60000 mAh Power Bank : This powerbank is a mini power station!

60000 mAh Power Bank: If you love to travel and mostly live outside your home, today we bring you an amazing gadget, a big power bank, torch, in a way it’s a mini power station, you name it. Ambrane PowerHub 200 Yes, this device was launched in India in September 2023, its user reviews are very good, today in this article we Ambrane Powerhub 200 Price in India And will share all information about his specs.

60000 mAh power bank Before talking about it, we tell you that this device is specially made for people who mostly live outdoors and love to go to new places, in which case people face the biggest problem, their company has created this power. Bank keeping in mind the need to charge your phone, laptop or camera. With its help you can keep all your important devices charged. This power bank has a huge battery of 60000 mAh. Besides, it is a portable powerbank. Also works as a torch.

60000 mAh power bank Price and availability

For your information, this device is made in India, let’s talk. Ambrane Powerhub 200 Price in India So 60000 mAh power bank Yes, this device was launched by the company in September 2023 in India, this device is currently available for ₹ 15,999, you can buy it from here. Amazon Like you can buy from an e-commerce website.

Ambrane Powerhub 200 Specifications

Ambrane Powerhub 200 Specifications

This portable power bank has a large 60000 mAh battery, with the help of which you can fully charge a phone like Samsung Galaxy S24 12 times. It has a 200W output plug, so you can charge heavy equipment like your laptop and camera. Charge very comfortably with many other features like LED light and digital battery indicator, which are detailed below.

Ambrane Powerhub 200 battery and charger

This powerbank comes with a 60000 mAh lithium polymer battery, which outputs 200W in its plug and 30W in the USB port, a charging cable is provided, this powerbank takes at least 9 hours to fully charge. It takes time. .

This power bank has two USB Type-A and two QC 3.0 ports. It also comes with an LED torch, charging cable and a one-year warranty on this power bank from the company.

In this article we 60000 mAh power bank And all the information about its specification has been shared, if you like the information given in this article then let us know by commenting and also share it on your social media account.

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