became New York City Police Commissioner, leading both NYC law enforcement and my family system with equal wisdom and care. A strong leader admired by many, Frank often deals with moral and ethical dilemmas, while also grappling with similar family issues. He is not always correct in his decisions, but he handles delicate situations with grace and is a no-nonsense, natural leader. Frank and his wife Mary had four children before she died of cancer and Frank became a widower.

All of Frank’s children face criminal justice in ‘Blue Bloods’

Blue Bloods' Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie (Will Estes) have a heated exchange
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All four of Frank and Mary Reagan’s children decided to become involved in the criminal justice system in some capacity, with different skill sets. After serving as a US Marine in Iraq, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) joins the NYPD and becomes a detective, Their impulsive nature and short temper often cause them to cross the line in some matters, so they are likely to get into trouble. Nonetheless, he is a skilled detective and a good father. Danny’s wife Linda (amy carlson) was an emergency room nurse who was dedicated to her work – and was often concerned about Danny’s obsession with his job. Danny and Linda had two sons, Jack (Tony Terraciano) and Shawn (Andrew Terraciano), before Linda’s untimely death in an off-screen helicopter crash between seasons 7 and 8.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) is the only daughter of Frank and Mary Reagan., and he is the only one among his siblings who did not pursue a career in the police force, instead opting to study law. She worked within the criminal justice system to become an assistant district attorney for New York County. She married defense attorney Jack Boyle (peter herman) and gave birth to their daughter, Nikki Reagan-Boyle (Sami Gayle), but their marriage did not last. She raised Nikki as a single mother and career-focused woman, while juggling both commitments with the support of her family.


‘Blue Bloods’ should have ended years ago

How should the Reagan family story end in Season 14?

Frank’s other son, Joe Reagan, joined the police force like his older brother, and became part of the NYPD Warrant Squad. Tragically, his partner betrayed him when he learned of his involvement with a group of rogue cops called The Blue Templars, and Was killed before the series even started, Joe was only 31 at the time of his murder, and his absence left a deep wound in the family, causing deep grief to all.

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), the youngest of his siblings and a Harvard graduate, remained a patrol officer for the first several seasons elite, Early in his career, he grew from a young green officer to a talented and astute beat policeman, although he always acted with a level of understanding and experience due to his training and the knowledge he gained from older members. his family. In Season 9, Jamie is promoted to Sergeant and marries her former partner Eddie Janko ,vanessa ray), a passionate and ambitious police officer.

Who are the grandchildren of the ‘Blue Bloods’ family?

Reagan’s legacy lives on in the third generation elite, Although the grandchildren are given less time in the first few seasons due to their young ages, the Reagan grandchildren are still present during family dinners and are a large part of their family’s lives. Danny and Linda’s two sons, Jack and Sean, make minor appearances in the series, and in recent seasons have started attending college to begin their careers. While Shawn still frequently shows up for family dinners, Jack attends college out of state and is no longer seen as often.

Compared to the other grandchildren, Erin’s daughter Nikki has arguably the biggest role. She is curious and articulate, and she is not afraid to challenge the views of her older family members – often in a respectful, debating manner. Although she was adamant on becoming the first Reagan woman to become a police officer for some time, she later moved out of state to work for a technology company.

Although Joe died before the marriage, his girlfriend Paula Hill survived him, giving birth to his son, whom he named after him. Joe Hill (Will Hochman) became an NYPD detective, one of the youngest detectives to do so, and was officially accepted into the Reagan family in season 10.

‘Blue Bloods’ family extends beyond the Reagans

Edie (Vanessa Ray) and Maria (Marisa Ramirez) hang out with an older woman in handcuffs in Blue Bloods
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The Reagans form a large family, but not every significant part of the family is related by blood. Frank’s trusted associate, Garrett Moore (gregory jabara), the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information, remained his good friend for years, and Danny’s partner, Detective Maria Biaz (Marisa Ramirez), is a trusted ally., Erin has had several romantic interests over the years, and there are plenty of mainstays and recurring characters to consider in the family.

With so many interesting characters with different personalities, values ​​and family relationships, it’s no wonder elite It has been a very long running and successful show. There are still plenty of stories and directions to explore from every side of the law in the remainder of the show’s final season. And yet, The Reagan family demonstrates that, despite the chaos of chasing criminals, treating patients, and dealing with the intricacies of the law, there is always time to sit down to dinner with the family. And have important and meaningful discussions.

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