A trio of podcasters investigate a mystery in the ‘Bodkin’ trailer

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  • upcoming series of netflix tracer Follows podcasters as they investigate a dark real-life mystery on the Irish coast.

  • Starring Will Forte and Siobhan Cullen, the show uncovers a 21-year-old unsolved crime during the Irish Night of the Dead.

  • Executive produced by the Obamas’ Higher Ground Productions, tracer May 9 promises to be an exciting and star-studded experience.

A trio of podcasters are about to embark on a mystery off the Irish coast, as Netflix has released the official trailer. bodkin, It is an upcoming dark thriller series about a podcast group that takes on the investigation of the real-life disappearance of three people. Stars of the seven-episode series Will Forte, Siobhan CullenAnd robin caraAnd is set to arrive on Netflix on May 9th.

Podcasters set out Investigate the mysterious disappearance of three strangers According to Netflix’s logline, in the idyllic, coastal Irish town of Bodkin. But once they start pulling the threads, they realize The story is very big and strange More than they ever imagined. Forte plays Gilbert, who travels to Ireland with Dublin natives Dov (Cullen) and Amy (Cara) to investigate a disappearance. As the trailer reveals, Gilbert appears to be the only one who is excited about the job, as Dove notes that they are at “the end of nowhere” and a local man tells Gilbert that he All she sees are “fields and fields of prostitutes”. Tea.”

The disappearance occurred, as the trailer reveals, 21 years ago on Irish Night of the Dead, There seems to be a contrast in crime type, as it is noted that they have “never even had a serial killer in Ireland.” Based on a true story, Podcasters Begin to uncover a deep mysteryAs they are warned that “Nothing good will come of you three poking around at everything.”

tracer There’s a big force behind it, as the series comes from Higher Ground Productions, a production banner started by former President Barack Obama And Michelle Obama. The Obamas executive produced, along with the show’s producers, through Higher Ground’s deal with Netflix. Jez Scharf. Scharf also serves as executive producer and co-showrunner. alex metcalf, who is also an executive producer. Additional executive producers include Higher Ground Tonia Davis, Nan Ebong, David Flynn, And paul lee, directed the series nash edgerton,

Who else stars in ‘Bodkin’?

Beyond the starring trio, tracer It also includes additional actors to increase the star-power. This also includes David Wilmot And Chris Walley. Wilmot plays Seamus, a playful and mysterious man who can turn on the charm when his needs are met, but can also quickly erupt into outbursts of violence when he feels he is being threatened. Could. Meanwhile, Wally plays Seán, an Irish country boy who is ready for a laugh and not particularly preoccupied with the responsibilities that generally come with adulthood.

Forte has also been in the news recently for speaking out on Warner Bros.’ removed coyote vs acme The film, in which he was to star. Forte wrote, “After all, the people who paid for this movie can obviously do whatever they want with it.” “That doesn’t mean I have to like it (I hate it). Or agree with it. And it doesn’t mean this movie is anything less than fantastic.”

tracer Premieres on Netflix on May 9. Watch the trailer above.

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