‘Before Spacemen,’ Adam Sandler tried to enter terror with this film

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  • horror film produced by adam sandler shortcut This was a one-time experiment by his production studio, Scary Madison.

  • shortcut It received mixed reviews due to clichés, rewriting, and rushed production, so it failed upon release.
  • Despite the dissolution of Scary Madison, Sandler continued to incorporate Halloween themes into his comedy films.

when you listen Adam Sandler, you might be thinking water boy, billy madison, Or happy Gilmore, These films are full of slapstick humor, side-busting scripts, and Sandler’s familiar friends and family on screen. Recently, the comedy star has returned to his dramatic roles, which he first appeared in on the much-loved show Paul Thomas Anderson film, punch Drunk Love, of netflix spaceman sees Sandler drifting into space, away from his wife on Earth (carey mulligan), and interacting with a giant spider voiced by none other than paul dan, There are so many titles to choose from, but it’s incredibly unlikely that if you asked someone about their favorite movie that Sandler was involved in, they would say shortcutThe only horror film to which the comedy star attached his name.

Happy Madison is the studio where Adam Sandler and his crew make all of their movies. like movies first 50 meetings And Adult These were created under the experienced supervision of Sandler and are quite popular among mainstream audiences. In 2009, Happy Madison decided they wanted to create an off-shoot production studio called Scary Madison. His intention was to start making horror films and diversify his film portfolio away from only comedies. With that thought in mind, shortcut was created and had high hopes of blowing it to pieces in the horrorverse. This may have been many people’s first Scary Madison horror film. They didn’t realize, However, this would ultimately be his only affair., So, what stopped Scary Madison from becoming a scary household name?


Two brothers arrive at a rarely used shortcut to their new town.

release date

29 September 2009


nicholas goossen


100 minutes


Dan Hannon, Scott Sandler

What is ‘Shortcut’ about?

shortcut Follows two brothers, Toby (nicholas elia) and Drew (Andrew Seely), who has moved to a new city after the unexpected death of his father. In an attempt to impress his new friends, Toby gets the courage to take a scary and haunted shortcut from their school to town, and accepts the adventure. Things start out fine, but as soon as he’s about to leave, a crazy old man (Raymond J. Barry) When he finds a dead dog on the way, he chases it. Now that Toby has experienced the trail, Drew and a group of teenagers are interested in uncovering the truth behind their town’s local legend. Who is this old man and why is everyone afraid of him and his family? They start chasing the old man to uncover the truth. They want to find out if people are really being murdered, and why exactly the urban legend started. In true Scooby Gang fashion, they must solve the mystery Before they allegedly became part of the bodies piling up on this shortcut route. dave franco, shannon woodwardAnd Katrina Bowden Star as Mark, Lisa and Christy, friends of Toby and Drew.


‘Spaceman’ is the least Adam Sandler movie

Sandler’s latest Netflix collaboration is nothing like the comedian’s previous films, and that’s okay!

Why didn’t Adam Sandler’s horror movie get any attention?

Despite very good reviews, shortcut Just didn’t get the praise Scary Madison was hoping for. director nicholas goossen and written by Adam Sandler’s brother, Scott Sandler, shortcut The premise was interesting, but it was cliché With lots of cliché scares and poor dialogue. Upon acquisition by Leomax For release, the film’s original R-rating was changed to PG-13 due to financing and time constraints. Being a low-budget film, production needed to be completed in approximately three weeks, which meant that a lot of the plot and material had to be changed to suit that rating. According to Bloody Disgusting, The script had to be rewritten several times, leading to many strange plot twists and changes. During the 2000s, audiences lost interest in PG-13 horror, having been desensitized to such slapstick films. Hostel And saw, like light fare shortcut Wasn’t that appealing to horror fans and Friday night thrill seekers. Franco’s talent for acting helps pull many of the scenes together, but at times when it comes to building tension, the presentation feels stilted. shortcut It received ratings for brief teen drinking, sexual content, language and violence, making it feel like a glorified version of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Than a full-on horror feature.

What happened to Adam Sandler’s Scary Madison?

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On 6 February 2009Trailer for shortcut was issued. Exactly three days later, on the 9th, Leomax announced That they will release the film on DVD. Lack of response and intermittent reviews shortcut Reason Adam Sandler will disband Scary Madison As a whole. Scary Madison only made one attempt to get scared and quickly gave up, which probably wasn’t the right move. The idea of ​​a film based on some old school stories like a haunted urban legend, scary old man and curious teenagers is relatively unique. Sandler and crew showed they had the ability to create a horror story, but their timing ran out due to the rise of splatter and gruesome horror in the mid-2000s.

Adam Sandler too took no on-screen credit For this film, the reason for which can be attributed to the lack of attention being paid to it. Being such a popular movie star, Sandler might have gotten more recognition for his film if he had starred in it. Seeing Sandler’s face on a horror movie poster will definitely peak curiosity, so shortcut Some opportunities may have been missed. Since their first attempt at a true horror film failed, Happy Madison has reverted to traditional Sandler slapstick comedy, but they have released a few Halloween titles such as hubby halloween And hotel Transylvania. It’s clear that Sandler enjoys Halloween and the scary things in life, but shortcut Knives Out fails like other horror movies. Perhaps he’s biding his time and waiting for the right script to land Scary Madison again.

If you’re interested in what Scary Madison has prepared for a scary movie, you can stream shortcut On Prime Video.

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